a little bit of everything…(Panasonic lens beats Sony lens)


All My Olympus Gear is going Bye Bye. I am going to Medium Format!

Lens Sharpness Test: Sony 16mm f/2.8 vs Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 (ThePhoBlographer). The Panasonic lens outperforms the Sony lens!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 Review (Photographyblog)

Olympus M. Zuiko Digital 14-150mm f/4-5.6 Lens Review (Seriouscompacts)

Olympus E-PL1 : Baisse de 100 € du prix des kits 14-42 et 14-150 (Forum Olympus France)

Download the first Panasonic 3D lens image sampels! DDay.it

  • “shutter used 300 times…gave Olympus all the chance in the world” bit of a contradiction there me thinks.

  • This guy is a great Olympus camera collector! Does he take pictures too?

  • Dan #2


  • You can see in the other video that E-620 doesnt work in live view – it goes black screen so not a very good idea to post a selling video saying that the camera is in good condition but leave the older clip about its error :D Anyway, dude was buying only cameras and not saving for SHG lenses so YEAH, he didnt even try… Anyway, good for someone who will buy everything from him.

    P.S. We will be waiting for new videos about medium format that he is trying to sell :D

  • marilyn

    god i want your gead

  • tom

    Yeah I take PICS! The reason why the 620 went to black was I had an 8 element 50mm takumar 1.4 (the old one) and an adapter that allows to focus past infinity. Well if you ever saw the pack of this rare takumar the rear element moves slightly backwards and it was barely touching the lens contacts. This caused the lcd to fade to black.The 620 in the video was bought in late December from Walamrt, I have a 2 year extended warranty for this camera that is fully transferable. The camera is decent. I dont like the less than 100% coverage in the viewfinder. I dont like the low light performance of any OLY cameras. I have been spending a ton time shooting and processing pentax 645 film over the last few months. Not even the finest Nikon or Canon can touch the resolution mf film. So I have been spoild.

    Now to giving Oly a chance. I have several issues with Olympus. The e-3 is the flagship offering, still is to this day, however they choose not upgrade the firmware to latest offerings. One can not micro adjust any lens in an e-3 but you can with a e-30 and e-620. My thoughts on this. If Olympus does not want to develop firmware to keep the flagship offering up to date with it’s lesser models features, then why cant Olympus release an SDK that lets programmers write programs that will fix the issues of the cameras that you people dont seem to want to fix.

    New Models now days seem to have more Firmware upgrades than hardware upgrade. Is this why you protect the firmware so closely, so you can release new feature and make money by adding art filter’s for example instead of having to change the hardware. Is the E-3 processor and memory not capabile of hosting a firmware that allows a owner the ability to adjust micro focus of a lens. The E-30 and E-620 do it easily.

    I believe simply making Olympus firmware Open Source you will find huge advancements in applications and uses for all of Olympus’s camera products. If you dont want free advancement through open source, please increase your staff of programmers to fix the issues your existing cameras already have. Example, If you have Live View why can that camera do video. The e-3, e-30, e-620 and on and on should already be able to do video, Make it write to the XD slot. All of the pieces are there why are you holding this feature back. (I forgot they gave the video feature it to M4/3 and my wifes Tough6020 has it too) I really dont understand why, other than greed you haven’t released a completely new firmware for the E-3 so the Flagship of Olympus is not such an embarrassment against it’s counterparts, much less it’s siblings.

    Besides eyepiece magnification of the E-3 my E-620 smokes it in every feature except weather sealing. I can run all of my glass and adjust it and the images are way better on the e-620. If light-room 3 and Photoshop CS5 had not come out a month ago with noise removal I would of already sold my e-3, Low light ISO performance is a severe handicap, I have some really fast 1.2 and 1.4 manual glass and it really shows the inability of the e-3 in low light to keep up.

    Now as to the SHD glass.I have rented from LENS RENTAL. I have used the 300 28 and the 90-250 2.8, I have tried the 14-35 swd and had horrid back focusing issues with it and my e-3. On my 620 it was fine. I have an 11-22, and already sold the 12-80.

    Here is the deal. 90% of the regular buyers from Olympus will never hold a SHD lens much less buy one. they are too much money. Unless you are sponsored or really rich no one shoots Oly as a truly professional platform. Maybe one or 2 that again are sponsored.

    Now to if I take pictures or collect gear, Yeah that is my main goal in life to work hard devote myself to a system then give it all away for pennies on a dollar. All of the gear has Zero counts on the shutter. Take $20 bucks for all of it! NOT!!!!!

    • YUGOslaw

      I dont believe you. You’r just one of these sad souls, that believe better gear = better pictures. Have fun with the next (few) camera.

      My small, scratched and bruised (never ever mint) E420 and GF1 doenst have the IQ of a D7 or PhaseOne, but with the money i saved i am travelling around the world and taking pictures.

      The GF1 with 20 1.7 is a combo, that i can (and i am) carring 90% (of time outside the house) with me.

      I hope the p645d fullfills your wished – good light.

