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About me, about 43rumors, About life and Christmas


I long thought if I should write this or not. But there is no way around than be direct with you and tell you something personal.
No matter if you like 43rumors or not, no matter how many mistakes I may make or not, I am giving 100% of myself behind that website. I spend my time while I have breaks during my regular work, I spend my time while I am travelling around the world like I did in the last six months. I am the only one working on it, and I somehow managed to post daily news (even if it meant to work deep into the night). And looking back, I realize I am always on the extreme limit of my forces. As long as I am full of energy this hasn’t been a problem.

But recently I had some bad news in my life. I am going through tuff times since months (UPDATE: I am not ill, it’s something else). I guess you all understand what that means. These are the times when you fight against something that looks like you cannot beat. It’s amazing how life is so much bigger than our actions, hopes and fears. And in these last days I am feeling like I need to rest, slow down a bit. And that’s why I am writing this post. I cannot cheat on my energy and on my readers, I ask you to be patient if for the reason I mentioned to you I will be late in answer your emails, if I will not post 3-4 news per day as usual. I really need to take a deep breathe.

It may sounds like I am bit hopeless but I am not. For some reasons this is a healthy time. Sometimes life reminds you how stupid our thoughts, philosophy, and daily lies are. Life can be so tremendously honest and hit you with a big kick in the ass when you absolutely do not expect it. I am going damn close to what I am, more simple and with less waste of thoughts and actions.

And to end this post, I wish you that for Christmas: Don’t fear life, don’t lie to yourself, don’t waste time. Face the deepest and simplest part of your life, it may scares at the beginning, but once you are there you will feel much better than you think!

Merry Christmas

P:S.: A special thanks goes to the guys that created this: Thanks for the awesome experience!

P.P.S.: Wrote that post at 3.46 in the morning. Don’t care about my terrible English ok? ;)

  • ep3zd50ninja

    Great site admin! You deserve the rest! I really think the site transformed/came alive specially during the e-p3 days. Checking this site before dpreview :p merry xmas!

    • Justin

      This is hands down the best rumors site I follow for camera and photo gear. Thank you so much for all you do and setting such a high bar!!!!

      Much appreciated.

  • Chill, relax, center, be with yourself… Merry Christmas! Life is amazing, that’s why we come here! :0)

  • As an amateur photographer your site has been a major part of developing my vacation time hobby into a real passion. 43rumors is one of my most visited sites, your hardwork is greatly appreciated. You owe us nothing, take your well deserved rest.

    Merry Christmas from Canada.
    Ps your English is Fantastic.

  • Admin:

    Suena como que has tenido tiempos difíciles. Espero sinceramente que, sea lo que sea lo que estás pasando, se transforme en una energía positiva de cambio. Tal parece ser que así es.

    Un abrazo fuerte desde Montevideo.

    Merry Christmas!

  • ArKersaint

    Merry chrisstmas Ale, your site is where “heart” (and art of course) photographers exchange much more than technics. It’s the land of the victorious fight of David against Goliath… It’s a huge achievement and i (however the 158th today) want to express all my gratefulness !
    Now you need to take a deep breath, please have a nice break !
    Joyeux Noel from Brittany, somewhere in the far west off continental Europe

  • Emeister

    Get some rest! We’ll still be here. I check this site 6-7 times a day and that won’t change. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Lars Beduhn

    Take care, man!

  • Nathan

    I’m here 3 or 4 times every week. I’ve really enjoyed your site. If you have to take time, take as much as you like. We’ll be here when and if you get back to it.

  • Oriol

    Dear Admin,

    I follow your site for 2 years and have always been impressed by the quantities of posts you publish every day!

    Thanks for all your hard work and take your time, I wish you all the best!

    Best regards from Barcelona!


  • Mike

    You’re doing a great job, admin. I’m reading you’re site everytime I switch the computer on. I wish you all the best for the future!
    Best Regards from Vienna!

    • Same as Mike, every time I turn my computer and also, sometimes, from my iphone. Slow down, take a good rest and enjoy life. Merry Christmas.

      Best Regards from Santiago, Chile.

  • jeff

    This is an enjoyable site and you deserve your readers thanks and support.

    Good luck with whatever you’re going through, and Best Wishes for the festive season!

