Amazon changes the GH2 status + new review at Whatdigitalcamera


Amazon (Click here) just changed the status of the black GH2. It says that it will ship within 2-5 weeks. So 6 months after the announcement you might be able to get your BLACK GH2 soon :)

There is a new Panasonic GH2 review at Whatdigitalcamera (Click here): “Those doubting the Micro Four Thirds concept will be impressed at the improvement in image quality…and the new ‘light speed’ AF system is better than on any other contrast-detection system in the market – and that includes all compacts, Compact System Cameras and DSLRs…All in all the GH2 is the best Compact System Camera that money can buy.

Check GH2 price and availability at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Chris

    Way to build up anticipation, then kill it by making the product unavailable. Too late for me Panasonic! I already picked up my Olympus kit and absolutely love it.

  • Kevin

    anyone waiting on the color is posing already.. I’ve had the gh2 since christmas eve (really) and love it.

  • HMR

    That meshes with what Amazon has been telling me for my order. Or, I should say, replacement. I, too, received my GH2 on Christmas eve but it had a bad EVF so I sent it back. Still have a GH1 so not so bad but frustrating since Amazon has my $$$$.

    • twoomy

      Just curious… what was wrong with the EVF? Was this a common problem in early GH2’s?

      • HMR

        My EVF was just “not right”. I don’t know if it was an alignment issue or what but I had trouble seeing the entire window in focus unless my eye was aligned in one exact spot, and, even then, it wasn’t perfect. I have a GH1 and my sister has a G2 so I know what to expect. And No, it wasn’t the diopter focus unless that was the element causing the distortion.
        I really liked the rest of the camera, however. The ergonomic improvements are enough for me. Faster focus and better iso performance is icing.

  • Ron S

    I ordered the GH2 (black) on Amazon when it was briefly on the Gold Box special for $949 about a week before X-mas. I received it near the end of January, so, it was about a 4 week turnaround. It seems Amazon is shipping them out as fast as they can get them from Panasonic.

  • AT

    You really ought to try Adorama. They keep saying it is backlogged, but order it anyway. I got mine within two weeks. Whereas Amazon never fulfilled my order.

  • Mr. Reeee

    There was a item posted here on January 25th about GH2s on Amazon.
    I dropped what I was doing and ordered IMMEDIATELY… Got the last one.

    I’d been hunting for a GH2 for well over a month .. NOT able to get one before a long awaited trip to Costa Rica… Grrrrrrrr… and found nothing.

    It was delivered on February 3d. I couldn’t be happier!

    It’s astounding that a company as large as Panasonic cannot ship cameras in reasonable quantities more than FOUR months after it was introduced. One wonders how many GH2s would have been sold if people could walk into a photo store, pick the kit and color of your choice, pay and leave with it.

  • CDMc

    Maybe they are the masters of marketing – we all want one, but hopeless at logistics – marketing vs. engineering. Marketing would say release before christmas – so that people don’t buy others and wait? I have.

    • pdc

      Situation in Canada is just as bad. The Lumix “concierge” tells me that Vistek and Henry’s have stock, but on-line they both say “out of stock” and do not provide an expected shipping date. show they have 7 of kit and 7 bodies on order, with about 1/2 presold. I really doubt it is logistics or limited capacity to produce. My guess is they have some component quality problems (sensor, EVF etc) and assembly is being held up. Either that or they have such demand from all regions they are serving the most profitable (Japan and Europe) at the expense of the North American market (where the profit margin is much slimmer). From all reviews, it is a great camera for the money at this point in time, but they will hurt the brand for some time if they don’t get this sorted out, or at least are forthright about their difficulties.

    • Or Pannay might have some problems producing large quantities of the new sensor. That might serve as an explanation of GH2 poor availability/high price and why Oly doesn’t have it yet.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Low chip yields!
        That’s actually the best possible explanation I’ve heard.

  • Henrik

    To bad you guys have to wait for your cameras. In sweden where the m4/3 market is small plenty of stores have the camera in stock.

  • Archer

    Chip yield is a function area, so I wouldn’t expect any difference in yield from the old to the new sensors. It’s more likely to be allocation.

  • I walked into Sammy’s Camera, here in Southern California, they have one silver and 3 blacks….or I should say, 2 black gh2s…I walked out of the store with one of the black gh2s, a 14-40mm, a 4/3rds adapter and the 20 f1.7.
    Should be a nice companion to my E-30 and 4/3 oly kit.

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