About two fake OM-D designs and Sony sensor rumors


A nice oM-D design by Livedoor (no real camera!).

Some reader keeps sending me link to OM-D images that are actually rendering based on rumors and NOT real leaks! Both, Tecnofotografia (Click here to see their OM-D) and Livedoor (Click here) are well known for creating super nice designs but they are in no way related to the real products! P.S.: Special greetings to the Livedoor guys!

Sony sensor rumors: Many are asking me if Olympus will use a new Sony RGBW sensor for their new OM camera. It looks like other websites are speculating about this because of the two recent news:
1) Next week Sony could announce a new partnership with Olympus (Source: diamond.jp).
2) Sony today announced a new RGBW sensor great High Dynamic Range (Source: Sony.jp)

I cannot confirm or deny the rumor yet, but I have many doubts that this is going to happen. Sony’s press release text clearly says that they will produce the sensor for smart phones or compact cameras with small sensor size. But again, I have no info yet so we will have to wait until trusted sources can tell me more about it!
One more info: A top source told me the grip of the OM-D camera is NOT removable.


  • Baha

    we need a time machine to go to 08/02/2012 and see what olympus did, and come back here to today’s date and tell everyon what camera they’ll release. happy days! :D

    • 123

      overhyped…. too expensiv for what it delivers… outdated after 6 month.. it´s a olympus….

      • Gabriel

        Like all digital gadgets. Phone, camera, computer, there is always better some months later ;) O(n)ly good lenses remains.

        • Steve

          This rendering looks more real than the second leaked photoshopped image of the “real” camera.

          Aside from the poor splicing, look what happens when thy get spliced. The top plate’s bevelled edge is different in the two shots and the grip is in the wrong place too. One must be fake. I reckon that second picture has been changed by the leaker to avoid him/her being caught.


    • Poll: Which is your prefer EVF on middle (pyramid OMD or corner (nex7/fuji)?

      • Pei

        Corner and a similar model without EVF.

  • Scotty

    Admin, perhaps you should read the Sony sensor press release more closely. It clearly says that this new sensor is primarily for smartphones and other devices with very small sensors (nothing anywhere near Micro 4/3 size).

    • admin

      Perhaps you should read my text more closely: I wrote exactly that! It’s for smartphones and compact cameras with small sensors. :)

      • Raist

        It also says in the Sony press release this will start shipping samples *next March*. So it’s virtually impossible this will be in the new OMD.

      • jim

        What is a “small” sensor – some might say 4/3 is a small sensor!…

        Ok well wishfull thinking :)

      • I read through the Japanese article about the business partnership with Sony. Apparently it’s in the final stage negotiations and the CEO of Sony has given his approval. The article mainly talks about how Sony’s sensor technology would benefit Olympus’s endoscope business. Given that the tie-up is yet to happen, this news doesn’t really tell us much about the possibility of a Sony sensor in the new Olympus camera (although Olympus may have procured one in a separate deal). We can always hope!

    • metalaryeh

      Perhaps you should read what Admin wrote!

      • Baha

        perhaps we should read each others post one moar time!!! :D

    • Charlie

      Read first ….. snarky retort after.

      Perhaps. ;)

      • Raist

        Perhaps snark first, then read later. (let’s keep the permutations going :-) )

  • Sneye

    Nice design indeed.
    I׳d be surprised if the actual camera looks very different.

    • I would be very surprised if it looks similar! All these fantasy mockups seem to envision a pointy pentaprism-type hump on the top, presumably because that’s what the film OMs had. But I can’t see any reason for a built-in EVF to have this shape.

      If you look at Olympus’ existing add-on EVFs (as well as everyone else’s) their basic shape is rectangular, like a loaf of bread; that’s because the display needs to be rectangular (to match the image format) and the rest of the enclosure conforms to that.

      Presumably it would be possible to make an EVF fit into a phony pentaprism (for example, they could lay the LCD flat and use a first-surface mirror to reflect it into an eyepiece) but that would be inefficiency for the sake of styling. I would be disappointed if Olympus resorted to that.