  • I’m looking at this website every day and I really enjoy your work. If there’s a need to have a rest, take as much as you need. I’m back when you’re back …

  • johann

    Do what you need to do. The true fans of this site (like me) will not go away.

    also, if this is too much for one person, think about taking on a few extra editors. I’m sure there’s people in the community who would like to help out.

  • skraut


    When I was looking at what camera “system” to invest in, I also took into consideration the community and the passion of those with the cameras. As someone who’s loving the heck out of his new camera, let me just say thanks for having this site full of news and rumors, and full of colorful characters always eager to weigh in and give their opinions on the latest piece of gear.

  • Hi Admin,

    I am an Olympus lover since I was a child, I simply love this company and the way they create cameras. First thing I do in the morning is: 1) Make a coffee, 2) Turn on my Mac and click on my web browser “43rumors”. Every single day during the whole year! Let me tell you that your website is being really popular and it´s starting to be an important way of transmitting messages to the whole community. You are doing a awesome job!

    I wish you a happy marry christmas and best of luck for this forthcoming 2012 year.

    Best wishes,


  • Ed

    Your website is very important to me. I visit your site numerous times a day from my work computer, home computer and iPhone. Please rest and take all the time you need. Your readers will wait patiently for you. And please never worry about your English. You communicate everything just fine. Thank you for your dedication. I’m a big MFT user now in part because of you. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  • Boooo!

    Hi admin,

    Please always keep in mind that all of us love you. We seriously do. You have created a great community, not only on this site, but with all of your other sites and brought people together and let them exchange ideas and thoughts. The gift of intellectual conversation is one of the greatest a man can give others.

    So, we love you.

    And put that PayPal donate button somewhere.

  • Duarte Bruno


  • Chad

    Thank you very much for your great website. I’m new to the micro 4/3 world and it has been so helpful.

    I can’t believe it’s run by just one person! You do an excellent job, but plhease don’t let it interfere with your life. We’ll understand if the number of posts comes down.

    Be well!

  • OlyFan

    Take care Ale! I wish you recover from whatever difficulty you are facing in your life. I visit this site everyday and I dont think I’m going to stop doing that in the future. We are with you!

    Merry Christmas and wish you great times ahead!

  • Vivek

    Best wishes to you, Ale!

  • Dan

    Like many others here, this website is part of my morning routine. I like to think that it’s more than just a way of satisfying my lust for gear! It’s become a real community and a source of discovery and education for me. Take all the time you need and I’ll keep hitting the refresh button just in case.

  • MP Burke

    Merry Christmas, Ale!
    It is a time of year to take some time off, relax, have a lie-in and a nice dinner. We all know you are just one human being, not the BBC. I don’t expect updates every day over the holiday season.
    I look forward to reading more interesting rumours (and even the occasional facts) in the New Year.

  • MIguel

    Força amigo!

  • Anonymous

    Merry Xmas and take good care for yourself and your family. Best Wishes

  • Francisco Avila

    My morning rutine:, after. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put in developing this site into the mu43 news authority that it is.

    Merry Xmas for Mexico.

  • Listen to the silence…be still and let your soul catch up – can’t remember where I found that but it’s a necessary thing to do…and we all need to from time to time.

    Wishing you a very happy Christmas.


  • John

    Admin, your site, to me, is more valuable than dpreview. Please know that we appreciate your efforts and enjoy your English ;-). Please rest and take it easy during the holidays. God bless you.

  • Jim

    Fuck the grammer, fuck the spelling, fuck 4 updates a day… its only camera news… life comes first!

    You have doen a sterling job on this site and it must take so much of your time.

    Don’t wast it chasing small fry like spelling and grammer – we all know what you are saying… and thats all we need to know!

    I wish you a merry christmas and new year – and suggest you post nothing, sit, collect your info and post nothing untill after all the christmas and newyear is out the way… hell even if its feb befor you post – we won’t be going away… and by then I bet you will have some realy jucy bits :)

  • It’s all been said by the others. This is fun and stimulating for us and it should be for you too. Tale it easy, do what you want to do – you can only do as much as you can do! Have a great Christmas and thanks for a great site.

  • stopkidding

    Take it easy admin, you do a great job with the site….enjoy the holidays!

