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UPDATED: New Panasonic GH2 videos (Slow Motion test)


New Slow Motion video taken with the Panasonic GH2

There is also a new awesome video from Bruce Dale. I am not allowed to emed it so click here to see it: Northern Michigan Shores from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.

A dpreview forum user reported that “Today in photokina i had the opportunity to test the new GH2 with the 14mm f2.5 , 14-140mm…, new 3D lens and 100-300mm and also with the old 20mm 1.7 just to compare. well AF with 14-140mm and 14mm f2.5 its really a turbo, it focus so fast then you dont see any lag time… (14-140mm is faster a little). the 14mm behave really good…much more faster then the 20mm 1.7 (also on GH2 its crappy slow and noise like on my GH1 …maybe a little faster not so much..).I think its a problem of the lens not of the body. 100-300mm af is fast…not so much 3-4 times slower fast then the 14-140mm also when you use the last part of zoom …
btw the GH2 AF its also faster then the Pentax K-5 / Olympus E-5 Sony A55 canon 5D MII that i tested today (altough i must admit E-5 its very very fast). Also the 3D lens its fast emoticon – smile pity its a crappy 64mm FOV ! and record images only at 3mp !

More about the GH2 here: The Panasonic GH2’s own ‘mud-gate’ (EosHD)

  • Borbarad

    I was at the Photokina and one thing I can tell for sure that the AF is slower then the E5. Not even close. Maybe on par with a E520 or something.


    • Dummy00001

      520 + 12-60 is faster. I had it with me and could really compare.

      Do the people actually check what photos the GH2 is taking? Yes, you press the button and it quickly makes the shot. But as I was mentioning already before, half the time it was missing the focus.

      Most cameras by default refuse to take a shot unless they have focus – GH2 on the other side takes the shot regardless. That’s why its AF appears to be faster. While it’s not.

      But let’s wait for the official release.

      Though I’m not holding my breath: CDAF simply by laws of physics can’t be faster than PDAF since the former has to make more moves than the later to acquire the focus. Oly was promising worst case 180ms AF with 12-60 and I really can tell it. “0.099s AF with the 14-140” of the Photokina samples of GH2 is -sorry- fake.

  • Jeremiah

    I’m from Northern Michigan myself, and was actually just in Traverse City a couple days ago. This video was well done. It is a really beautiful place.

  • Gabi

    This is not time laps, it is slow motion.

    • admin

      Corrected! Thanks

  • safaridon

    Borbarad – You claim you know for “sure” that the GH2 AF is slower than that of E5 and probably more comparable to E520? Well the low end G10 already matches or betters the E520 AF speed and GH2 AF reportedly by all other testers to be very fast +/- 0.1 sec with 14-140 lens. Just because you attended Photokina we are expected to believe your version or take? I note you have not even claimed to have tested either the E5 or GH2 and if so perhaps you used the much slower AF 20/1.7 lens on the GH2?

    Just enjoy your E3 or E5 but no reason to try to discredit another exciting product for m4/3. Why find it unreasonable that Pany which had previously made the best and fastest contrast auto focus with its resources could not make further big improvements as appears to be the case?

    With its much faster AF in GH2 and 5fps Pany appears to be overcoming the previous biggest performance gap in comparison with DSLRs for use for sports or fast action. Add to that the improvements in the EVF viewing for fast live view and big improvement in IQ and high ISO performance.

    While the body shape of the GH2 is only evolutionary compared to the GH1 the technical improvements are truly revolutionary in my opinion and I can’t wait to see these advancements and features included in future Pany products as the upcoming GF2 and GFcompact.

    There was a statement from Pany indicating that there would be producing the GH2 at rate of only 5,000 units a month? I hope this does not mean a delay in producing the new sensor in volumne rather reflects the number to be produced with 14-140 lens which is harder to produce quickly? If supply of GH2 is to be in fact very limited why all the preorder sales availabily in US at such an early stage? Maybe Pany will be producing a similar design sensor only 14mp for GF2 but with same advantages I hope?

    • Borbarad

      Well I can tell from Using. And no way. That said the GH1 wasn’t bad but they are simply not Pro-DSLRs in terms of AF Speed.

      If I would believe marketing Balbla I would my a Canon without a Question.

      By the way try a D3 with the right Glas in SAF and CAF you will be amazed.

      The E3/E5+12-60 is in the same league(but only that Combi, else its slower)


  • Henrik

    @ Admin, why is this called “Test”? It’s a manufacturer’s commercial. Do you call all Pana’s blurbs and promo videos “tests”?

  • jlev

    how and what mode did he shoot that slow motion in? is it 720 or 1080? i thought i would be able to conform the 1080 60i to 60p, but i cant seem too, and the variable frame rate only slows it down to 80 percent (about 30fps) whats the best way to do slow motion at 1080?

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