      • Mr. Reeee

        There’s nothing quite like retro-fixation to cloud common sense, eh?

        A glass prism and a tiny video screen have different shapes and would require different shaped housings.

        @Lars Beduhn… LOL! Good one!

        • Geoff

          If my memory serves me well only the OM1 & 2 had the ‘pointy’ prism housing, all others had a more squat conventional design, mainly because they had a built in hot shoe.

      • Geoff

        .If my memory serves me well only the OM1 & 2 had the ‘pointy’ prism housing, all others had a more squat conventional design, mainly because they had a built in hot shoe.

    • are you serious? its like the original design is raped rather then evolved!

      • MJr

        Agreed. So glad there’s people who design for a living, and people who don’t.

  • We should stop reading altogether… and go out and snap pictures…

    Alas… I forgot… how CAN we take pictures if the camera we are waiting for is yet to be announced!

    • Mike

      And its dark outside, at least in Austria ;-)

      • Boooo!

        That’s why you need ISO 25600!

        • MJr

          Or Tripod for awesome nightshots.

        • Gabriel

          I hope 25600iso is enough for the new 25~50 f3.5~6.3 zoom ;)

          • Digifan

            You keep the useless 25-50 f3.5-6.3 zoom.
            I’ll have the weathersealed 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 thank you. :-)
            It’ s not useless since it’ s the ONLY weathersealed solution out there.

  • Admin wrote (besides other rumors):

    – It has a magnesium body (1)
    – It is weathersealed (2)
    – 610.000 pixel OLED tilting 3 inch screen.(3)
    – Five-axis image stabilizer in body (4)
    – FAST AF and 3D tracking (5)

    So, there is only one way ;-)))) , that these specs make sense:

    The camera will have the m43-mount, of course the grip gives stability for attachment of 43-lenses. And:

    For the 43-lenses there will be (new product-family) an “OM-winder-like” but also vertical grip, it attaches to the m43-mount a n d to the bottom of the camera a n d to the strap holder [magnesium- body (1) and three-point attachment makes for enough strength to put on weather sealed (2) 43-lenses] which also includes additional battery-power and an additional high-Speed-AF-System.

    The sensor-unit will move as a whole so that it compensates different dimensions (makes “mmf-1”/”2” with much less depth).

    The grip will take care of the weight of all lenses; actually the already strong (1) camera is more attached to the even stronger grip than the other way round.
    (5) 3-D-Tracking / AF-Movement also compensates movement of objects towards or away from camera and therefore increases speed of AF (43-lenses moving are heavier than sensor-unit).

    This movement of the sensor-unit allows to work as an “internal extension-ring” (X-25), why it makes sense to have the tilting screen (3) especially for macro-shooting. That’s a “new” point where the basic design of 4/3 and m4/3 of telecentric lenses gets another unique advantage.

    The Sony-sensor is square so that with the vertical grip you have and hold the horizontal E-7; without you have and hold the (horizontal) OM-DE1.

    Have fun …

    • nobody

      And what are your dreams like when you’re asleep :) ?

    • Digifan

      Sorry but you handle the lens iso the camera with big lenses.

      No grip is going too make sure the lens is stable.

      The left hand supports the rig under the lens, the right hand is there to squeeze the trigger. I’ ve handles many SLR’ s in the early days that didn’t have a grip, it’ s no problem to hold them. Seems today nobody knows how to use a SLR with heavy lenses anymore.

  • acahaya

    The Reuters article discussing Sonys interest in Olympus states that “Sony supplies sensors for Olympus”. Not sure if this is simply a Reuters mistake, if Olympus already uses them somewhere else or if they just started to do that with the new OM-D.
    It does not have to be the latest Sony sensor, could be a tweaked version of the last 24MP sensor they are selling to Nikon and Pentax.

    • Olympus have used Sony sensors for a very long time in their digicams (n.b. I didn’t say all of them).

