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Thanks guys! It was -> “Advertising question”


I want to say thanks to all of you for answering the poll (and for your comments). You gave me a lot of indications for the final redesign. More or less this is what I am going to do:

1) Remove the top deal bar (maybe add it at the bottom of the website and make it look much nicer). Finally you don’t need to scroll to see the latest post!

2) Remove completely the left sidebar. This should help you to  avoid the tunnel vision ;)

3) On the right sidebar I will move the google AD to the bottom.

4) I will place very small advertising banners between the post. This will also help to divide the different posts.

5) I was told some of you dislike deal posts in the main content. Maybe I will add a small text deal banner in a fixed position between the first and second post. If you have a better idea let me know.

Sorry if I didn’t manage do serve you with a decent design. I am good in finding rumors not so good in layout understanding :)

Anyway the new website will be content oriented and advertising should only be placed where it makes sense fo you.

I really really really hope I can manage it to make you happy!

For any questions contact me ok? You know my email address.


And here advertising polls:

Select the best Photokina MicroFourThirds products and/or news! (You can select a maximum of 5 products/news)

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Choose the best camera at Photokina

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  • Try using for your advertising…. I would probably advertise my business here if you do.

  • Radis.Rut

    Well, I click those ads when I come to this site.
    And I’ve just noticed those ads two weeks ago :D
    But making the content tab bigger is a good idea in my opinion.

  • Prognathous

    I have no problem with ads on the side of the main article panel, but I dislike the false news-like items about deals (e.g. “E-PL1 preorder at Amazon Uk and JAPAN with multiple colors and kits!”, “Preorder the E-PL1 at amazon!”, “Preorder the Olympus 9-18mm lens and 14-150mm lens!”).

    Also, using exclamation marks in titles doesn’t look good, especially when every title has one (or more).


    • admin

      Hi Prognathous!
      Sorry my idea was not to cheat you but I think it is also a news to know when and where you can order a camera or lens. I do fully agree with you when you say I should use less exclamation. You are right. May a good way to use such kind of deal-news information would be to limit it at a minimum. But that’s also very subjective…
      Thanks for your comment!

  • Liza

    I’m a big fan of the site. So this is all friendly criticism, suggestions. I’m interested in making some similar niche focused sites and so I’m paying attention to how this one (and the others I visit) go…. so here’s my thoughts…

    I understand the instinct that has led to the design you have now, but I propose you consider that increasing readership also increases revenue. Placement of advertising has to be done carefully. One thing I notice with your site design is that its often hard to tell where one article ends and the next begins. So putting an add banner between them would give you more inventory *and* serve a purpose.

    But increasing the editorial space a lot will benefit readers and make them more likely to come back.

    The buying guide is a great idea, but you’ve put it in the wrong place. I think the bottom of the page, where you can make it big as you like, would be much better. We’ll get used to it being there and by cultivating grateful readers you’ll have us come to the site to click on the buying guide when we want to buy.

    The 150×150 square ads you have at the top under “Support 43rumors” are good, extend that to more ads. But then put the google ads at the bottom (assuming that the two columns of square ads pay more than google… if they don’t then put google there and put them at bottom.

    Overall the site is very complex with lots of links. Its kind of a visual assault. You want to simpliy, and simplify greatly. We don’t need a tag cloud, just a simple, smaller, list of categories, for instance. Getting rid of the unnecessary clutter will mean less demand for users attention by that clutter and thus more focus on content and ads. Also, only have one linkbar at the top– not sure whether the second one is ads or other parts of the site– as a result I’ve never clicked on either!

    • admin

      Your suggestions are very precious. I will completely redo the website. Start from scratch and simplify everything. I believe the first major change to create “space” for the readers is removing the left sidebar. May I will show you a beta version of the website as soon as it is online :)
      I only wish I would be a better designer…

  • fjf

    Why not just put the ads/deals on their own page and connect with a tab at the top of the main rumour page.
    I check the site daily but I’m looking for info. I am not in buying mode on each visit; I just want a quick survey of what is in the air.
    When I find something of interest then I will think of making a purchase and then I have an interest in price etc and at that time I would be glad to click on a link to find out who offers what at what price. Since you now have my interest I am willing to wait for a slow page load but on the mail page it would be nice if it was kept “clean” with fast load times so I will keep checking back. Great site by the way and kudos to you for taking the time and effort to check with your “customers.” I think we all appreciate it.

  • AdamJRed

    Hi – I visit all of the rumor sites on a routine basis, and I know its a bit ‘harsh’ but this is by far my least favorite.

    In a nutshell, when I am here I feel like I have tunnel vision because all I am doing is trying to look at the content in the middle column and tune-out everything else. I actually think I read/view/click the ads and other content LESS, because there is just so MUCH clutter. I have no problems with advertising itself, especially when it is for related items, if they are interesting I often will click through. I think the website is a good example of that, the two ads at the top right of the page always get a view from me, and often a click through (for example I wanted to know more about the LensAlign being shown in one of the ads).

    Stuff that I absolutely never use here would be the ‘Deals’ at the top of the page (please move to its own page or at least put at the bottom, nothing like scrolling a half page down just to find what I’m looking for. The recent comments on the left, I’d rather see comments that are relevant to the article I’m reading, so I never click on those. And the ‘Hot Rumors and News’ on the right, I am always refreshing the home page, I dont need to see a re-listing of this stuff.

    Stuff that I like and use are the Links to Friends (move that up!), and you should add links to more resources (such as the matching simulator). And also the Tag Cloud.

    Keep up the good work!

    • admin

      Thanks Adam! I will keep in mind your advices.

  • k20d user

    Where is the “Huh? I’m already blocking it!” option?

  • BenH

    Please don’t stick ads between every post. That’s just really annoying. Ads are fine where they are now. Right now, if I’m looking to buy something, I know where on the page to find it. Having one ad between each post seems like you’re tricking us into looking at them…

    Thanks for al your hard work! As soon as Panasonic or Nikon comes out with a m4/3 camera with stereo sound recording, I’ll buy it through an ad on your site!

  • shep

    Thanks for your great site.
    I appreciate your efforts to make it even better. But don’t apologize for what you do–we are glad to have you do it!
    Only thing I would add is that you could omit your FT1 and some FT2 rumors–the more ridiculous ones.

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