  • Ale,

    Thanks for all that you do. We all appreciate the amount of time you pour into this (and the Alpha and MR sites). Anyone giving you grief for anything should shove off. I, and anyone who visits this site regularly should understand not only the nature of a rumor site as being entertaining first and informational second as all things should be taken as stated, rumors. I love the amount of information you provide and know that while many of your articles have me excited, I’m still realistic in that I understand you’re at the mercy of your sources :)

    I hope you’re well in all facets of your life and know that there is a large community here that really appreciates your efforts.

    Happy holidays and keep up the great work.


  • deraal

    Dear Admin,

    I thank you very much for your site. I’m checking it two times a day and always wonder how much information you are putting out there. Even If there is nothing to write about you still keep the site alive, and this shows great passion for what you are doing and for your readers.
    You deserved a good rest and I wish you all the best.

    You’re awesome! ;)

  • avds

    Thanks for this heartfelt post and for this site! Merry Xmas and may everything which doesn’t kill you make you stronger!

  • shep

    Thank you, thank you, for all your work on this site. You give us all so much. Please take as much rest as you need. There are two reasons:
    –so you look after yourself properly
    –(selfishly ;-) so we all can continue to benefit from your gifts in the future!

    Have a fine holiday!

  • Volker

    Like so many others, I want to thank you and just let you know how much I appreciate the work that you’re doing. From what I hear, I’m quite confident that you will manage well whatever situation you may be finding yourself in right now, and nevertheless I wish you all the best and good luck!

    Warm regards

  • Flo

    Thank you! And rest all you need.

  • Merry Christmas! Take care!

  • Q


    Thank you for all your efforts.

    Enjoy the little things in life.

    Merry Christmas

  • KevinT

    Great post. This holiday has me on the ropes too – Dad’s illness, some not fun news from my accountant, some relationship gloominess – so thanks for the great attitude about it all. Here’s to yours in getting through it with love and kindness.
    Love the site. Daily go-to and a huge force for creativity in the universe. Thanks for all the hard work,

  • The_V

    I wish you all the best!!!

  • Yann

    It’s amazing how you run this site all alone. A special thanks for all your work. I have you on my daily visit, sometimes twice a day. Let peace come to you end never give up hope.

    Best wishes

  • Mojojones

    Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  • Hi admin..

    First i want to congratulate you for the incredible stuff you do with the website..
    You deserve a break.

    I also check this website several times a day. I love also the community that grow around your website and this is also your merit.

    Greetings from Bucharest, Romania

  • Camaman

    Life is great man, embrace it as a fabulous journey.
    Don’t fight it, mold it with your actions and ever positive attitude toward all.

    Marry Christmas and Happy holidays… Its time for an emotional recharge and retrospective… :-)

  • Hi admin, take it easy.

    I’m a motor-racing journo and as my job also is my passion, I worked for eleven years without taking a single week of holidays. I never thought this could happen but two and a half years ago I suffered – all of a sudden – a serious burnout and since then, I am plagued by depressions and am still searching for my old, cheerful self.

    So, I have learned my lesson. Overdoing is no good – even if you love what you doing. Take a rest, enjoy a peaceful Christmas season and make sure that you take a break wehenever you body sends you alarming signals.

    And thanks for your great and entertaining work.



  • Olivier

    Fidèle lecteur français, courage et merci pour tout ce que tu fais.
    Que Noël t’apporte toute la quiétude que tu mérites.

  • ronengel

    I love 43rumors and really appreciate all your hard work. Just don’t let it get in the way of your own life. It’s not worth it. No matter how everyone -including yourself- enjoys it.

    Merry Christmas

  • MichaelKJ

    Thanks for all of your hard work making this such a great site.

    While some may disagree, I think it is a real compliment that Thom Hogan visits your site daily and frequently posts comments, something he no longer does on dpreview.

    Please take some much earned down time and enjoy the holidays.

  • devlin

    After over a year of reading and enjoying your posts on nearly a daily basis, I decide to sign up today to be able to say thanks and well done for such a stimulating site. I think you are doing an amazing job and we all understand that life is life. You need to prioritise or else things go by default.

  • Pete

    Your site is awesome. You do a great job. I don’t know how you manage it. You are awesome!
    But take time to chill out and relax.
    Merry Christmas and happy and peaceful New Year to you.

