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And here it is the REAL(!) first Canon mirrorless. Next strong competition for the m43 system!


At the end even the biggest the king of the digital camera sales is about to release a mirrorless camera system. The image on top has been found at digicame-info (via Canonwatch). The model name is EOS M (name on top of the camera). And on tha picture you see the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM pancake lens. It has a new New mount called EF-M (“M” for “mirrorless”?). For us it’s interetsing to know that very likely Canon is not going to use a Canon G1X Four Thirds sized sensor!

Stay tuned on MirrorlessRumors to follow all Canon related rumors and news! We will follow the Canon event live on Monday July 23th! Announcement starts at 6-7 am London time!

First impression: The Canon mirrorless camera is a...

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  • peroni

    when the going gets tuff…

  • duo

    Ugliest camera I’ve ever seen. Goodbye Canon.

    • urgs

      typical gay answer.. if you needd a fashioon accessory buy a handbag!

      i wonder i more and more photographers are simply dumb or never cared about photography.

      who cares how a camera looks.. elton john?

      • digifan

        Well it even looks like you can’t hold it comfortably.
        It’s just a brick, not even a good looking brick!!!!

        Yeah it absolutely matters if a camera doesn’t look good.
        Better looking camera’s sell better EVEN to PRO’s!!!!!!!

    • I like it. All black, no retro stupid stuff, no plastic toy like blingy stuff. Minimalistic in design. Very Canon. Thumbs up from me.

      What i don’t like from what i see is the lack of manual controls (no mode dial, no thumbwheel, very few buttons) and the lack of EVF. So i guess its like a pen mini sort of thing. I like the 35mm equivalent f/2 pancake lens as well.

      And, we’ll have to see what happens in IQ and AF…big, big things that no one yet knows about. And what about the future lens roadmap? Another big, big question…

      • Mr. Reeee


        I like it. It’s a simple, no bullshit design. Sort of like a Black Ops Digital ELPH (IXUS).

        • Will

          Actually it looks like the outer rim of the shutter button is a control dial. Hopefully there’s more things on the backside or a good working touch screen.

    • Evjenij

      Duo,You OBVIOUSLY have not seen the Pentax K01.

  • Tinta

    Is there any historical reason for placing the lens release button on the “wrong” side?
    The fresh-starter m4/3 system has also wrong button placement The only company which realized this awkwardness is Pentax: you can hold your camera at the grip and with one finger release the lens. With all the others you have to do some acrobatic movements to make it safe.


    • GreyOwl

      The Olympus OM system had the lens release button on the lens; an excellent place, as it allowed the lens to be released and removed with one hand without a problem. All this in the 1970’s….. ;_)

  • Bronica

    Godd: F2-pancake. Oly: Please no F2,8 17 anymore!

    • Yep, begin with a f/2 prime lens is sexy and appeals to a different kind of photographer. It wont compete with their entry level dslr (most likely with slow 3x zoom).

      Sorry for my english

    • Camaman

      An you can also just as easily touch press the release button by accident and cause modern lenses to stop working, since you disengage the lens contacts.

      Putting it on the right side made more sense in 70’s lenses were bricks back then.
      Today it would just cause problems and stupid support calls and mails to the manufacturer.

      But I agree, I wish it was on the right side as well. Changing lens would be much easier.

  • TomR

    Yes, more ‘nice looking lens’ than ‘nice looking camera’. Still, its all about IQ and we are yet to see that.

  • jose_e

    an APSC size sensor would make the 22mm lens a 35mm equivalent. makes sense as direct competitor to the x100 or (less so) to the oly 17mm pancake, but would canon really cannibalize its entry level DSLRs with this?

    • A 35mm equivalent is more reasonable than a 44mm. So I think it must be aps-c?

      • JJ

        But what if it’s a 50mm equivalent? Then it would be really small sensor.

        • With Cannons 4/3 sensor it will actually be exactly 40mm. That is a focal length we all know and love in m43 world. So I now think this is still an open question until monday :-)

  • Chad

    looks like a amateur point and shoot

    • jose_e

      looks like the SX260 and G1x mated and made an ugly baby! (is this what all the retro-style-bashers had in mind?)

    • Bob B.

      Design by Commitee.

  • Pete

    still lovin’ my GF1

  • Anonymous

    Nikon is going to poop all over Canon when they go mirrorless, because they won’t invent a new lens mount.

    Canon, why are you so stupid?

    • mister_Roboto

      What are you talking about? Nikon already has a misspelled camera system. It’s “meh.”