  • napalm

    the new E-5 has the ability to convince 4/3 owners to sell all their stuff even before it is is officially unveiled.

    this feature has never been seen in any camera before.

  • demian

    The Olympus lenses are fine, but I can’t take Olympus DSLR today seriously with that small CCD. For the relatively cheap small Panasonic GF1, for instance, is the little 4/3 sensor just good enough, but for serious photography you’ll need at least a full frame 35mm sensor.

    • Correction #1:
      Olympus DSLR stopped using CCD in E-400.
      Panasonic DSLR has never been using CCD, only MOS sensors.

      Correction #2:
      What’s good enough, applies to professional photography also.
      Obviously, you don’t remember or were not present in old film times.
      Unfortunately, sensor size importance is a stigma hard to change the attitude to.

    • tom


      • demian


    • I don’t understand why you’re here then. This site is about the FT standard. When you bought the FT/MFT gear, you already knew the sensor size won’t grow magically overnight, didn’t you?

      If you want a full frame camera for “serious” photography (as opposed to what?) then you have to be ready to shove over some serious” money, not only for much more expensive cameras but also for much much more expensive lenses at a comparable quality.

      The beauty of the Olympus E-System has been the availability of extremely good lenses for a relatively cheap price. What does a sealed, HIGH quality 24-120mm f/2.8-4.0 cost at Canon/Nikon? Yeah, right. I though so.

      I’m sitting tight and I’ll wait for the REAL E-5 announcement and some “serious” (d’oh) product reviews of the E-5 before I make ANY move. Because that’s “serious”.

      Peace out.

      • demian

        I’m here because I consider buying a Panasonic GF1.

        I responded to the man who sells all his olympus gear, I understand him: because the 4/3 sensors are simple too small for high ISO noise free, high resolution and detailed images.

        • Eric

          I think you need to expand your view on what constitutes *serious* work. If you are a sports/action/paparazzi photographer then sure, I can see a need for super clean ISO 3200. However, I personally rarely ever take a serious photo if the light is bad (what’s the point?). For people like me that either only shoot in good light or break out the strobes for controlled light I don’t need anything over ISO800. In fact most medium format cameras don’t even have an option over ISO800. It’s not needed for studio pics. So unless I need super shallow DOF 4/3’s or APS-C produce all the IQ I need.

    • patrick


  • No surprise, that their results doesn’t perform as good as the genuine telecentric Micro Four Thirds.

    However, Sony believes there are more into the pudding.

    Like they are willing to trade ISO performance for a PELLIX implementation, making their APS-C cameras at maximum equal to a Four Thirds camera. Sure Sony believes in their sensor technology leadership, and may currently be on top, with Panasonic and Canon quite close.

    And this time heavily rely on software correction for inherently inferior optical performance.

  • tom

    not phaseone Moron, p645d

  • Vlado

    Well I think this will be comon now no new lenses for 4/3 and e-5 doesn’t look to offer anything special over other brands + the senzors are mutch noiser than others brands even if I count with thayer size.

    My current setup is e-510,e-3 +12-60+70-300+zeis 50 f1.4,Kiron A dine 105 f2.8
    I’m fine with it atm but I think my next upgr will be abandoning 4/3 too.

  • Jozeph

    I own a E-620,great camera & small & light, great pics for a very fine price. With Olympus lenses its even better.
    Only handicap: noise if it gets a bit to dark and ISO limitations, thats it.

    The creativity is not the camera but who uses it.

  • Ken B

    To Demian, why do you need a full frame sensor for serious photography. As most people probably dont print above A3 then the latest compacts Canon/Panasonic can give excellent prints. How do you know Olympus lenses are fine and Oly DSLR are LMOS sensors have been for years.

    Surley it is the skill of the photographer and the available light that produce serious photos, the camera is only a tool. Still all you poor unskilled photographers need all the help you can get.

    I have M43 stuff and it works for me, the extra weight and expense of FF is just a waste. Only good if you need to print at 4 x 3 feet, no point in having all that quality resolution if you never see it.

    Long live the Micro revolution.

    • demian

      1) big prints
      2) DOF is smaller and important to me and, I know, for many other photographers.

      I’ve long ago many years photographed with an OM-1 and therefore I know how good Oly lenses are. What I see, here and there, on the Internet some of the ‘new’ Olympus lenses are still very good.

  • Archer

    The E-3 is approved by Getty, so I think that makes it pro. And if you can’t afford SHG glass (or even HG, apparently) then MF isn’t going to be your game, unless you’re going for real photography, by which I mean FILM!

  • YUGOslaw

    I dont believe you. You’r just one of these sad souls, that believe better gear = better pictures. Have fun with the next (few) camera.

    My small, scratched and bruised (never ever mint) E420 and GF1 doenst have the IQ of a D7 or PhaseOne, but with the money i saved i am travelling around the world and taking pictures.

    The GF1 with 20 1.7 is a combo, that i can (and i am) carring 90% (of time outside the house) with me.

    I hope the p645d fullfills your wished – good light.

  • Scott Huffman

    Dude if you know anything about medium format you know that they are terrible in low light. Hi dynamic range yes Hi ISO capablility NO!!!

