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All the times Olympus said they will not sell the Imaging Business


The past days both Olympus and JIP made multiple statements to assure they see a bright future for the OMD and PEN products. But I keep getting criticized by some because I am pessimistic about what the future with JIP will deserve to us. The reason is simple. Just look at what Olympus told us multiple times the past 6 months. If they failed to keep those promises of the past how can we trust them in the promises they are making now?

November 20: Olympus released an official statement at Photofocus:

“For Imaging, however, we currently have no plans to sell the business. The task is therefore to stabilize and strengthen its market position. To achieve that, we are actively running marketing activities, and have already established a clear and exciting product roadmap for the coming months and years.

December 24: reports that Olympus CEO Takeuchi once more confirmed that the camera business is strategic for the medical business growth

Cameras and interchangeable lenses have a rapid development cycle of technologies such as image processing and optics, and will be the driving force of imaging, which is the core of Olympus technology. The technology cultivated in the imaging business is useful for 4K endoscope systems in the medical field.

March 3: The French magazine Photorend interviewed Masanori Sako from Olympus:

We will therefore certainly maintain the imaging activity as an important part of Olympus society. The rapid pace of technological development could help accelerate certain developments in medical devices or life sciences. The photo division is also our public face, and contributes to the fact that many people know about Olympus, which should promote the presence of the brand.

May 7: Imaging Resource had a chat with Olympus manager Masanori Sako and he once more confirmed Olympus camera division is not for sale:

We can clearly say that we have no plans to sell our business, despite the rumorsThe consumer business really leads in developing new technologies for us, that are then sometimes used in other divisions, like medical and life science products. Our role besides our own [imaging] business, is really to lead technology and innovation for the entire company. So yes, we will continue this business.

I would be really happy to be proven wrong. But honestly, as of today I don’t have a good feeling with this.

The only thought that gives me hope is Panasonic. I think they are still very committed to MFT. Can’t wait to see their new GH6 and other new lenses!

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