      • mister_Roboto


      • Anonymous

        Funny autocorrect :D

        The Nikon 1 is a toy, a ground for testing things such as PDAF on sensor, which is absolutely mandatory for a successful mirrorless system.

        Canon did something very stupid here, and Nikon is going to capitalize on it as soon as they start releasing DSLR-like mirrorless bodies capable of using their entire lens lineup.

        Rhetorical question: does anyone think DXO will test the E-M5 before this Canon offering?

    • Nah

      they already went mirrorless and in fact made a new mount, soo….

  • figjam

    I wouldnt lock myself into canon again, the competition between manufacturers on mft is what will make it great. With Canon they aim to lock you into their lens ecosystem.

    • hgyb

      @figjam every camera company in the world wants to attract you into using their lenses that is where the real long term money is made. Anyway if you want to opt out og buying Canons own lenses there is no shortage of off brand chocie. It is the brand name that will push Canon forward when either Canon or Nikon decide to give it a real go mFT may well find it a struggle against the big brands. You get no shortage of folk here dissing the Nikon 1 system, however despite the denilists it has been a good money maker and even though it has a small sensor the Nikon came out the gate with usable AF for moving subjects.Cue some guy to jump in and say i can take a photo of my dog moving with a wide angle lens and tons of DOF lol.

      Nikon also had a fully functioning adapter for its lenses as an Oly FT user with some beautiful glass i wish Olympus had done the same, even with my new O-MD the AF with my HG and SHG lenses bites the big one whatever the fan boys tell you. I really hope the rumoured E7 is genuine as for me mFT aint up to what I want yet

  • Yun

    Nice looking camera , wondering how is the IQ deliver ?
    Finally received call from retailer to pick up the 75mm lens .
    Cheers !

  • And new lens size thing doesn’t sound like smart to me. I hope you can use to EF and EF S lenses.

    • MJr

      Not smart ? What would be not smart is to take out the mirror, change nothing, and call it a day. As your full-size EF suggestion would imply.

  • ric

    anonymous, nikon already came out with their mirrorless, the V1 and J1 with the ultra small sensors and a different mount as well.

  • Mathias

    The biggest problem for me is that this one probably doesn’t have IBIS (as you know, Canon usually uses lens stabilization), which means that pancakes like this are probably not stabilized. And lenses which will get in lens stabilization are probably going to be relatively big. This is a big argument pro Olympus for me. The OM-D IBIS is a game changer. From my point of view, mirrorless is all about size, and the best way to make the combination of body+lens small is IBIS, from what I can see. Before the OM-D was released there was always the argument that in lens stabilization is better. But the OM-D changed that, so now I believe IBIS is the future for mirrorless systems.

    • beavis

      Do you have an IBIS? I need IBIS for my bunghole! I am the great Cornholio and I need IBIS for my bunghole!!!!

  • ljmac

    If that’s an APS-C camera, then it looks like Canon has made the same mistake Sony did with NEX – the registration distance will be too short for decent wide angle performance, and zoom lenses will be way too big for the camera (or have terrible edge performance).

    • My thoughts exactly. Canon should have known better.

    • “looks like Canon has made the same mistake Sony did with NEX – the registration distance will be too short for decent wide angle performance” /ljmac

      Not true. Fuji X-Pro 1 also have APS-C (just as Sony Nex) and about the same flange distance and they don’t seem to have any problems with their wide angel lens.

  • Nah

    And it’s a macro lens too. It says so on the left side.

  • beavis

    Looks boring, Powershoty… It better is a beast, otherwise Canon doesn´t have a chance. Fuk you, Canon, for being all the time so swollen-headed, declaring ignorance to mirrorless! Now you are two years late, good job…

  • leica virgin


  • Nah

    And why, god, why did they take away from us the mode dial???? (hope it’s on the back of the camera at least, like the powershot sx260)
    I still don’t understand that stupid trend. That fake idea of “intimidating” because there’s a dial on it is absurd. In fact it’s easier to use a camera that shows you how and where to set it externally (I also regret the omission of speed dials on current cameras, only present on fuji’s and leica’s). For photographers or people who used classic SLR’s in the past it may be even more intimidating to dive into menu driven interfaces.

    • Keith

      Consumers don’t use mode dial – it’s always on auto.
      Actually, I rarely use anything but A mode, occasionally M for panoramas that’s it.

  • sgoldswo

    Phenomenally ugly and boring at the same time. I hope it comes in colours other than black!

