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(UPDATED with sample pictures) And here it is the new 26mm f/1.4 toy lens from SLRmagic!


And here it is the new native Micro Four Thirds lens from SLRmagic. The Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4 lens is a multi coated manual prime lens. It is a special effects lens that is meant to capture impressionistic images. Dreamy, color twist, and noticeable vignette: “The lens is great for portrait photography and some say that it is great for Lo-Fi photography. We occasionally receive questions about how this lens differ from the kit lens. The simple answer is it will enable you to capture photos in every other way that the kit lens cannot. Toy Lens was designed to bring more fun to your photography.”

So it doesn’t sound like that lens has a great sharpness ;)

You can get that lens for $79 on eBay (Click here).

UPDATE: SLRmagic just contacted me and sent me those pictures (Click on thumbnail to enlarge).

  • rUY

    I think that is just the China Fujian CCTV len 25/1.4 that I previously introduce to some forums last year, which I also introduce the 35/1.7. just adding a few silicone band and name it to 26/1.4. If you are just looking for a toy camera, better go to Ebay and check for CCTV 25/1.4. it should be around US$20-30. However, you can get it in China Below US$15

    • tmrgrs

      This Hong Kong ebay seller has been nothing but a scam artist. Hawking rebadged cctv lenses with screwed on adapters. This $80 lens is probably available to him in bulk quantities for pennies on the dollar.

      • Jonathan

        i have to say i do not understand why selling rebadged lenses for a profit makes him a con artist. personally i see nothing dishonest or out of the ordinary in that.

  • Gino

    Looks like complete piece of junk. It’s not like Voigtlander lenses that cost 10% of Leica analogs and provides 90% of image quality.

    I understand Admin’s desire to profit from this site, but I hope he won’t fall into listing every useless product made for m43.

    • admin

      HI Gino? So you are suggesting I am getting paid by SLRmagic? Sorry, but we have ZERO incomings from companies. I wrote 2.316 posts in 16months and there are 3-4 SLRmagic related posts. But beside that I don’t know how to proove you that nobody pays me. So juts trust me that you are completely wrong :)

      • Gino

        *No, I do not suggest that you are paid by SLRmagic. But you indeed get paid for directing people to eBay, Amazon, etc.
        With eBay, you get paid most when someone buys something within first few days after clicking on your link, hence we see constant stream of “news” about something with little use, but – look! it’s sold(or more info) on eBay!*

  • Jim H

    It says “TOY LENS” right in front, and the price reflects that. Doesn’t seem like anyone is planting deceptively high expectations here. Just accept it for what it is, and hope others do the same with you.

    • napalm

      yeah… LOL at comparing this to a Voigt

    • Chris K.

      BOUGHT. I LOVE that it says “TOY LENS” on the front, total bonus. Will go proudly in the same bag (although I need a bigger bag) with thousands of dollars of lenses. I so want to mount one of these on an AG-AF100 (not that I’m crazy enough to buy one) just for the irony.

  • vromopodarix

    It might be useless to you. Art filters are useless to some but fine for others. I for one like very much this ”Toy”

  • Ellen

    I like this kind of stuff, stop nagging! Can’t wait to see some test shots.

    • Andrea

      look here!

      just posted from slrmagic twitter page ;)

      • Inge-M.

        The is a (Hloga style lens) for m43, i like it.

        • TC

          Second that! But this is way better than the Diana F + adapter that cut off all the beautiful dark corners on the digital sensor. This is probably the best option so far for digital lomography…thx admin for the post! Thumbs up!!!

    • MikeS

      Seems like an overpriced c-mount lens to me. Nothing against new products for m4/3, but there are cheaper alternatives out there (c-mount adapters + lenses) that provide the same or better image quality (i.e. without the “special effects” of vignetting, softness, and poor color reproduction) with more flexibility.

      And to all those on this and other threads who accuse the admin of somehow profiting from giving us news about a product from an *eBay* seller, of all things… are you serious? I don’t mind the links to other sellers, either, because – guess what – we get this great content for free, and the admin has the right to put whatever he damn well pleases on this site.

      • blackeye

        I second that

  • Amazing toy! amazing price! I would like to point out one thing. without the advertisement, the site will death and no body can post comment at here.

    btw, can anyone share some site (rumors, photography review sites) that run without single advertisement :)

    • admin

      No, SLRmagic is not paying me to advertise that lens (and nobody pays me to write posts). That’s a choice I made in the beginning because I wanted to be 100% free. If Olmpus or Panasonic would pay me than I had to start to write “custom” posts. That’s why I ask you sometimes to suppor tme to cover all costs. It helps me to write what I want.

