A nice LF1 mockup made by Mike


43rumors reader Mike Bacchin made that nice LF1 rendering. Of course, expect the LF1 to be much different but I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with you readers :)

Thanks Mike!

P.S.: The G6 and the LF1 fixed lens (and with built-in EVF) compact camera will be announced soon (in 2 weeks from now).

  • observer

    How can you be sure it is not DSLR shaped with a hump?

    Any info on that?

    • observer

      One week before the announcement the evaluation models will reach the reviewers and we will start to have the leaks of the specs?

  • Jevfp

    Panasonic should hire you Mike,. And make this mock up as A GX2 Camera

    • J Shin

      +1! Very sweet design. Love the specs.

  • pdc

    Sensor size will make or break this new line. 1 inch would do well.

  • Smh….Panny doesn’t need another camera line. They need to better the existing ones.

  • Anonymous

    is not DSLR shaped with a hump?

  • Fish

    Mike let us know when you start taking preorders, I would like to order one :)

    • caver3d

      Mike – I will buy it! It looks sweet. Would look really nice next to my LC1.

  • So essentially, it’s a small-sensor version of an X-E1?

    • true homer

      Or an x20 competitor, isnt that a better way to put it?

      • dwgt

        @ True Homer
        Now, you know very well that anything that Panasonic { or anyone else for that matter } does is but a pale reflection of the glories of Olympus, and therefor contempt must be shown by the Oly faithful

        • Fish

          Give it a rest already. Are you so hyper-sensitive that you have to make up a conflict where one doesn’t exist? Read the comments over again and you will see that your persecution complex is completely unwarranted.

        • FTH

          what about you @dwgt,where is your raving olympus glory FUCk!! ,
          get back to your mother Vagina,don’t come back,Otherwise i will fuck your ass, HA HA HA

          • Boy, that escalated quickly.

            • NFT

              i don’t go away where is him ,let go meet where city ,state
              i will fuk him die

              • Go back to Reddit, 12 year olds excel there.

              • Fish

                You might want to flag this guy’s IP address and report him to law enforcement. I’m pretty sure you can’t make death threats, no matter how poorly worded they are.

                • So would this be replacing the GX1?

                  • 1. I commented in the wrong section
                    2. I just realized it is FIXED lens.

                    I’m retarded….

        • NFT

          GH3 is best ILC and your Fuck OM-D ok advance CSC
          with stupid vdo function olly has no brain for coded ,what something
          your pround of your cam

  • dau

    is it confirmed the lens on the lf1 is leica branded?

  • Sqweezy

    A rangefinder-styled large sensor compact with 17mm f/1.2 fixed lens? Nice mockup, Mike. It’s too bad the real thing will probably fall short of this in both design and specs!

    • disso


  • Yayapapaya

    Look like fuji x20

  • Anonymous

    It would be so lame if they came out with a fixed focal length or even fixed zoom RF, after all these years of waiting for an interchangeable lens RF type. I just can’t believe they could be so stupid. Are all Japanese that stupid? Well, I guess they started a war they had no possible way of winning, so never mind the question.

  • What happened to the technical and constructive conversations that used to fill the comments page? I was gone for like four months and it’s turned into reddit. Nobody can say something without being attacked?

    If you don’t have anything nice to say… you’re a cock, and shut your damn mouth.

    Mock-up looks sweet. Wouldn’t purchase either way, but it LOOKS nice.

  • I simply cannot believe, guys, that such a niche camera with grand total of zarro flexibility (no possibilities for using different lenses) is much more interesting for you than the G6 (grand total of zarro rumors yet). :D

  • What about the Lumix GX2? Is Pannasonic going to announce it this April?

    • No GX2 in april. This is FT5.

  • ghftf

    Guarantee most people are going to be hugely disappointed by the LF1. Slow zoom with sensor that’s not that big- and very expensive. Would be better off getting a GF3.

    • Trev

      I´m quite sure that the LF1 will come with mFT sensor. Everything else wouldn´t be serious competition for large sensor compact cams like Sony RX100, Nikon Coolpix A or Fuji X100. And otherwise we would talk about a LX8 and not about the new hig end compact camera line LF.

  • ghftf

    If they had put a m43 sensor in it along with something like a 17mm f1.8 it might have a chance. Anyway, guessing we’ll see some huge discounts on it before long.

  • API75

    Should it be pocketable as the new Nikon and Ricoh, this would be my camera, since now i’m used to the 40mm fov and to the sharpness of the 20/1.7.
    Only, I’d add IS (since we are dreaming, the 5-way IBIS of the OMD…) and the full tiltable screen a la E-PL5!

  • dude78

    @admin: sure it is an evf and nof a ovf?

    • admin


  • carpandean

    Nice looking mockup; very well done!

    That said, if you turn the camera around an put a built-in viewfinder in the upper left, I think you’ll find that isn’t enough room for a decent-sized LCD. The X-E1 is considerably larger than the GX1, in part to fit the viewfinder and LCD.

    Also, there wouldn’t be a pop-up flash there.

  • David

    Cute, but … sorry to be a debbie downer, but what is the point? we have no idea if it will look like this. As you say, it almost certainly will NOT actually look like this. Posting it just creates confusion, either people will not read close, and be mislead, or they will, and will realize it’s not what they thought & a waste of time since what they really want is REAL rumors… you should label this “[FT0]” — I’m serious.

    • David

      You know, if the community consensus is that this type of stuff it great, that’s fine. Maybe this place is just not for me. All the serious rumors end up getting re-posted at other sites I go to (how I found this int he first place), so maybe I’m better served by just going to these other sites, and trusting anything worthwhile from here will eventually make it there.

      Sorry to be down on this kind of stuff, many of you clearly appreciate it, and I need to recognize I am probably in the minority.

  • simon

    that camera with the om-d/gh3 sensor and not too thick, would be near perfect. (however f/1.2 might be a bit optimistic at this size)

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