  • I have the Panasonic GH2 and am planning to get the Olympus OM-D very soon. One thing I love about them and also the Sony NEX-7 is that all of them have stellar built-in EVFs. As someone who uses wireless triggers to fire strobes, this is a must and I can’t go back to having to choose either an EVF or a wireless trigger.

    – Joe Gunawan |

  • Initial thoughts: a rather industrial design, solid, small (too small?), enthusiast oriented (hot shoe but no pop-up flash), too thin for good balance between body and zooms. If it’s equipped with a X1.6 sensor (which it probably is) then optical quality of wide angles is going to be mediocre, especially at fast apertures. Too nimble to carry adapted Canon lenses except for the smallest. The design preserves the lines of typical Powershots, which is a strong statement to consumers. I don’t like it, but most humanity will.

  • Agent00soul

    It’s not exactly beautiful, but at least it looks better than Canon’s G-series and most of their DSLRs.

  • rubits

    awful design, awful product direction. I would have liked to see canon release something at least halfway decent. The competition is good though, as it always is.

  • Miroslav

    Looks like GX/E-PL competitor. I like the shape, but I’m hoping for a body with a viewfinder.

  • Mark

    Lol. This is it? What a disappointment. Just a cheap looking p&s with a changeable lens.
    But probably it will sell because the name ‘Canon’ is on it. But as I see it now no real threat to the m4/3 system in the next 2 years.

  • ryan

    Looks great!

  • Tulio

    I hope it is good inside because it’s really bland.

  • As rumors goes, this camera is a consumer product and a more advanced model is planned for release later. What’s of great interest here is of course the new standard for the system (of wich we know very little yet) – sensor size, mount and flange distance, etc. If Canon goes APS-C sensor I think it’s a good choice – why do the same thing as M43? The success of the system will depend on the lenses, and they better show a roadmap (like Fuji did when they launched their X-system). Price is of course also important.

    • Miroslav

      “this camera is a consumer product and a more advanced model is planned for release later”

      That was also said about Nikon 1.

      “If Canon goes APS-C sensor I think it’s a good choice – why do the same thing as M43?”

      Why do the same as Sony, Samsung and Fuji? I also think APS-C would be a good choice – the EF-S lenses could be used at their native FL.

  • Maestro

    Looks to me like Canon took the grip off of a Panasonic GX1 and added their own version of Pany’s 20mm f1.7 lens.

  • JimD

    22mm looks more like a standard 43 lens than an APSC standard lens.
    But, looking at it, who is it to be aimed at, irrespective of sensor size? It must be fully automatic, there are no controls on the top other than the combined shutter and whatever dial.
    Maybe its a thought camera. You think what you want and it does it. One just look at the icons in the viewfinder and it sets it up. Opps, no viewfinder.
    I think some one is ‘pulling the wool’ here.

  • Henrik

    Admitted this is ugly. But that’s not a relevant factor. The grip is definitely too small.

    I like it that they completely dropped a view finder. I guess they will attach a swinging monitor, and that’s all one needs.

    But did they also drop the internal flash? Canon?

  • Bronica

    No no pop-up flash? I don’t think so. Look at the “release-botton” on the right side. Or is this something else?

    I like the lens. That means for M43: Every new prime at least F 2.0 or better. They should be also as cheap as Canon can.

    • A flash release button that also functions as an AF illuminator… that would be very cool, but I doubt it.

  • awaler

    Judging by the lens diameter and f2, i do not think this thing has an APS-C size sensor. Rather something smaller.

    Nice or ugly? Who cares. I am not a fashion model.

    IQ and useability are the thinmgs that count.
    We know nothing of these things yet.

  • Lars Beduhn

    On this here comment you are happily invited to disagree with me.

    This one camera here… is one of the reasons I advised everyone NOT to get an APS-C Canon DSLR if he wants to ‘start into a new system’. I really feared that Canon might introduce a completely new lens mount. Which seems to be correct.
    The way I see it, technologically speaking, consumer or prosumer grade DSLRs will pretty much die out. There is simply no technical reason for them to have a mirror. Yes… there are a few obstables like PDAF etc. But these are things a company can deal with (See Nikon 1 for example).

    I really believe that we won’t have DSLRs around much longer (except FF cameras, where size doesn’t matter and change is a little slower and less subject to fashion), to be obliterated by DSLMs. (Like the term Pana used here)

  • Miguel

    I would have preferred if it was that rebranded Ricoh GXR from yesterday.

  • Looks really small. I won’t comment on aesthetics here, who cares?

