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Amazon is shipping the first GH3 cameras today!


next good news today! A couple of readers just informed me that Amazon shipped their preordered GH3 camera today! Right now the item is marked as “Temporarily out of Stock” (Click here to see). If you preordered the camera at BHphoto they will ship it soon (December 5th). And as I told you before it is also shipping in Europe via  via Wex Germany and Wexphotographic UK. It’s the first time since I work on 43rumros that that Panasonic delivers the camera in time!

One more deal: Panacam is selling the 12-35mm X lens for $1030 via Amazon (Click here).

  • Stravinsky

    Ahhh, just to think I cancelled my pre order last week…

  • Steve

    It’s the first time since I work on 43rumros that that Panasonic delivers the camera in time!

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the Sony sensor. Remember the fiasco with the GH2?

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA! two post in before someone mentions a Sony sensor! A new Record!

      • Anonymous

        Why in the heck would anyone order this camera, when the OMD is out? Just read the previous thread to discover all the wonderful things about the OMD. I don’t know why they even bother announcing those silly Panasonic products here, when everyone could have an OLY.

        • Garypen

          When did you notice you were a dick?

        • Heat Legend


          0/10, apply yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I hope they have enough stock that preordering wasn’t even necessary, if one wishes to buy within the next couple weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Actually they are shipping the first pre-orders tomorrow in the US. I guess it is already 11/29/2012 where Admin is so they would be shipping them today for him.

    I guess the main point is that these cameras won’t arrive on Thursday 11/29/2012 in the US. They will arrive on Friday 11/30/2012 if you chose next day air and were the first ones to place a pre-order.

  • JoeA

    What a discount…

  • HMR

    Mine is estimated to ship on Friday 11/30 from Amazon USA ordered 9/17.

    • Tron

      I also ordered 9/17 but still no confirmation on ship date :(

      Congrats to those who are getting their cams, can’t wait to see some great footage!

      • Rinaldo

        same here :(

        • davey

          and here :(

          • Tron

            OK, I just changed my shipping speed to 2Day on the Amazon pre-order and it gave me an estimated delivery date of Dec 4. I think it is simply delaying notification based on the longer delivery lead time associated with standard shipping (3-5 days). Don’t fret boys, looks like we’re all good for a Friday ship (or sooner)!!

            • Rinaldo

              UPDATE: I got the email from Amazon. Estimate delivery by Dec 4!! Woohoo :)

  • I pre-ordered from Sammy’s. I got my GH2 in December 2010 from them getting it earlier than those that pre-orderd from Amazon or Panasonic. Here’s hoping they pull through this year.

  • mpgxsvcd

    The Amazon orders are shipping on Thursday 11/29/2012 and not Wednesday 11/28/2012 in the US. I think it is already Thursday for Admin so he said that they are shipping today.

    • HMR

      I just received an email from Amazon that my GH3 has shipped.

      • Anonymous

        When did you order your GH3 from Amazon? What time did you order it?

      • MDavid

        I’m bummed, ordered mine at 7AM Sept. 17 from amazon and my email today reads “shipping soon-estimated delivery date Dec 5th-10th”

        Wonder why all you guys are already shipped when I must wait until next week. I :(

        • HMR

          Mine said that yesterday so you may be surprised soon. I ordered mine on 9/17 as well. Not sure what time but a.m. eastern time.

        • MDavid

          Just updated :)

          Out for delivery for Friday November 30th- so happy!

  • Anonymous

    All of the major shops will get them on the same day this time.

  • Aaron

    Hey everyone, first time poster here. I ordered a GH3 from Amazon on September 17, and I’m still waiting for it to ship. I have a question about buying a lens. When I bought a GH2 a while back, I bought the kit with the 14-140mm lens, which was supposed to be a great all around starter kit. I no longer have the GH2 or 14-140mm lens or any lenses for that matter. I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a good starter lens with image stabilization to pair with the camera. I am primarily interested in using the GH3 for video work. I hate to have to spend more than $500. Given my interest in having a starter lens and not spending a lot (at least to me), am I making a mistake buying the body only? Does anyone know how long it generally takes for body/lens kits to come out after the release of the body?

    • Russ

      12-35 F 2.8

      • The 12-35/2.8 is more than $500, but there is no fast standard zoom under $500 (except maybe a Tamron for DSLR).

        It’s difficult to suggest a lens without knowing the intended use. I mean, does Aaron need something bright? Does need to zoom or a prime lens is OK?

        If the 14-140mm worked for him, then maybe the Panasonic 14-42mm ($150) is fine to start out with:

        Then he can spend some money on a fast prime, like the Olympus 45/1.8 (no OIS though). Both would be just over $500.

      • Quango

        I bought my GH3 with the 12-35 2.8 kit lens for £1999 (it arrived a couple of days ago). However, the cheapest good lens option could be the 20mm 1.7 and, wtth ETC, you’d effectively also get a 40mm for free.

    • Tron

      25mm F1.4 Leica… No OIS, but is still the bomb for good all around focal length.

    • Anonymous

      There is no such thing as a starter lens for the GH3. It is either you get the F2.8 lenses or you learn to hold the 25mm F1.4 really still. If you can’t afford the stabilized F2.8 lenses then the GH3 might not be a good option for you for video.

      The OMD would be better for video if you don’t have IS lenses.

      • bart

        Or you spend some $100+ on a proper video rig and have proper stabilization of any camera + lens. Even when going for a really expensive stabilizer rig, this will still be cheaper then the f2.8 lenses.

