A smart Olympus versus DSRL youtube video (and Italy has indeed crazy E-M5 price!)


Don’t know who made this video! Worth to be seen :)

More E-M5 news:
1) a test with the Auto-S 40mm F1.4 at DC.watch.
2) TheDigitalStory bought a third party E-M5 battery from Amazon.
3) The firmware update is back (DC.watch)
4) And I can’t explain this but indeed Italian stores are selling the E-M5 for much less than other European stores! The body only can be found for 777 Euro at ePrice.it (that’s a 22 Euro discount). And so on eBay Italy here and  here.
5) E-M5 plate at Reallyrightstuff.

  • > Don’t know who made this video! Worth to be seen :)

    Very funny. Very good use of perspective.

    As to who made the video, I can give at least one hint: s/he owns a Nikon 700D ;)

  • Peet
  • agregorio

    I bought mine in Athens Greece, (silver body and 12-50 kit lens) at 1150 euros, plus 235 euros for grip.
    Still wating for an original battery (they told me, will be available from S eptember 3th for 59 euros)….

  • @ Admin

    “And I can’t explain this but indeed Italian stores are selling the E-M5 for much less than other European stores! The body only can be found for 777 Euro”

    Couldn’t it be just bogus Olympus – like 10$ “Ray Bans”sold on Italian streets by asylum seekers :) ?

    • Ed

      “by asylum seekers” was unnecessary.

      • Gary

        ““by asylum seekers” was unnecessary.”

        Right. Not all dark-skinned people are asylum seekers. :-)

        • Ed
          ““by asylum seekers” was unnecessary.”
          correct, some of them were already granted permesso di soggiorno by the filantropic govt.

      • Anonymous

        eprice.it is a serious shop, they would never sell anything fake. And, according to our laws, you can return the camera after less than 10 days without any reason and be completely refunded.

  • Did anyone take a look at that #5….really rightstuff plate/grip. That’s a really nice grip. Too bad it’s so expensive. A few more dollars and you can get the HLD6 so I’m not sure who would buy that.

    • Yes lovely grips. The DC Watch Autos S 1.4 test has a really cool case/grip too.

      • cork

        I don’t think that the grip is expensive at all, especially since you can order whatever components you wish. Although, I’m willing to be the silver set will be the hottest one. Some people think that the Oly grip is over-priced as well; but I disagree, especially after seeing its quality, and having purchased many plastic and less useful grips for similar prices in the past for various dSLRs.

        My question is: What is the L-grip (or L-plate), the U-shaped thing on the side. I saw the photo of the device being attached, but still don’t really understand. If I were ordering the black set, I would probably skip that part.

        • Chez Wimpy

          arca-swiss, ie the industry standard mounting plate.

        • Basically the side plate makes it slip into a tripod easy to do portraits with.

    • that was a smiled comment, man

    • Mr. Reeee

      Really Right Stuff makes Really Great Stuff!

      I bought an BH-30 PF ball head (http://goo.gl/znIJ1) for my tripod and liked it so much, I replaced a Gitzo G1077M I had on my monopod with a BH-25 PF (http://goo.gl/ATQBp).

  • Whatever that other camera is it looks HUGE. Does it come with a chiropractor?

  • Jeff

    Love that commercial, it’s brilliant. Olympus should license it.

  • Yea! Small Camera Big Picture indeed! Passed on to Olympus.

  • Pei

    Don’t let SONY people know about this otherwise they would produce a smaller camera bigger picture commercial.

    • The Sony cameras are only smaller with no lens on the front. :)

  • Jfg

    Is this really an Olympus ad?
    Am I the only one who finds it strange that they put a Panasonic lens on the camera?

    • cork

      It is clearly not an Oly ad – it says “spoof.”

    • The cameras are only smaller when there’s no lens fitted. :)

  • Keith

    Thing is the sensor in the OMD is 1/2 the size of the D700…
    They should have used a canon 7d whose sensor is only a bit bigger..

    • bart

      Hi Keith, you are right about the D700 sensor being larger, actually it is 4x the size, not 2x the size of a 4/3 sensor when looking at surface area.

      But, I did use a D700 every so often, and despite its sensor being significntly larger, upto iso 3200 the e-m5 produces equally clean pictures but at a higher resolution. At 6400, the d700 seems to have a slight advantage until you scale down the e-m5 picture to the same resolution. Above 6400 the d700 is clearly doing better.

      Interestingly, the d7000 is in my experience performing very close to the 700, despite its smaller sensor, but at a slightly better resolution.

  • oluv

    777 euros? is this a reliable dealer? the cheapest price in germany or austria is 1099 euros for body only!

  • MP

    Chances are the cameras are grey market stuff. Bought in the US or some other country and brought here without paying duty some way. Taking advantage of the currency exchange (of course not the one from the camera world 1$ = 1€)they can price it so low.

  • Milan

    Admin, I guess you mean 220 (not 22) euro discount on the price of the E-M5 in Italy. In Spain it’s 998 eur.

    • Marck

      It’s not grey market. My 846€ E-M5 is officially imported by Polyphoto (the official Olympus italian importing company).

  • Jerome LaPlume

    In Italy body only E-m5 is sold around 800 euro(i have paid 831 for mine), it seems that is a Polyphoto choice(Italian Oly distributor).

  • Sent that ad to a Canon owning friend of mine. Strangely, he doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do. An excellent tool for annoying the Canikon boys. It feels like Christmas. :)

  • Marck

    I read in a newsgroup that the italian low price is due to the fact that in Italy there’s no promotion to get the free battery grip like in other europe’s countries.

    Honestly I don’t need the “free” battery grip if I have to pay for it…

    200 Euros is a big difference and Olympus would do a better job letting their customers decide if to buy the BG or not…

  • The Real Stig

    Admin – shouldn’t that be DSLR in the title?

    • cork

      Apparently, you are new here…

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