    Chapeau if they managed to put an APS-C sensor in there… but then, as was mentioned above, they are bound to run into the same problems as the NEX system.

    So they came up with a NEX, minus the sexyness… probably another good day for m43. ;)

  • urgs

    where are all the idiots on this website comming from.. i guess america?

    • Miroslav

      No, these are European and Asian idiots :). It well past midnight in large part of the US.

  • A.a.

    The EF-M mount name is interesting-Canon used that name before for a 35mm EF SLR in the early’s 1990.

    Fuji had a unrelated Fujica X-mount system in te 70’s and reused the X-mount name for the X-Pro 1’s munt.

    Oh, I like the S100 style trip and design of the EOS M.

  • I see the filter thread of the 22 mm/2.0 is (only) 43 mm. The Panasonic 20 mm/ 1.7 has 46 mm filter thread. Maybe it is not APS-C after all!?

  • bonzo

    Very “clean” design. I assume that this will be the entry model…

  • io

    Like Nikon, Canon seems worried about damaging its low end DSLR sales.

    Lens is nice, though.

    Let’s wait for more “pro” models before judging the whole new system.

    A friend who works on an important department store here in Spain, told me that they’re going to remove DSLRs from shelves and give more space for mirrorless cameras.

    Mirrorless is the future, and I think that only Panasonic, Olympus, Sony and Sansumg are doing a good job right now. Canikon needs to wake up. Pentax and Ricoh… well… at least they are quite original.

    • io

      Forgot Fuji! They’re also doing a good job.

  • Svein-Frode

    Like most things from Japan it looks ugly, but all I care about is image quality and ergonomics. If it works I don’t care how ugly it is. More importantly, for those of us who like small and light cameras this is most welcomed. Hopefully Panasonic or Olympus can be inspired to make a nice looking camera to stand out from the crowd. Leica seems to be the only one with a true vision.

    • T-L

      The OM-D is a nice looking camera standing out from the crowd. If you want something more … ehm.. different, try Pentax K-01. You won’t probably be able to shoot anything with it, but hey, it is an original design! Leica uses the same design of a camera over and over again, with the removable bottom plate, since the first model. Not really a “vision”, IMO. ;)

      • Esa Tuunanen

        I want advance.
        Not more inspiration or vision when they are just politically correct terms for retarding into past.

        Why don’t you ask for car made to resemble Roman empire era horse wagons while at it?
        That would have equally much inspiration and vision… tunnel vision with head backwards into past.

  • B. Thominet

    no micro 4/3 -> useless. market and customers do not need one more proprietary format!

    The furure of photography have to be trans-manufacturers standards

    some try to do it… some other not…

  • believer

    Looks like strong competition for NEX or the mickey mouse nikon;-)

  • EVF? NO??


    43mm diameter is the inner part , because there is no helicoid on the edge.
    So, the mount diameter is likely same as m4/3 (?) or … i guess, wider.
    APS-C + Sony E-mount diameter was bad. then EF-M mount is wider than E mount.

  • Anonymous

    is this maybe a 50mm equivalent lens?
    2,27 crop?
    The camera looks very small compared to the hotshoe…

  • truman

    to me it looks quite nice… i always wanted a cheap 35mm equivalent aps-c mirrorless camera with pancake. don´t need evf. too bad there´s no built in flash like my gf1 got…

  • djmuzi

    Very nice and small :) Canon HAS to offer smth. to compete with PEN and NEX

  • hardbonemac

    nice? one next? a funny game?

    BODY 300 euros,-

    it will be a nice buy
    if 900 ore some other
    sensless custom idiotic marketing NO and NOT…

    do you canon, nikon, and so on have nO WEB?
    no biggger view?
    only the quarter-bargain-the year of sell?
    do you all work for newcomers like
    black magic?

    canon sumbits a littel dozend new types.
    why not

    one small+good
    one eos 770d ( digi 5+)
    one mk5
    and one
    eos cinema…. end of line…
    samw goes nikon and co.

    with a simple sony a 37 now i kill a long line in sonys way
    till i reach the F3..yes it is not ounder 10.000 but..
    it works… and so on.

    we stand in a big century-technical-cam-dropp and all the big ones wait..who is first in go down… on top the show
    again goes on with 4k and 5 k and bigger cams..


    is this a big work for guiness book of worldrecords?

    … how many cams we build and generations for the idiots-
    till the pile of waste is 3 miles high?

    please do not go the smart-phone-way-to-hell….


  • Evjenij

    I can smell all the m43 campers shatting their pants right…now. LOL

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