      Sometimes I really wish I could show you how everything works on 43rumors…

      • Redkite

        I believe you Admin and I appreciate the work you put into this site. I visit several times a day and I get excellent helpful information. The SLR Magic lens isn’t what I would buy but I do like to know of it’s existence. BTW, I’ve just started to use my 100-300 on my GH2 and I’m delighted with it.

      • deepkid

        you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. if they don’t like it, that’s their problem.

      • blackeye

        i got your back admin

  • YESSS!!!

    PLEASE SLRmagic give us a colorful plastic finder for this
    lens to put into the flash shoe. Can be as cheaply made as
    on a throwaway camera. Should be square.

    So many possibilities!

    • Chris K.

      Oooh yeah. A bright green finder would be so sweet and fun!

  • Duarte Bruno

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about, you are getting what you are paying for and honestly when a lens has “TOY” in it’s name or a camera has “HOLGA” I believe all is already said. Fortunately all is not sad.
    This lens is welcome as all other are.

    • TC

      Yes fortunately all is not said.i was thinking it would be some plastic toy but the samples look quite astonishing.amazing toy at an amazing price to make my christmas!

  • Miroslav

    The vignetting is not that bad, the corner sharpness is. At 16:9 it would be bearable. So, you just put your subject in center and shoot. If you don’t have money for Nokton or the upcoming Panasonic 25mm, this one’s worth a try for the price, but only as a specialty lens …

  • This is similar to Lensbaby lens (and should be used with same creative effects in mind) … but a lot cheaper – without tilt effects but arguably with better sharpness … :]

  • WT21

    Already have a Fujian 35/1.7. This would seem redundant ;)

  • rUY

    It is sharp @ about 2.8, the 30percent center should be good for main object. Some people using it to create music video to reproduce an weird/nervous feel.

  • napalm

    eh… the purpose of toy cameras/lenses is to have weird colors, vignetting and weird bokeh. that’s part of what makes a toy camera fun. what are some of you guys complaining about?

    • Jonathan

      just venting off negativity. annoying, but mostly harmless. shouting at your pillow does not cut it for some, they need to share the ‘love’ with others.

  • Rich

    This might be a little off subject. I’m looking to purchase the G2, been saving for this for awhile.Trying to get back into this. I do wonder if the price on this is going to drop, or is Panasonic going to replace this. On their website they don’t list the price for the G10 so are they going to replace these 2 cameras. Would like to know since this will be my camera for a few years. Any help you guys can give would be great.

  • Camaman

    Wow I can really tell much about this lens from these small 90′ size resized samples…

  • mochapaulo

    I think the people who firing at this lens is because they feel jealous to the seller that he makes good money from this cheapo product. I could tell you all the origin of this lens should be Fujian 25mm f1.4 and the cost is about 20 USD without package or adapter. Of course, the price can’t reflect the quality. I used to have one and what I can say that is you should see it as a TOY (lol). The center sharpness is good, but the CA is quite poor that you can still see the purple fringe from the white or metallic area at f/8!

    If I need to pay about the same amount of money, I would go to Pentax 25mm f1.4 CCTV. The image quality is more promising and the performance is quite superior even widest open. I always use it at f2-2.8. It is really worthwhile to have one. You may find it at here:

    You may see some sample from here:

    In fact, I was surprised that 43rumors seems missed this lens. It is only mentioned from this post:

  • Bob

    I’ll be testing this lens on my af100 for fun.

  • AfganPoppy

    I’d give $30 for this lens, delivery included…
    I think most of the m43 lens are overpriced, you need a lot less glass for the size of the sensor.
    For $120 you can get a Nikkor 50/1.8 which would be way sharper, have autofocus and bigger imaging area. It will also have warranty and a lot more put into R&D.
    I don’t have a Nikon, because the camera is way too big, but paying 40$ lens for the lens that is just a rebadged chinese junk?

  • WCS

    Watch your language afganpoppy! What is it with “chinese junk”? Admin you should filter language like this! Discrimination should NOT be welcomed here. We are here for lens appreciation and this is a great “Toy” addition to my lens collection.

    • AfganPoppy

      I don’t collect lenses, I shoot pictures with them.
      And judging by the prices on alibaba you can get these lens (cctv lens) + a c mount adapter delivered to you for under 30$.
      Toy lens should cost as a toy.

  • BK


    I think some think they are being sold a 26MM f 1.4 Lens, thats why the bashing, when in realty the vendor is selling 26MM 1.4 FUN, again FUN , could it use a better price? sure but the vendor is selling creative fun, if you want a real lens with these spec’s you will pay for it.

    I just found this site and appreciate the effort it takes, keep on truckin….


  • The lens is just simply funny. I love it, even if it’s not a sharper lens ! The bokeh is very.. circular and.. funny.
    I put some Sample here (with and without Lightroom corrections:

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