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IMMENSE IMMOBILE, a creative short documentary film (GH2+Voigtlander 0.95) from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

Nokton 25mm f/0.95:
I own this lens and I am always carrying it with me. Definitely my favorite lens! On top of this post you can watch a new video from Seb Farges shot with this lens. And ePhotozine just posted a new review of the Nokton. Another review has been posted in German by Heise.de. The cheapest price I found in Europe is 810 Euro in France (Click here) and 830 Euro in Germany (Click here). As I mentioned yesterday yu can check for price drops via Slidoo :)
The newer sister lens sells for 1.010 Euro via Fotomundus (Click here).

Olympus E-M5:
James Harold posted a 24hours OMD review made while traveling across Europe. And the Crazy Comparison Returns! The $999 Olympus OM-D vs the $7995 Leica Monochrom by Steve Huff.
DOn’t forget that there are always plenty of new auctions with refurbished E-M5 at Olympusmarket (Click here).

More reviews:
Panasonic 35-100mm image samples by a 43rumors reader on iCloud.
E-PM2 review at Photographyblog.
60mm macro lens tets at DSLRmagazine (translation here).
Tokina 300mm Spiegeltele für mFT – Shootout (PenAndTell).

Readers work:
Lars:Hi not a rumor, but I just wanted to share some of my pictures taken during a recent trip to Ireland. All photos were taken with the E-M5 and either the 12-50mm, 45mm, or Pana 45-175mm. Hope you enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/larsbeduhn/sets/72157632024744416/
Mal:i’m an Olympus spanish promoter and I pleased to trying the new XZ-2 camera. I have taked some photos last Friday in a music concert. I have some direct JPG examples that I would be pleassed if you want to show everybody.
Here are all of them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/malraulio/sets/72157632041612785/
Vitor:I just bought an olympus 40-150, that came whith a bag and a 8G class 10 cardo for just 149€ brand new in a FANC store in portugal. U can check it online at: http://www.fnac.pt/Olympus-ZUIKO-ED-40-150mm-f-4-5-6-R-kit-Acessorios-Objectiva-Objectiva/a639264
Steve:Thought I would share with you something that I still quite can’t believe. I am being quoted the sum of £1549.00 from my local Panasonic store in Elgin Scotland for the GH3 + 12-35 X lens. This is VAT inclusive and they have confirmed shipment at the end of November. I have asked them many times to confirm that the price is indeed correct and they have assured me that it is. The store is http://www.geddesandmellis.co.uk/
Andy:For USA buyers, Costco has the Olympus E-PL2 with 14-42mm Lens for $299.  Her is the link: http://www.costco.com/Olympus-E-PL2-with-14-42mm-Lens-Compact-System-Camera-Bundle.product.100011392.html
Twills: “Here is a climbing video shot simultaneously with the Panasonic GH2+25mm F1.4 and the GoPro 3 Black. The GH2 footage is 720p @ 60 FPS and 1080p @ 60 FPS. All of the GoPro footage is 2.7K @ 30 FPS with Protune. I love shooting wide angle and tight simultaneously. You never miss a shot that way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ1NKGuiTPo
Rafe:I dilmed this video last year on my wonderful Panasonic GH2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb0mpMhae-k . Really looking forward to getting a GH3
Christoph Harrer:I am an Munich based DP and have seen a lot of stuff on your site.  I know, all are exited about the gh3 and I am waiting for my too. But maybe you are interested in a video completely shot on the Gh2, that could run under the phrase “Who needs a Gopro?” It is still an an amazing camera, that shoots amazing pictures. The Video was shot with the Voigtländer 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and a Panasonic 100-300 Zoom and the Panasonic 7-14 Wideangle. Editing andLook Design are completely done in Final Cut Pro 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu47wKXtwqI  I hope you enjoy it.

  • I wouldn’t mind a faster (f/1.4) 50mm lens if it’s not to expensive and sharp wide open. A 12mm lens would be nice if less expensive than the Oly 12mm.

    • michael

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve been craving the Oly 12mm for awhile, but as a non-pro I can’t justify the expense.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Aren’t the sizes a bit on the BIG side?
    I mean… Olympus designed a 40mm F1.8 that’s probably about 5cm long. 8cm for a 50mm F1.8?

    • Ruhayat

      I wouldn’t mind big if it means they will all be weather sealed.

  • most fls and speeds are already covered one way or the other….maybe the 30mm in 1.8 would be a nice addition to the mft line up, but not sure, its also rather close to 25, when i think longer about it.