      • Anonymous

        You gotta be on Crystal Meth if you think the OMD is better in video than a GH2/3 without IS lenses.

        Olympus fanboys are the WORSE! -Are you kidding me?

        • Anonymous

          He asked for a starter lens so I can only assume that Ultimate quality is not his number one priority. Trying to shoot at telephoto focal lengths without IS will ruin image quality more than the difference between the GH3 and OMD ever could.

          The OMD shoots good video and has a great IS system. However, when used with the right lenses the GH3 video will look better.

    • Aaron

      Is there any reason the Panasonic 14-140mm that came with the GH2 wouldn’t be a good lens with the GH3? If not, I could probably pick one up at a reasonable price.

      • Garypen

        It would be fine as a starter lens with the GH3. (In fact, it’s one of the two kit lenses that will be offered with it, once the kits are available.) And, it’s only $549 new at Adorama.

    • I got 14-140 second hand well under $500 on ebay.
      If budget wasn’t an issue, I’d say get the 2.8/35-100. 25mm is very wide for video, I find.

      • Tron

        Don’t be afraid Jules, stuff that 25mm right up in their grillz! I am Pana-Leica… hear me roar!! (or just use ETC mode)

        • Don’t get me wrong!

          I have two lens. right now. the 14-140 the PL25 which I absolutely love. For video, the FoV is just too wide to my taste..

          If I had to get one a prime for video, I’d think of Olympus 1.8/45 or PL45 first. Can’t go wrong with any of those two.

    • Rinaldo

      Lumix 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 (not the 14-42) + 45-175mm f4-5.6 is a nice couple!

  • I picked mine up at my local dealer today at lunch. Also going to the product release event tonight put on by National Camera and Panasonic! Sweet. Good job panasonic.

  • Anonymous

    Mine shipped today from Adorama. Preordered on 18 Sept.

  • Joe Photo

    I hope that 99¢ rebate will still be available when I order mine.

  • Mine says it’s in the hands of FedEx and will be delivered on Monday.

    Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier – November 28, 2012 7:41:00 AM

    Delivery Estimate: Monday December 3, 2012

  • Anonymous

    My Amazon order status says expected delivery date of November 29 :)

    • Anonymous

      Then you probably won’t get one. All of the ones that they got in have already shipped out. Unless you have a tracking number you are probably S.O.L.

      • Anonymous

        I have a tracking number

  • labalbi

    Well I have the GH1 and 3 lenses : 14-140 mm , 20 mm pancake and the 45 oly.

    I love , I love the look of the 45 f.18 zuiko. It provides great results. The 14-140 is a good lenses too but you need sun . Ok you can use a led light in night to make things better , but , you know …its only f4.0 at 28 mm …you cant call it a fast lens…

    The 20 mm is great too , but I am thinking selling it to buy the 25 mm f 1.4. I love the 20 mm , but I do a lot of family and people movies and the 20 mm is not the ideal for this kind of video. But its a great lens…

    In fact , I really dont know what do to . Keep the primes and buy the 35-100 f 2.8 ? But its a U$ 1500 lens ! Keep the primes and buy the 14-35 f2.8 ?

    Today my use is 65% video and 35% stills . And boy , I hate flash . Thats why I love primes and takes a shot between two hearbeats is a must for anything lower than 1/20 . My 14-140 is almost useless at night for stills.
    I just cant decide.
    But I have time . Wont pick the camera until the end of january. I hope I would make up my mind by the time…

    I love your comments …they help a lot …

    Ah just to follow the protocol I need to include two more words in my post : IBIS and Sony Sensor .
    Thanks a lot

  • Russ
  • bitcrusher

    There is no GH3’s in Taiwan right now which is strange as we get new camera gear as soon as it comes out. I had a GH2 months before anyone stateside had it.

    I think Panasonic is not letting the limited quantities of the gh3 get in the hands of the gray market…

    • Louis

      I’m in Taiwan too. Been searching online for one. Let me know if you go any info. I will do the same.

  • deejjjaaaa

    Adorama shipped my GH3 today for Friday delivery (used a free regular shipping)

    I ordered @ Adorama on 09/17th around lunch time or so (email confirmation arrived from Adorama on 09/17 @ ~3 PM EST)

  • MikeH

    Can’t wait until one of the reputable dealers has this available at MSRP. I’ve never heard of that ebay dealer before and at $200 over MSRP, they can keep it.

  • JP

    Wow, the OM-D kills this, and has a Sony sensor. F**K the Panasonic sensor.

    • Garypen

      I’m really getting tired of dickheads like you defecating on M43 forums, or any tech forum for that matter. If people can’t add something of value to the discussion, just stay away from your PC’s, and jerk off to whatever brand/model of gear that seems to turn you mentally defective fanboy morons on. You’ll enjoy your time better, and we’ll enjoy our time better.

      • Anonymous


        43rumors Comment of the Week, ladies and gentlemen.
        And Thank You.

        • Newbie Here


  • Smon222

    Adorama is sipping today too!!!

    Just got the email!

  • A German Guy

    And this camera is not even in the german Amazon cataloge… it would be nice to have this before the 30th…

  • Has any1 here purchased from PanaCam? (namely the 12-35mm mentioned on this post.)
    Does it come with the manufacturer warranty?

  • homer

    Got mine in the mail this morning…

    • shayanxtra

      Where and when did you orders you?

  • Lagache
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