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a little bit of everything…(E-5 image test at dpreview)


No sense video: First “weird”(!) E-PL1s test :)

Dpreview posted the new Pentax K-5 review and on page 19 you can find a Studio comparison with the Olympus E-5!

“Leica M9.5″ – The Small But Excellent Panasonic GF1 by David Babsky (SteveHuff)

E-PL1 with “film alike LCD screen cover” ( “We’re offering a $100 prize to the winner, the contest is titled “your best micro four thirds photo of 2010”. Thanks!

Focus Numerique posted an image gallery.

Apple releases RAW compatibility update which supports the GF2 and GH2!

Panasonic 14mm vs Pentax 40mm size comparison mikkagashi.

  • Zonkie

    The improvement in the new E-PL1s kit lens autofocus is amazing. The original one didn’t do a great service to the great PENs (yes, it’s compact and has decent quality, but still). Really good that the new PENs will have this much improved one.

    Regarding the E-5 samples, it seems that Olympus didn’t dare to put the very weak anti-aliasing filter of the E-PL1 on a professional camera like the E-5 and opted for one slightly stronger. I guess it’s a safe decision. Hopefully next week DPR will publish the E-5 review (or the GH2, or both!).

    • Voldenuit

      >Regarding the E-5 samples, it seems that Olympus didn’t dare to put the very weak anti-aliasing filter of the E-PL1 on a professional camera like the E-5 and opted for one slightly stronger. I guess it’s a safe decision.

      Definitely a sensible decision.

      On a side note, I like what DPR has been doing with regards to shadow noise/detail tests lately, namely racking up +3EV compensation in post and seeing what the results look like.

      I think it’s a good way to separate true low read noise (lots of detail to be gained) vs NR algorithms (poor detail gains). The K7 and D7000 are good examples of the former. Guess we’ll see how the E-5 fares when the full review comes out.

  • Boss

    Wow the resolution of the E-5 holds up quite well against many of its competitors, it even holds its own against the D3.

    • Wife

      Wow you need glasses

      • Boss

        The E-5 has a better lens than the D3 in the comparison, but that is the lens I use most and it is very comparable to the D3 results. Maybe you need glasses.

  • Abi

    Hi admin! Any news on E-P3 yet?

  • DMA

    Odd comparision to the E-5 as the focal length on the E-5 seems wider than all the others…

    • Jonathan

      it’s not a question of focal length – what you are seeing is similar size (in pixels) 100% crops. the higher the resolution – the larger the photographed objects appear.

      the e5 looks quite good up to ISO 800, but unfortunately falls way behind the competition from ISO 1600 upwards. the RAW files suffer from yellow blotches and JPGs are blurry. having read so many positive reviews and satisfied user comments, i am disappointed. the full review should be interesting.

      the pentax is very good!

      • DMA

        Nonetheless it makes it for an unrealistic comparision, one which truly doesn’t demonstrate the IQ of the E-5 under real conditions. In many respects there’s a reverse manification effect, as a result, where the MP is the leading rasion d’etat, when that doesn’t necessarily mean much for actual picture quality.

        • Boss

          The comparison is actually quite good, as you can pick different sections of the photo and compare up to four cameras at once. You obviously don’t understand the point of the comparison. And the Olympus is actually longer than the others, not wider.

          • DMA

            Actually I do understand completely. And I’m not rubbishing the E-5 at all as I own one. The point I’m making is, however, the comparison isn’t fair insofar as the “chopping” is the same for all of them. When making a fair comparison it should be identical.

          • DMA

            Actually I meant to say “the “chopping” _isn’t_ the same for all of them” (sorry about that :o )

        • Jonathan

          of course it is a valid comparison, it demonstrates the difference in resolving power.

          • DMA

            Yet that isn’t a fair comparison to actual image quality because it is biased towards MP. So of course the E-5 isn’t going to appear as good, yet without a doubt it produces better IQ than the test would suggest. Furthermore, I would dare argue, that most people (especially Olympus users) are more interested in IQ than the MP resolution ;) A case in point is the far better overall comparison, done earlier by, which was posted here at 4/3 Rumors.

      • Boss

        The Pentax is decent, but not better than the E-5. Same price, but the E-5 has better image quality, especially with the 50mm.

        • Jonathan

          you’re happy with the e5’s performance as demonstrated in this test? good for you!

          the fact that most people do not your opinion definitely does not mean you’re not entitled to it.

          other than that the k5 is less than $1400 on amazon, $300 less than the e5.

  • yosemite

    Don’t use the OS X RAW update. It’s broken, i.e. produces green rendered images that can’t be converted to normal ones. Apple is aware of the problem but unwilling to pull it for some crazy reason.

  • WHAH!

    My shiny and innovative E5 comes up short! :(
    Oh, will someone just call the F-ing WHAHmbulance already? Sad …

  • Zaph

    So when will it be available outside of Japan? I’m 99% sure that I’ll be buying an E-PL1, but I’d much rather have an E-PL1s.

  • zizi

    but why the samples in comparation table of E5 look like the image from EPL, and others DSLRs don’t? you can look at the image of paper clips. and how they did the pictures if the image from E5 is soft compare to EPL1?

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