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a little bit of everything…(with readers work and mail roundup).


SLR/BLACKMAGIC | Blackmagic MFT and SLRMagic Primes from Camp Comet on Vimeo.

One to one macro with the Olympus 60mm lens by Footlessfish.
Test de l’Olympus 60 mm f/2.8 macro ED MSC [partie 4] at Lepidi.
Trade In To Buy A Panasonic Lumix G5 And Save (ePhotozine).
Field Test: Olympus 17mm f/1.8 at Digitalcamerainfo.

Thomas:Fashion video shot with olympus om-d:

Joe Gunawan:Hi! Would you consider the next time you run the “little bit of everything” section if you can run my Beauty for All Seasons beauty shoot? The mFT system doesn’t get much buzz for its fashion and commercial stills application, so I’d like to show how great lighting and production can create a professional look.
Interestingly, I shot Spring and Autumn back when I had the GH2. I used the 75mm with those two. By the time I show Summer and Winter, I had the GH3 and the 35-100mm. The difference in quality between the two cameras is very noticeable in stills.
You can see more of my fashion and commercial work at my website:
Almost all the images are shot with an mFT camera. Cheers!

Artem Yumashev:I’m from Russia. I would like to share music video to you. This is first clip work. I used a Gh2 with Driftwood hack:

Keith:I’m a regular reader of your website, and appreciate everything you do to keep us informed about the latest news for these cameras. I completed a short film shot on my GH2 a couple months ago and hope you might be willing to share it the next time you do an ‘a little bit of everything’ post.

Martin:Hola Alejandro. Soy Martin. Mi inglés es muy malo y te escribo en español. He hecho un pequeño tutorial de uso del flash en fotografía macro a mano (sin trípode), el enlace es éste: Y mi blog es éste:

Anonymous:Here is a blog from a wildlife photographer that has started using the Panasonic 100-300mm lens.!

Xiyu:I did another editing of a short video of Lyon. I shoot the sequences by GH3 in the end of year 2012 in 1080p 50fps at 50Mbps. When I smooth down the video shots into 50% speed it looks very natural. By the way I tuned the colour so it’s not the native colour of GH3. The link of the video is

Saffron:A documentary on the Working Mens Club of Saffron Lan on Youtube

Jesse:You’ve heard about the Movi? Did you see that there is footage shot with the GH3 on a Movi? It’s here: (It costs $3 but it goes to charity).
I also got to see the Movi in use first-hand and blogged about it here:
and here:

Anonymous:Lens & Shutter in Vancouver (Canada) has a Zuiko 300/2.8 E-ED for sale at $4999, $2000 off regular price (!!!).  It’s part of a lens sale that runs from today until April 30. There is only one in stock, and the company doesn’t ship outside of Canada, but I figured a fellow Canadian 43rumors reader might appreciate this info.

  • Gekopaca

    Another boring evening in Hipsterland

    • twoomy

      LOL! +1 Totally agree.

    • Frye

      Hipsters are very interesting. At least THEY seem to think so.

    • Unassuming ID

      It’s a shame that you’re so bored with your life (and your own uninteresting work) that you feel compelled to post your meaningless opinion not in one place, but two.

      Congratulations, your life is officially useless.

  • V4Venddta

    Translation from the word of Martin:

    ‘Hi Alejandro. I’m Martin. My English is very bad and I write in spanish. I made a small tutorial about using of the flash in macro shooting handheld (without tripod), this is the link: And this is my blog:

  • Jay

    I have to see pretentious LA hipsters when I’m work…why do I have to see them in video at home?

  • Oh dear. Can’t frame, can’t hold a camera steady, can’t edit and absolutely no idea how to tell a story with images.
    Admin, if there is nothing new to say or show, please don’t feel you have to put any old thing up just to fill the space.

    • Anonymous

      +1! At least a bit of quality apart from the mere technical usage of a new piece of HW

    • Camp Comet

      I didn’t expect this site to pick up the video, it was for the camera forum that I moderate. Since this specific version isn’t shipping yet, I took it out to a local event my girlfriend and I like to visit so that others interested in the lowlight capabilities with SLR Magic primes could see.

