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A semitransparent OLED technology example.


The only rumors I got about the new Olympus viewfinder technology talk about a sort of semitransparent OLED technology. It works with a fixed semitransparent layer on the optical viewfinder. You should be able to use both simultaneously or switch from full optical or full electronic.

The video on top shows a futuristic transparent OELD panel made by Samsung. As you know Olympus already uses the Samsung OLED technology for the [shoplink 23568]Olympus E-P3[/shoplink] LCD screen. And sources also told us that Samsung offered Olympus a new Micro Four Thirds sensor. So it’s sounds possible that the partnership can extend to the new viewfinder technology.

I am collecting all rumros abotu that next camera. Feel free to send me bits of info at or use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar. Thanks!


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