    • Thomas

      The compact line already uses Sony sensor! So its not a mistake.
      And it would make sense, if Sony and Oly increase the degree of collaboration. As soon Oly was not bound to Pana sensors, they used Sony Sensors. So i think there is a realistic chance we see Sony sensors in future Oly cameras, maybe even m43 cameras. Like i said:
      The 24MPix sensor cut to 4:3 size! Everybody would be happy i think^^

      • KlausB

        Never stop dreaming :D A Sony sensor would be nice, but don´t think we will see it in the OM-D.
        Why? -> We would already heard about it before! Admin has a world wide spy-net, don´t think that his spys would miss such a interesting development.

        Except Olympus has a huge masterplan:
        – The bill scandal was just a fake to distract rumor sources (this would explain why Tokio stock exchange just wants peanuts as a penalty)
        – so Olympus could make a huge surprise by implementing a Sony sensor, because everyone was only looking at the scandal :D

  • O

    Why didn’t your top source tell you more about the grip?

    • mclarenf3

      I don’t know, why didn’t you… I mean “he”?

    • nobody

      0, whoever you are, you may want to ask Oly for permission to reveal your knowledge a bit faster, so that it’s out well before February 8th.

      However nice the OM-D may be, I would not try to rival the thunder that Nikon will make around that date with their 36mp D800.

      Just a thought… :)

      • Spoo

        nobody, whoever you are, you may want to ask Nikon for permission to RELEASE THE THUNDER!!!!! 36mp!!!!! (gasp)!!!!! That is SO RELEVANT to what anyone reading this site wants.

  • JF

    Too much suspens !!! A sony sensor would make this camera a killer cam !

  • WT21

    Admin, just wondering – any chance your anonymouse source with those OMD pics has an email address that is anonymous@oympus.com? ;)

  • Chris

    Hmm, the OM-D sensor is 16 MP.

    Sony’s latest APS-C sensor is 24 MP.

    APS-C sensors are 1/3 larger than m43 ones.

    2/3 of 24 = ?

    It’s only a possibility, but I doubt that Olympus would have chosen a 16 MP sensor if they were able to build or choose anything as they’ve been so publicly wedded to the idea that 12 MP is enough and Olympus is a stubborn company. Someone — whether Panny, Sony or another company — must have offered them a deal too good to turn down…

    • Fan

      Unfortunately, for example the E-P3 sensor is only 61% of the NEX-7 sensor area. So there would be only 14.9 MP left.

      • Chris

        Rats! Maths never was my strong point. :-D Oh well, thanks for setting me right!

    • mclarenf3

      Haha! That’s some interesting information there. I do agree with someone must have provided them with something too good to turn down, because they have recently been quite firm that there is no reason to go beyond 12mp.

      • jim

        yeh but how much of that 12Mpix is enough talk was just because they only had 12Mpix sensors!

        Probably all of it!

    • nobody

      A m43 cutout from that 24mp Sony DX sensor would have 14-15mp, not 16mp. And it would have a base ISO of 80, not 200. The idea is wonderful but, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be true.

    • Hmm, the OM-D sensor is 16 MP.

      Panasonic’s latest m43 sensor is 16 MP.

      m43 sensors are 1/1 larger than m43 ones.

      1/1 of 16 = ?

      • Chris

        Hmm, something so very, very obvious is not worth saying! :-)

  • Zo

    Following the financial press, it seems that Fuji wants to be close to Olympus because Olympus owns 70% of the world wide market in endoscopes and it is a growing business due to the asia specific and global in general aging population.

    Fuji has been named several times as company that may bolster Olympus financing.

    What if its Fuji going to dance with Olympus?

    Obviously, I am just guessing

    • Zo

      And…….it looks like I was wrong — LOL!


      • Narretz

        I think Fuji just doesn’t have the money. In any case, I don’t think a partnership will directly or quickly influence the camera division of Olympus. After all, it’s “only” about money at this point.

