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Also Olympus Spain debunks the rumors about their possible rethreat from the camera market.


Olympus Spain stressed theat they will continue working to innovate in the photography market. Here is the google translated text from Photolari:

The business area of ​​photography plays an important role as a pioneering technology driver for the entire Olympus group, developing and innovating in the field of digital technology and networks that are then applied in our business area of ​​medical and scientific solutions. “, Explains Albert Martí, head of the photographic division for southern Europe.

That is to say, that this image of the successful medical division as a mere subsidiary of the photographic business has little to do with reality because there is a dependency and technological transfer from the second to the area of ​​medicine.

In this sense, according to Martí, “Olympus is currently in a program of integral transformation to continue its development and growth as a global company of medical and optical technology.

And where is the photography department and its future? Olympus will continue working -says Photolari- to continue innovating in the photography market, always faithful to its philosophy and our main differentiating competences: a compact and lightweight photographic system, exceptional image stabilization and high-resolution objectives.

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