      Again, this isn’t intended for this site, or this audience. I’d much rather these guys take it off of this site, you all do not seem like a very friendly crowd.

      Criticism is one thing, attacking people beyond the criticism of work without a single clue as to whom that person is, that’s another.

      Good Luck.

      • Stu5

        I thought it was interesting. Gives a good idea of what it is like in low light. Good blacks and excellent DR plus great colours. Nothing wrong with handheld either, just that some people don’t get it. The handheld was good, I have seen bad handheld and it looks nothing like this. There is a real skills to be able to do it. Light the fact the edit cut to the beat at times and the movement other times. Plus there was a story if you bothered to look for it.

        • Camp Comet

          Thanks Stu5.

          I’m okay with people not digging the stuff, everything’s not for everyone and you learn that very quickly when it’s what puts food on your cardboard box. Just the personal attacks, that I don’t understand.

          I do appreciate your comments.

          • Stu5

            Just watched some of your other videos. Interesting difference between Blackmagic and hacked GH2. When you see the same actors in both you get a much better idea of how large the difference is and it is huge. On the Dirty Windows video it looks like you got to play with the new lower price Blackmagic? It looked like the backend of the camera. The colours and depth to them on the road footage are incredible. Also the sky which is not burned out. Also looks like the camera footage can withstand a lot of adjustments in grading.

            • Camp Comet

              Someone else said that a long time ago, that when you see the same people it really gives you an idea of the differences. I could tell immediately, but it’s cool to see people get value out of that.

              The footage on the way up to Vegas was the same camera, Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT mount (M4/3ish sensor). I am looking forward to getting the newly announced Pocketcam and 4K production cam though!

              CinemaDNG from the camera is pretty amazing as far as motion picture goes. A ton of range to play with, if you haven’t clipped anything at the sensor level you’re free to go almost anywhere with color, contrast, etc. Even though I didnt spend much time at all coloring, it’s generally very hard to decide on a look because there are so many possibilities.

              For the price of the new Pocketcam, and if you already own M4/3 glass, I would definitely grab one even if its just to toy around with for a few weeks.

              • Stu5

                Yes beginning to think that. A couple of small jobs and it will pay for itself. Look forward to seeing some footage from both the new cameras.

  • Love the pictures of Joe Gunawan, especially the bts shot with results, nice to see how someone makes a setup.

    • Frank

      The skins Looks too artificial for me.

      • Anonymous

        Frank is your monitor hardware colour calibrated because there is nothing wrong with the skin tones? They are what is expected for a beauty shoot in the industry.

      • stu5

        Frank is your monitor hardware colour calibrated as there is nothing wrong with the skin tones? It is what is expected for beauty shoots in the industry.

        • Frank

          I don’t talk about Tones but skins textures (zero details). She looks like a doll. Fashion photography is not about aggressive “skin smoothering”. If you look at the best fashion photographs you’ll know what I’m talk about.

      • maybe yes maybe no, but asian models are famous for smooth skin, and if setup the light in a certain way or add overexposure a bit….it might give the impression of skin smoothing prob to some viewers.

        • Though i see some local smoothening, but “zero details” in the skin? No, I think you are exaggerating here, most published beauty shots for advertisements are 100% times more smoothed then what I see in Joe’s work.

          • Stu5

            Exactly. There is a lot of pro work out there a lot more smooth than this. It has not been over done and might not have had anything done to it at all. Too hard to tell at this size.

  • Bob B.

    …don’t know about all the bickering about skin tones….
    Joe’s images and model are fantastic…love the outtake shot of him on the roof!

    • Thank you for the comments on my images guys. I do strive to have a polished look to my images without resorting to dissolving all the skin textures. I actually shoot almost all of my fashion/commercial photography work with the MFT cameras. I shot with the GH2 all last year and just got the GH3 this year. You can see more of my work at


      Joe Gunawan |

      • alan

        who commented on your work?

        • I’m the photographer that shot the “Beauty for All Seasons” photoshoot that’s mentioned in the beginning of the thread. A couple of people commented on the skin, which I did make sure to retain texture. My technique did get better by the time I did Summer and Winter, however, so those two in particular have way better defined clean skin.

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