  • Couldn’t pick one. The lineup is already full of quality glass.

  • Anonymous

    We have 12 prime lenses in the 12-50mm range. It would be nice if Panasonic expanded out of that range.

    • ph

      I hope they stop putting any effort in developing these lenses.
      I rather have a 9 or 10mm prime.

    • twoomy

      Agree with you guys! They need to go wider and longer. I would LOVE a high-quality 9 or 10mm prime and many others are looking for bright telephotos. I think we have enough primes in the mid-range.

      • jessicajp

        +++1 agree. a 9mm or 10mm f2 (even 2.8) would be great. even making the 7mm formula of the 7-14zoom into a faster rectilinear (not fisheye) prime would be very welcome. definitely more wide angles

  • William Layman

    We already have too many high quality lenses in these focal lengths but NO high quality long telephotos–NONE!

    We need a top quality:
    150-300mm f/4,
    150-300 f/2.8,
    400mm f/4
    500mm f/5.6

    Come on Panasonic and Olympus–How can you ignore this wide opened marketing opportunity

    • I agree we need high end long glass, but the lenses you’re asking for make no sense for micro 4/3. There is little to no size advantage due to the short register difference for telephoto lenses. As such, a 300mm f/4 for m4/3 will be roughly the same size as a 300mm f/4 for full frame (though, with twice the reach).

      The thing is…your proposed lenses would all be HUGE.

      150-300mm f/4
      This one might be possible, but would still be large.

      150-300mm f/2.8
      This lens would be absolutely enormous on a m4/3 body. Have you seen the size of the Sigma 120-300/2.8? It’s 5″ in diameter, 11″ long and weighs over SIX pounds. I’ve owned a six pound 300mm f/2.8. It is not something you carry around lightly…it’s a monopod only lens and a tiny m4/3 body off the back would feel bizzarre.

      400mm f/4
      Likewise – this lens would be huge – a 100mm front element (minimum), and likely in the 4-6 pound range.

      500mm f/5.6
      Likely a little smaller than the 400/4, but still enormous.

      I left DSLRs because of size and weight.
      The proposed Panasonic 150/2.8 looks nice, and I’d also like to see 200/2.8 and 300/4 primes. These would be largish, but still easily handholdable and manageable on a m4/3 body. Zoom wise, a 50-200 f/4 would be great.

      • Anonymous

        Good points. Personally I would imagine the largest thread size either Olympus or Panasonic would be interested in having on a m4/3rds lens would be 82mm, meaning a front element no larger than about 77mm. That would mean the limits for long lenses that we are actually likely to see would be about:

        400 f/5.6
        300 f/4
        250 f/3.2
        200 f/2.8
        150 f/2

        That is actually very acceptable though when you consider Canon’s current offerings with equivalent reach:

        800 f/5.6
        600 f/4
        500 f/4
        400 f/2.8
        300 f/2.8

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > I left DSLRs because of size and weight.
        Which does in no way mean that Canon and Nikon DSLRs have lost any market share of system cameras.
        Since last year’s saturation of Japanese markets with small P&S mirrorless deliveries of mirrorless have been for this year clearly and steadily under 20% of all system cameras.

        Not much of space to grow system more profitable by competing only in that market niche. Actual growing simply needs competing DSLR directly with similar strengths like proper ergonomics.
        Or are you also one of those who want system camera duopoly of Canon and Nikon to continue without slightest competition when they eventually transform also them to mirrorless?

        Though more competive moving target focus tracking is basically needed before these long animal/bird shooting teles are mandatory for mirrorless system.

  • matt

    thank you panny, after 4years you are making (maybe afforable) f1.8 primes that should be here from the beginning!

  • We already have too many excellent lenses in these focal lengths, but absolutely NO EXCELLENT LONG TELEPHOTOS.

    We need top quality TELEPHOTOS:
    150-300mm f/4
    150-300mm f/2.8
    400mm f/4
    500mm f/5.6

    Come on Panasonic and Olympus–How can you miss this big-money market–Sell us high end telephoto glass!!

    • +1

    • Sören


    • pete

      I sort of agree.

      yes the lenses would be nice but only if we have the CONTINUOUS AF to take advantage of them

    • Mr. Reeee

      To tide me over, perhaps forever (?), I bought a Nikon EDIF (ED glass/internal focus) 300mm f4.5 for $300 from KEH. Sure, it’s big and heavy, but what a great lens!