  • Barugg owb ama

    It’ s a sony!!!

  • Ego

    this is more close to what we saw in the other posts! i thin that it won’t be so much different!


  • Miroslav

    RGBW sounds like another campaign by marketing department of a large company. Has anyone seen anything revolutionary from a camera with BSI-CMOS sensor? I haven’t.

    • jim

      RGBW is a good idea for DR…. less colour fedility but better DR and ISO!

  • GL

    Admin, livedoor is a blog host, the person who writes the blog posts on that blog called E_P1 is also called E_P1, or that’s how they are signed. Here is his/er profile:


    I can’t read Japanese writing so I can’t say if he/she has another name.

    Saying the images were made by “livedoor” would be like saying it was made by “wordpress” or “blogger”.

  • Jolyon Smith

    @Chris… were Olympus “wedded” to 12 MP ?

    I thought they had simply said they were not going to get into the “MP race” that others were involved in. That isn’t the same as saying “12 MP and no more!”. Rather it’s saying “12 MP is good enough for the foreseeable future and we are now working in other areas. But if we get the chance to increase the MP without compromising in those other areas we consider as or more important, then of course we will take the opportunity to do so”.

    No ? :)

    • Chris

      Perhaps! It could be because they think that 12 MP allows deep dof without hitting diffraction limits too though.

  • Tom B

    hmm, the livedoor folks released an updated mockup, with an integrated grip:


    This looks a lot closer to the camera that I’m “picturing in my mind’s eye.” Nice what-if design work! If the actual camera turns out to be similar to this, I’m sure there will be a lot of happy campers, me included. :)

    • And it looks like the Livedoor people have no sense for propotions.

      • nobody


        the body is too small, as compared to the tiny lens.

  • Mumbly

    The real reason why the new Olympus m43 camera will most likely NOT use the new Sony sensors is the availability of the sensors. In Sonys press release it is clearly stated that +++SAMPLES+++ will be available in March 2012. But if the new m43 camera will be announced on Feb. 8th, its developement will have begun much earlier! The developement of the OM-D will most likely go back to 2011 or even earlier – so at a point of time when the new Sony sensors were not yet available resp. were themselves under early developement…

  • 123

    nice design…lol.

    well taste is relative.. but i would not buy it that´s sure

  • Rob

    I think the OM design should have been saved for a FF camera. Which will never happen…

    • Right, so why not use it now? After all, it is a full-frame camera, a full 4/3″ frame ;-).

    • Barugg owb ama

      It’s like using the ferrari design with a fiat panda engine

    • that would translate into a mount twice as large as the FF sensor…..that would mean bigger glass then nikon/canon/sony ff use i guess

  • SteB

    I can’t understand the logic that connects Sony’s recent interest in Olympus and the sensor in the OM-D. Whatever the origin of the sensor, it’s acquisition and the design of the camera was obviously decided quite some time back, well before Olympus’ recent woes. This type of logic appears to assume that cameras and their sensors are designed and put together in a few months at most. Whereas you’ve got to assume that work started on this camera at least 18 months ago, and probably well before then.

    • Correct. 18-24 months is a typical design cycle for a professional product, although consumer products tend towards 12 month cycles. So, yes, the sensor was decided at least a year ago.

      • Correct. And overall I agree that chances of a Sony sensor in OM-D are non-existent.

        Yet, your logic has few flaws. Namely you forgot to reflect it, applying the same logic to the sensor development itself.

        Design cycle of a camera is 12-24 months, but about so long are the projected timelines of the new sensor development and readiness for market. Sensor doesn’t appear out of nowhere and very likely Sony has already announced start of the development of the sensor to other companies long time ago – confidentially – so that the announcement wouldn’t take them by surprise, instead they would have planned products to put the sensor into. Otherwise, tech would have takes years if not decades to get into the consumer hands.

        Also, even if Sony would start delivering samples in March to everybody willing, that fact doesn’t preclude that they already have a partner who took part in this particular sensor’s development and thus got access to the samples much earlier than the competition. That is practiced often to spread costs of the development.

