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Get sharp shots with the Panasonic LUMIX 100-300mm f4-5.6 G MFT Lens

Olympus 75mm lens tested at Photographyblog and Thedigitalstory.
Panasonic GH3 review at ThePhoBlographer.
Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS tested at Dpreview.
E-P5 image samples at Fotopolis.
Les Rencontres d’Arles et Olympus (Focus Numerique).
ZZ top testing the OMD (Facebook).
There is a new Apple Digital Camera RAW update on OSX that adds support for the G6 and GF6.
Silkypix added support for the E-P5

Mathieu:I just wanted to share an article I wrote about using the Olympus OM-D E-M5 as my primary work camera, and how I made the switch from DSLRs. The article covers a number of possible work scenarios including weddings, event reportage and theatrical performances. http://www.bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.com/2013/07/02/mirrorless-on-the-job-episode-1-working-with-the-olympus-om-d-e-m5-as-my-primary-camera/

Rohith Thumati: “I just published a post comparing the Leica X2, Fujifilm X100S, and Olympus 17mm. It is probably a more controversial post than my last one :)


  • alexander
  • alexander
  • alexander

    Question to Olympus:

    It is possible to do almost everything with the pics in your cameras. But why no PANORAMA stitching? why have I to go to a PC for that?- very unlogical…

    Give us the free will to decide for ourself if we want to use it or not.

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      Really? That is what you Ask?
      I mean, how often do you landscapes? That is a thing i can totaly live with, since you can do this with every PC in a Second.

      I would ask Olympus. Since every AF lens is controlled by wire, why not let the hole camera be controlled by wire? Like the Wifi App only over usb or something. That would be so great for macro settings or astronomic shoots, because you dont have to touch your setup to change something. And it would just be a little bit of software to change…

      And also why doesn’t the E-M5 have better video capabilities? The processor of the cam is super fast, so why not other framerates, codecs or even slow motion with lower resolution…

      Since there is no camera with 5-axis IBIS that could do this, i guess their sales would have been so much more, even if they charge a premium for that.

      • alexander

        YES that is one thing I ask for :-)
        If you take the camera in vertical format it gives you nice pictures (& safe a lens).
        an once more: Olympus shuold give us the descision!!!
        Artfilters I also could do on the pc… so where is the philosopy? I prefer to have the choice on the camera!!!!

  • Thanks Alexander.

    About the Panorama mode, it is the same process on the new Pen E-P5 so apparently Olympus doesn’t want to change that. I personally never use it as I can do the thing manually and then merged the shots in Photoshop.

    For video, I don’t know why they don’t implement a better codec. I agree with Chainsaw, the 5-axis stabolisation would be a great feature for video as well.

    • alexander

      5-axis stabolisation in video mode & other features:

      I remember Steve Jobs who said: We always made what we liked ourself- we never listen to marketing people.
      Now look the difference between Olympus and Apple!…

      In other words: I don’t like marketing people!!!

      A lot of things can be done on the pc, e.g. convert .raw to .jpg.
      but i like to have an . jpg as output (99% of the cases).

      • Sören

        “Now look the difference between Olympus and Apple!…”

        Olympus doesn’t spy on us? ;)

  • Phred

    The Thumati article was a fun read…surprising at times…but made me glad to own an OMD….I love my 17mm…great lens..in spite of the many mixed reviews.

  • @Mathieu “I also brought my Lumix GH3. Since it shares the same sensor/mount as the OM-D, it is a perfect second body.”

    Panny would love to hear that you liked their high-end GH3 … as a *second* body. LOL

  • JimD

    Mathieu, I really enjoyed looking at your shots the Em5 I have but I was also very impressed by your GH3 shots. We need more like this and less arguments. “”Go for it! go good!””
    Use the expression for all m43 work. “”Go for it! go good!”” use double brackets so everyone knows its m43

  • Mr. Reeee

    An excellent set of tips on shooting with the 100-300mm lens.

  • @Dummy00001, the GH3 is a perfect companion for the OM-D, but I am also using it a lot for video. I am preparing a new article about that ;) And probably Panny will appreciate it more…. :D

    @JimD, could also be a great twitter hashtag ;)

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Nice job Mathieu! Me too I find it a really nice tool to work with. The combo OMD + fast lenses is perfect in theaters.

  • Nice tips for the 100-300 lens though treating it like next to unusable without a tripod looked to me kind of far too stretched. The stabilizer on this lens is so effective that it should allow sharp shooting handheld at very modest speeds when clutched firmly. Obviously though even moderate speeds can be too limiting for this lens with its small aperture.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The 100-300mm’s OIS works surprisingly well. I generally use a monopod with mine.

      The Rösch tripod collar is an excellent addition as well. It improves the balance on a monopod, but also gives me a solid foot when using guard rails, posts and tables, etc., when shooting.

      • Rasmus

        I’m nearly always frustrated with mine. Which is why I just acquired a really old 400/4.5 lens. Not much sharper and with tons of ca and other stuff, but at least it’s almost a stop faster. Hopefully a faster 300mm lens comes out any day now, but i’m not holding my breath…

        • rrr_hhh

          I share your frustration with mine. It is very soft. Even using à tripod and the Roesch collar. Sent mine to Panasonic for servicing, but they anse red that the Lens was “inside specifications”.. I hâte this lens now.

  • George

    My copy of 100-300mm is very good, better than the 14-140mm in image quality. It will great if Panasonic can come with a 100-300 f4 constant

    • Mr. Reeee

      YES! Especially if they could make it sharper at the 300mm end!!!

    • bousozoku

      Sure, but at least with the current lens, you’re getting to 300mm at f/5.6, whereas the Olympus micro Four-Thirds lens is at f/6.7, isn’t it?

      The only other good choice I see is the US$7000 ZD 300mm f/2.8, but you should hire a crew to carry the lens, or the ZD 90-250mm f/2.8, though it doesn’t quite have the reach.

  • Having some experience with the ZD 35-100 f/2.0, i find the Panasonic less dreamy wideopen. But its alot smaller and lighter too ofcourse.

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