  • Luis CS

    As someone who had to restart late in life, after taking care of both parents dying at the same time of painful cancers, the loss of a dear girlfriend, and in the end the loss of the job as well, I can only tell you: it may take some time to stand up again, but it is so good when you finally do it !
    I am a regular reader your site. After having had many SLRs and compacts, film and digital, I bought a Panasonic GF2 to complement my Nikon D7000. And I am using the first more often than the latter.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  • DaveP

    Dear Ale,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this web site. I always enjoy reading what it says, and really like coming here to see what’s new every few days. Take care of yourself and good luck with everything that is happening with you.


  • Olympius


    This is one of my most favorite web sites, and I greatly appreciate all the hard work you do to keep it up and running.

    So take some well deserved time off, rest up, and get your personal life in order, we’ll still be here when you get back!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    – Olympius

  • You are doing a great job with this site and there’s always some interesting news and rumors to read about, and for us to comment. Hope you can manage to get a good balance in your life; work, play and private life. Best of wishes.

  • DC

    Hi Ale, just want to say thanks for all your efforts on maintaining this site. I really enjoy reading this web site and check it on a daily basis, which gives me a good break from work, and brings something to expect for the next 4/3 and M4/3 products. :-) You have done enough for this site, and please take time for yourself now.

    Wish you have a Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!!

  • John Cantelo


    Time to put yourself first; we all have these ups and downs in life and the trick is to realise when you need to take a step back and give yourself time. The alternative is to crack on until you implode and nobody here wants that. As others have observed you do an extraordinary solo job here and nobody will cavil at you taking things a little easier from now on. The site, and you will, be stronger for it.
    Warmest regards,

  • I visit every day and appreciate the effort made. Take a breather, and wishing you all the best for the festive season ahead.

  • I love your site Ale. Good luck and relax………….take care from you , this is the main thing.

  • fred


    Not a single day without checking your blog.
    Great resource, part of my “morning review” tab on chrome.
    take some rest and happy holidays.
    Thanks agina


  • Julien

    Everyday I check this website kind of addiction but thanks for that !
    I wish the best to overcome or enjoy everything life can bring you, good or bad… Indeed concentrate on what is important.
    Cheers and merry Christmas.


  • Jan

    Hi Ale
    I wish you the very best and want to tell how much I appreciate your honesty as well as your enormous work with the 43 rumors website. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!
    Jan – Denmark

  • Toni Maura

    This is my first post ever …

    Every day, Every morning, Every afternoon, Every nigth i connect to your blog .

    Thanks for all
    Best whishes from Majorca-Spain.

  • Beautemps


    family should allways be the number one. You will need to think about something like a backoffice or a co-author for this site.

    Thank you for your engagement. You bring a lot of pleasure to our live. Our thoughts are with you.

    Merry Christmas

    • admin

      Yes I have a friend of mine that can help me out in January. But I will sitll be the only one having “contacts” with sources. No other can deal with them.

  • Prima di ogni cosa, grazie.
    Grazie per il tuo lavoro e per regalarci così tante notizie in anteprima
    Poi, non abbandonare mai questo blog che è l’uncio che tratta veramente con serietà il sistema 4/3 e m4/3.
    Quindi lunag vita la tuo blog e tanti auguri per un tuo sempre più ricco successo.
    Per favore, appena hai una seppur mediocre immagine della OM-D non farcela sospirare a lungo, POSTALA! Ciao, Paolo
    For non italian language reader please note that the reason of NON writing in English is only for a “gift” the blog owner, as he said that he speaks English, and I’d like to let himmfeel confortable with my comments in my native language. Ciao to everybody, Paolo

  • Jörg

    Hi Ale,

    I’m very suprised that this whole site is managed only by one person, you.

    I had to say, that I really love your site. Visitting it every day, found lot’s of usefull, interesting and exhilarent stuff. So, keep doing, but please don’t exhaust yourself. Keep focused on yourself, your family and friends, they are much import then anything else in life.

    best wishes from Handorf, (near Lüneburg ( near Hamburg in Germany ;-) ) )


  • Hello, I would like to subscribe for this weblog to take latest updates, therefore where can i do it
    please help out.

  • Hi Ale.

    I simply wish you all the very best. I love your site and almost everyday I visit and check the updates and thank you for Updating the GH2 Post I know from your site and bought one GH2 from Amazon.

    And this time I love more my GH2.
    good luck.


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