  • Scott Huffman

    I love it when people talk about the lack of Hi ISO capability of the e3 but they wont even invest in 2.0 glass. You dont have to have the best camera to have the advantage. With shg glass you will always have a 1 stop advantage over the canon or nikon. Even if the the new e5 is only as good as the 7d the olympus system is still better in low light because of the 2.0 glass. I mean its actually sharp at 2.0. Good luch on a canon L glass being sharp at 2.8. I have a Canon 5d, 7d and e3 and I always pick up the e3 as my camera of choice unless I am shooting in a church that requires ISO 4000 or above.

    • Tom

      Pick up a Canon 5d MKII and an 85 1.2 hell a 1.8 and see what a full frame pro dslr can do. The 85 is almost 3 grand but is tak sharp at 1.7 1.4 the lesn is a monster but it is amazing. The reason I am buying as p 45d is because I have been shooting with a 645nII for years, I have all the glass/ I even have the 35mm 3.5 (the unicorn of 645 glass. It is an amaxing lens. I tak land scape and portraits, I like very large portraits, Like this one http://lilsamedia.com/645d_16mb_JPG.jpg a 4/3 cant make images like this. Nikon or canon either

      • admin

        Tom…Perfect light, perfect expression, perfect shot! Want to own the 645D now :)

  • Ian

    Sorry to hear that Olympus isn’t working for your needs any more. I hope that whichever brand you choose to purchase better suits your needs.

  • Harsh words from alot of harsh people— black and white makes grey– remember– if you forget the beginnings, you’ll never get to an end- Inception is always a first impression,, the next- well, I guess that depends upon when the novelty wheres off….. so- pride and true is always cool- but supporting your life is an entirely different subject .’\

  • Scott Huffman

    I have both. The full frame does give less debth of field, I agree but the olympus in a dark church at f 2 at iso 1200 is the same as the 5d at f4 at 2400 iso. Olympus wins again on sharpness and noise. Olympus and Canon are not apples to apples. If you need a greater debth of field in darker enviroments Olympus is your camera. If you dont care about that then go with Canon. Like I said I shoot with both. I perfer the Olympus on most of my work. I would nver invest in a medium format digital. Who needs the wasted space on your hard drive. We have 40″ by 60″ prints hanging in our studio sharp as a tac shot by olympus e3 and e1. I stay with Olympus because of the lenses. People that dont invest in the SHG glass need to shut the Fu#$%#$%k up cause they dont know what Olympus is about

    • tom

      @Scott Look, I have said it already. I have rented almst every SHG glass lens rental carrys. Look OLy makes some nice gear, but it cant hold a match to what I need it to do. You are one of the lucky ones who can afford to buy SHD, I had to rent it. Now Scott. Please can you show me some images you got paid for. Anything on a Rag cover. You seem to have all the answers, You are a Top Oly Pro. I just taught for a week at Photoshop world. Yeah a week, I was the only person there in a professional capacity with Oly gear. One of the other instructors made a joke in front of 500 to 600 photographers. “Anyone here not shooting Nikon or Canon?” I and one other guy raised our hand, He had a Sony 900, I had the E-3. He said we could sit together.

      I know cameras are only a tool. it is what you know as a photographer that sets you apart. I got it.

      Now lets see some of those SHD images that You took, and are making you enough money to pay for your shingle hanging outside your studio. I know it takes to make money as a photographer. My Oly isn’t cutting it. Maybe the e-5 will be a world beater. I have held off from selling everything but alot is gone. I kept my 14-54, 11-22. 12-60, 50-200 that wasn’t shown in the video. I cant wait to see the shots you take, the ones that afford you the luxury of running your mouth like you are the Oly GURU!. Please dont be Shy Mr. Huffman. Where is your studio located? Dont be shy now.

  • tom

    Scott is this your site. IF so Brottha you need to take my lighting class. Man never saw so many flat lifeless images. You offer training? WOW. No more fan boy posts, pickup a traditional lighting book. You job as a photographer is to make your clients look good. Someone with a huge nose should not be lit with broad light. Ever heard of paramount lighting.SIMPLE SIMPLE, yet not a single example of that here http://igstudio.biz/galleries/seniors#. Most are blown out, shadowless flat images that a walmart photog could make. Is that your SHG glass atwork?Please tell me I am at the wrong studio Scott. Please tell me you aren’t turing out that kind of work and charging for it! Man.

  • scott

    Ha ha yea I make a liven with that crapy work and yes I can afford all the SHG olympus glass as well as the L glass in the canon line up. Oh and yes we do offer classes and you are invited to our beginner class on Sept 13. Its 65 and you will have to provide your own transportation.

    On a second note. I have never in my life made fun of anybodys work. I only make comments about things that dont make sence. You do not make any sence. You say you are leaving Olym because of the quality yet you dont buy their professional equipment. You say you cant afford the SHG glass but then you say you are switching to medium format which cost a fortune. I dont care what system you use. I use 2 systems. Just dont know one system and put it down when your no accurate in you statements

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