        • Raist

          Yes, a partner could get samples earlier, but how much early are we talking about here? It is well beyond Olympus inclusion on the OMD.

          *UNLESS* they were talking already for this.

        • I didn’t forget it, all the lead times are implicit, however. There is some overlap, however, as there’s a lot of design that can be done based upon the specs, and pre-release parts.

        • SteB

          I don’t rule out the possibility of it being a Sony sensor, although I think it’s one of the more unlikely scenarios. It’s only the logical connection between recent events and the development of the OM-D that I don’t see. Because the current situation could not have been foreseeable when this sensor was developed. Nor could it be derived from Sony’s apparent interest in Olympus, because it’s difficult to think of a major player who has not been connected with some interest in Olympus. There is also the question of why would Sony develop a sensor for 4/3, when it’s great rival Panasonic already makes them. Who else would take them?

          In terms of per pixel performance the Sony 24mp APS-C isn’t noticeably better than the latest Panasonic sensors. In fact it doesn’t look as good at higher ISOs, although maybe it has better DR. Even that might be more to do with the tone curve applied to it, rather than the sensor itself. Again I don’t rule out any possibility of it being a Sony sensor. It’s just I’m puzzled by the supposed logical connection, supposedly derived from very recent events. I really hope Olympus have another sensor source other than Panasonic to put a bit more choice in m4/3.

  • compositor20

    There are 2 excellent sensors for om-d:

    1: Fuji sensor (toshiba) with 13 stops of DR (if we scale the x10 performance to a m43 sensor at iso 200) and excellent iso 3200 with usable iso 6400 (equal to e-p3 at iso 6400)

    2: A BSI Panasonic sensor like the one in fz150 it would have the same effect of pro-like IQ at 3200 and usable at 6400 with 12.5 stops of DR and almost the same excellent performance of the toshiba sensor at high iso…

    The other options are sony and samsung. Sony would have better high iso than samsung… about the same as panasonic g3 which is not enough for a pro-sumer camera. And the samsung sensor if it is the same as nx200 would probably have the same or a little higher DR of sony sensor but with a little worse high iso than the nex… but still comparable with panasonic g3 (which means excellent at iso1600 and usable at 3200).

  • Marck

    Please somebody hibernate me until feb 8th!!! I can’t wait for this release!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))

    Anyway, Sony’s NEX is the greatest m4/3 competitor… I don’t think they would make a “favor” to Olympus giving them a better sensor…

  • compositor20

    i meant compared with e-p3 at 1600 (the new sensor would have comparable IQ at 6400 than olympus e-p3 at 1600)

    By the way pro sports needs f2.8 1/500 and iso 3200 ; weddings need 1/60 f2.8 3200… so it could be the pros second camera for weddings (1st is a FF with a 70-200) and the first a OM-D with 25mm f1.4 it would be much lighter… for the photographer that hangs 2 cameras in his neck)

    • Narretz

      OMG, how did they shoot sports and weddings before ISO3200 was even possible? Are all these old pictures fake?

      • nobody

        I can tell you, it was a misery to shoot indoor sports a couple of years ago, as compared to today. And you can still see that if you look at the results. Compositor is completely right!

      • Scott

        I shoot weddings for a living and I have never shot at iso3200. I have only been to iso 2000 one time.

        • nobody

          And I shoot indoor sports for a living (among other things), and for that purpose I’m almost never below ISO 3200 (with my D700) :)

  • Raist

    The Sony sensor rumor for this model is baseless. Unless Sony was pursing a partnership with Olympus several months back, I don’t think the timeline is long enough for them to retrofit/calibrate for a new sensor.

    Also as mentioned, the new Sony sensor deal is for smaller sensors (I would see a Pentax Q 2 if it happens using it). Finally, I wonder if Kodak would be interested in checking this development because it sure sounds an awful lot like the Panchromatic sensor they invented and patented some years back! (with the same target market!)

