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Already first refurbished GH3 in UK.




There are already a few refurbished Gh3 cameras for sale at Wex UK (Click here). That may be the chance to save some pounds on the camera purchase. (Thanks Johann for finding this).

Reminder: Plenty of refurbished PEN cameras can be found at Olympusmarket (Click here).

  • Sean Nelson

    Merry Christmas!

    I wonder if “refurbished” means they’ve been taking back GH3s with viewfinder issues and fixing them…

  • alex

    yeah they probably have problem with the blacks and green colors in low light situation on the screen.

  • dau

    Jeez that was quick! How is that even possible?!

  • Ed

    Isnt that a bad thing??? What exactly does refurbished mean?

  • Dave

    Any links to details on the “viewfinder issues”. Visual display quality of GH3 vs GH2 EVF seems lower even though higher res. GH2 was sillky. GH3 I can see the pixels. Also anyone experience a loose SD slot door? It slides open way too easily with palm friction. Almost lost the SD card twice this weekend while walking around. GH3 is a sweet cam, but these two design flaws are weak.

  • W. C.

    Refurbished could mean any number of things! Are they customer returns under warranty that are fixed and brought back to as new condition? (Or returned items found to have no faults?) Are they units given to employees to try out and then brought back to inventory? Are they from cartons that fell off from pallets or shelves in the warehouse that are repacked again after checking for damage?

    There’s always a risk involved with refurbished but as long as the manufacturer and seller stand by their products with a warranty and you as the purchaser retain all sales receipts/invoices as proof of purchase, you generally should be fine.

    Personally, I would rather wait for retail store discounts than buy refurbished. But it may be several months before any significant discounts, especially on already difficult to source products like the Panasonic GH3.

    • bart

      There is always risks involved, but, refurbished items tend to have had better quality control on average, so that risk is offset at least partially.

  • GreyOwl

    There are 4 GH3’s available at Wex Photographic, one is listed as refurbished; the other three are either ex display or mail order returns. It does not state which.

    • GreyOwl

      They could also be second hand, but so soon………? If they are, then it points to a problem of some sort.

  • Vince

    Also returning Evf is bad and rear display is complete trash. Unacceptable for this camera its price

    More info here

  • Nico Asho

    This proves what a POS the gh3 is a POS and any m43 fanboy who thought otherwise should be sodomized by a rusty plyer. Face it fanboys, Pano and Oly make overpriced crap with missing feature because fanboys buy that shit. That’s why Canon calls these camera makers “losers”. Not only can they not see the weaknesses of mirrorless systmes they seem to ignore it with dilusional wishful thinking.How many pens has it been and not one has a viewfinder…not one…well unless you pay more for an evf. almost all pro do not use mirrorless, and there’s more than one reason for it. Those reason never get adressed with m43 makers and never will. Their slogan, buy our cameras cause our sensors are smaller, inferior, we have no Vf and we charge just as much or more so you can get less. How can a strategy like that not succeed? LOL

  • I can confirm one of those refurbished GH3s is mine that I ordered from WEX photgraphic, nothing wrong with it apart from the terrible EVF. Darker skin tones had a horrible hue to it from the EVF, I found trying to focus was an impossible task in lower light where the blacks had terrible noise etc. I wonder how WEX manageed to fix the problem when Panasonic haven’t? I hope Panasonic can acknowledge this issue urgently.

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