    Update: Kodak or whoever it was they sold their sensor business to.

    • Hi Raist,

      Looks like I am not alone on the Kodak sensor idea here.I posted a link to the kodak 16mp sensor site after finding out that it was a going to be a 16mp sensor.

      Hope it’s true even though the chances are very slim indeed. As a fan of the E-1, E-300 and later the E-500, I really wish it will be a ” Eastman Kodak ” sensor. And that along with the OM look would be Awesome…!!!

      Have a gooday ahead … !!!

      Mods at aMalaysia’s only 4/3 site : http://www.mychiaroscuro.net

      My gallery : http://www.wix.com/jjjmoh/jmoh-photography


      • nobody

        Forgive my ignorance, please, but isn’t Kodak just going bankrupt?

        • Raist

          Kodak is but they continue to operate if they file for Chapter 11. They can restructure, continue doing business. They did sell their sensor business to someone else, and I think that includes those patents, but afaik Kodak still had a right in the patent. Not sure.

          • flash

            They sold part of the sensor business. Which part I do not remember. If the sensor design that you need is owned by chapter 11 Kodak, a contract could be make that takes that into consideration and allows for it to still be produced no matter what happens to Kodak.

      • Raist

        I didn’t say it was a Kodak sensor. I mentioned it more as a “Kodak may own some intellectual property that Sony may be infringing”- of course unless they licensed it.

      • Tom

        I doubt that it would be an RGBW CFA, if it were you’d have to expect “base” ISO 50 – the white (panchromatic) pixels saturate quicker than the respective R/G/B. I don’t know how RGBW effects DR but when the panchromatic pixels saturate most algorithms simply ignore their data thus a loss in resolution.
        As much as I love Kodak I don’t think that this layout is suited to consumer/professional cameras! Would love to be proved incorrect though if the performance is there.
        (I’m hoping for a Foveon announcement at CP+, it deserves and needs to mature and is the only tech that’s going to beat out Sony’s EXMOR R… in my humble opinion.)

      • I have good experiences with Kodak sensors too, though the ccd’s only
        The ccd used in the E-1 has a very nice analogue look (in contrary to what dpreview said)
        I wished though it could have an adapted version from the KAF-6303CE CCD as used in the Kodak DCS 760;
        this is still my fav sensor in the way it renders images and has plenty of raw headroom (2 stops hilight and 1 stop shadow can be easily recovered)

        • T-L

          That would be great, but I am afraid that future sensors in m4/3 will be Live-MOS, NMOS, or whatever they call it, because of Live-view and video recording.
          Would be interesting to see one of the new models(E-PL4, E-PM2) incorporating bigger version of XZ-1’s CCD sensor without increasing pixel count, as it seems to be serious performer.

  • Isn’t it time to disclose some new tidbit of information now? It seems we´re all threading water at the moment. Have all the rumour sources called it a day?

    • Narretz

      I think there is one guy who has basically all the pieces, but likes to keep them to himself, and release them bit by bit. As admin said, he would release everything if he had it in an instant.

    • nobody

      It seems Oly themselves are in control about what is being leaked now, and when it’s being leaked.

      IMO, they should allow a complete leak of the OM-D well ahead of February 8th, because around that date Nikon will introduce their 36mp D800. And how ever nice the OM-D may be, Oly shouldn’t try to rival the thunder that Nikon will be making with that camera when CP+ in Yokohama starts.

      Oly should better try to get as much publicity as possible for the OM-D a week earlier.

      • I also think that it’s a marketing trick from Olympus, because I don’t think that’s an accident that the first rumors came out just when Fuji presented a similar retro style cam :)

  • Nils Erik

    I hope Olympus is more innovative/modern/practical in their design of the OM-D series than these mock-ups. They are to much retro in the case of trying to be “look-a-likes” of the old OM series. Keep the heritage, yes please, but don’t overdo it – it just looks silly in 2012 :)

    • spam


    • Anonymous

      I’m fed up with this obsession of the past!
      It looks that designer really lack imagination in this era, because they need to bring back old designs… Fuji is the best example!
      I’m not against the fact of borrowing some parts frome the past, but let’s make new and modern cameras, with innovative designs! The E-P1 was a good mix between old and new, let’s hope the OM-D will be too!

      • Ross

        I like the design of the two dials being available for thumb & finger for (normally) aperture & shuttter speed as it is for semipro DSLR’s. Just so long as the grip & shutter button works comfortably & all the other required aspects & improvements are there, it will be a lovely model to use along with or instead of a DSLR.

  • om-4

    Sensor discussion aside, I hope Olympus finally adresses the manual focus magnification buttonpress routine.

    They never fixed that with the Pens with firmware. A programmable button for magnification would be nice or halfpress the shutterbutton to return to regular mode for changing other stuff is MANDATORY.

    I don’t want the green focus square wander around when I decide to change ISO or WB. Gosh, on my E-P2 I have to press multiple buttons to leave manualfocus mag, do the business I want followed with multiple button presses to go back to magview, aaargggghhhh.

    • lean

      like Ricoh GXR – yes please

      • Tadeo

        Totally agree!

    • Jón

      I don’t know if this is such a retro design. It has the classic two control wheels, unlike the Fuji X’s dedicated shutter control, and they are big and easy to operate. Not this controls-for-ants like on my E-P1, I never liked those. Weather sealing means photographers with gloves. I would prefer two big control buttons like the E-1 had.

      • Peter

        I can’t shoot with gloves on, photography or otherwise. I have however used those handgun gloves(got mine at cabelas) very successfully.

        But of course I agree, we are not ants (nice comparison); gloves or not, I’d like to press the button I need to, not three at once. That pissed me of with cell phones and it pisses me of with cameras.

        • Mr. Reeee
          • Peter

            Yeah, same principle with mine.
            But full gloves are a no-no for me, I need feedback, doesn’t really matter if the camera-controls are small and close together or not.

        • flash

          I shoot with gloves; love snowy weather. I use Aviator Golfing Gloves, the “aviator” means that the figures are curved. When it is real cold I also put my big mittens over them. Even nitrate gloves(they are like latex gloves, but safe when using epoxy) keep your figures warm in the wind, and can be used with mittens.

    • BLI

      I have programmed the E-P3 with Fn2 to toggle MF, and set it up so that the picture is magnified when I rotate the lens. Works almost perfect: I’d prefer that not the entire picture was magnified, but rather the central area — to enable composition.

      • om-4

        That’s with AF lenses. I mainly use legacy MF lenses on Pen 2. Sometimes Panaleica 25/1.4 if I’m grown tired of manual focussing. But this combo looks strange.

  • 43shot

    Can someone post a partial picture (1/3) at least of the inside of the lens cap on this camera. That would likely help me decide if I’m going to get it or not.

    • spam

      The inside, you must be joking! I’d say the outside is much more important, that’s were you can see if the retro design is halfhearted or really thought through. And what about a removable hot shoe like OM1, could even be an optional accessory.

  • Camaman

    I think the lens will be more flush, directly attached to the body.
    I mean the mount will be flush with the body. It wont have that “extender” between body and lens.

    • But the “extender” is on the leaked images. The question is how much it extends. Probably only a couple of millimeters. Also, visible in the images, is that the hump above the lens extends quite a bit beyond the lens mount.

      • Nils Erik

        Leaked images? It’s just mock-ups…made in “PhotoShop” based on all the old OM style cameras. So don’t take them to serious. I hope :)

      • Scott

        It doesnt look like an extender. I think thats where the sensor sits. Since I think this is going to be a really thin camera.

  • Charlie

    Nothing to do with photography, but…

    The wonderful all silver 45/1.8 is going to look like crap on the all black body,

    But the all black is the only color scheme that appeals to me in retro-film-DSLR mockups.

    • I don’t know why. As I see it, silver suits black perfectly.

    • Camaman

      I see it more clearly now. The camera will be thin but they incorporated a fake extender to go with the old OM designs. Thats cool with me. :-)
      I don’t see this body being more than a few mm thicker than EP3.

      Admin Ask your sources about the lenses that will be announced with this body.
      Any chance for a Zuiko 25mm or new 17mm to fill the need? :-)

  • since when sony deliver m43 sensor? christ sake :D

    • Ep3zd50_ninja

      LoL. A post like that coming a user named Panasonic sounds funny.

    • Riley

      if they began yesterday, a camera would surface 1.5-2 yrs later.
      forget about it :)

  • Vril_Ya

    Admin..poke poke.. it’s time for another piece of the jigsaw already. :)


    Thanks for admin on hard working, I do hope that New Sensor is Sony since I wish pana to improve their sensor at E-5(I have one) whic never step up equal performance at low light as competitor as Sony, Nikon, Canon. Pana is very slow develop and competitor has stepped far and far at now a day. Especially on BSI since pana announce their prototype in last many year but today we never hear from them to use this technology at their sensor till Sony done it. Olympus would cancel or stop using pana sensor and use the others sensor then pana has to take serious on the work.

  • Alex

    All I hope is that the new Sensor won’t be the same 16 Mpix from panasonic, otherwise this would look like Olympus picks up the old technology and used sensor of panasonic. Olympus Please just a little bit of class and dignity here.
    Wish the new Sensor would be from Sony or FujiFilm. let’s cross fingers!!

  • Riley

    how this discussion started out is key to this, the RGBW filter bayer layer,

    From what I have heard Panasonic (like most others) have been playing with this. This is Kodak propriety technology under the patent for Truesense. No barriers though as everyone pays licence for the bayer layer patent (ok everyone but Sigma) this is just a different licence choice.

    but a modicum of caution, nobody is saying this is right.

    • Raist

      That is not necessarily true. Just because everyone pays for a Bayer patent doesn’t automatically mean that the patent of TrueSense is up for sale. However, given Kodak’s situation, it’s probably true.

      • Riley

        the usual complete an utter bullshit, a mix of half facts and caveats that say absolutely nothing except you dont know when to keep your dam mouth shut

        • Boooo!

          Aaah, Rriley vs. Raist3D. It’s 1022 all over again!

  • TP

    İs Aptina a possibility?

    • Riley

      yes of course, but the only sensor size they have listed in their marketing material is 1.5x

  • neeming

    This rendition is ugly in comparison to OM-4. Fortunately, the actual OM-D will be different. You will have to look at the OM-4 to understand how much a failure this mimicking is. OM-4 is completely straight, muscular, lean and mean looking, so professional and confident. This one, in comparison, is confused, could not decide its gender, could not decide its age, could not decide its career, and could not decide what kind of lifestyle it wants to have. (The sloped and rounded shoulders are one of these confusions). Again, thankfully, the actual OM-D will be different. Although not an exact duplication of the handsome OM-4 in appearance, it will be many times better than this fake rendition.

    • mclarenf3

      We are talking about a camera right?

  • Spoo

    I love this place. Headline says “About two fake OM-D designs” and people discuss the image as if it were real. Spoonificent.

  • Tulio

    Is it a photoshop skills competition?

  • safaridon

    Amazing to see the hundreds of posts on every new OM-D rumor when if the sensor is the same as that used in the G3/GX1 then this model may be little more than what the G3 by Pany already offers? So some of the same people complaining about the G3 as been being ugly DSLR shape, not small enough, cheap construction. I guess a Oly hump is lovely while a Pany one is ugly? Also the OM-D will be larger than the G3 almost 1/4 inch less width and noone is complaining it is too large? The OM-D is reportedly very solid but weighs only 36 grams more than G3 aluminum body.
    The G3 has an articulated LCD screen while that on OM-D reportedly is only tilting. So lets be a little more objective when describing these two very good products.

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