    • Steve

      +1. A hand holdable 300-400mm f5.6 would do really well. The only equivalent available today is Canon’s 400mm f5.6 that is a 20 year old design. With better high ISO today I am surprised no one has jumped into this market yet.

  • Sell us high end telephoto glass!!

    We need:
    150-300mm f/4
    150-300mm f/2.8
    400mm f/4
    500mm f/5.6

  • “We will focus on faster primes, and smaller pancakes”

    Where the hell are the pancakes??

    I want a 50mm equivalent pancake, f/2.8 or faster; and preferably something longer.. As small as possible

  • KI

    I’d like the 12mm f/1.8 – give some competition and pricewar on to the current Zuiko 12/2.

    And btw; The link on facebook already voted for me; “None of these”….

    And I also agree on more telephoto. 40-150/2.8 + a 2x mFT teleconverter?

  • 12mm f/1.4 w or w/o OIS

    and I’m AL$L$ in.

    BTW. Currently using Olympus 2.0/12mm

    • Miroslav


      Or 13mm F1.4 or 14mm F1.4. There are still no m4/3 lenses faster than F2 under 17mm, except manual SLR Magic.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 is excellent. I picked one up a couple of months ago and have been very happy with it. It’s great having a wide lens that can be used at night.

        • Miroslav

          “It’s great having a wide lens that can be used at night.”

          Exactly what I’d use it for. But how easy (or hard) is it to focus precisely? What is your hit rate :) ?

        • Bronica

          Try it with IBIS – it’s even better ;-).

  • BdV

    Primes, OK. Something between 7mm and 9mm 1.8 or 2.0. Or 150mm 2.8. Compact, light, decent, sharp, and of course black.
    Oh, searching for some not yet available focal lengths… maybe a 22.5 1.1?
    But no heavy zooms. Thank you.

  • I want a shorter than 12 mm WA lens. What’s the point of yet another 12 mm, unless that one doesn’t rely on software correction? I really don’t need a very fast WA.

    • ph

      No need for a fast UWA.
      F3.5 is enough for me. Even more so if it keeps the price and size down.

    • QBNY

      The Point of another 12mm is, we won’t be overcharged just because its Black and might have a hood included.

      I’d put a reserve down once available.

      • How did you come to this conclusion?

  • Bronica

    Also the Schneider-Lenses are coming: 2/14mm and the 1,4/30mm and the 2,4/60mm Makro.

    No need for this Panny lenses.

    We need more exotic specs, like a 2,5/9mm, a 5,6 6mm, or a shift-lens and more tele lenses.

    • bart

      Personally, I mostly need a fast long telelens mostly…

      But looking at m4/3 as a system, more lenses in the price and build of the 45/1.8 are needed. An affordable 25/2 and 100/4 for example.

      14, 17, 20 and 45mm primes can be had for good prices, which leaves some gaps, and is a bit too crowded at the wide side.

      • It’s not crowded at under 14 mm.

        • Anonymous

          Lenses wider then 14mm are not lenses that your typical consumer would be interested in however.

          Not saying there is no market for them, but they fall into the same catagory as the fast longer telelens that I want. For the advanced amatur those are really intdresting, but they won’t do anything for providing an affordable entry unto interchangeable lens cameras.

          • Anything wider than a 24 mm eqiv. is too exotic for the average consumer where you hail from?

  • Anonymous

    I chose the 35mm and 50mm equivalents. The caveat being, they must all be weather sealed lens. Otherwise it would just be duplicating what we already get in m4/3.

    I think there is a niche opportunity there that no one has capitalised on yet. Compact, prime WR lenses on compact, WR bodies would be perfect for travelling and hiking.

    • Absolutely, Weather Sealing and small size!

  • Wayne Wong

    I need a leica 12mm F1.4, F1.8 is not fast enough for night video, please, this is very important

  • Mr. Reeee

    10mm f2.8
    300mm f4
    High-Quality 2x Teleconverter

    • Maybe also a extension tube.

  • So soon we will have prime lenses for every mm focal lenght? But no better zooms from Olympus then the kit lenses?

    • Word on the street seems to be that this won’t be true for much longer, with a 40-150 2.8 potentially in the works…

      • I believe it when I see it, and when there are some serious tests about this lens that prove that’s a good lens. And what about 14-54 or 12-60 for mFT? Take a look at the Fuji lens roadmap, they have understand what they have to do. Ever seen a lens roadmap from Olympus?

  • Alfons

    No 20mm F1.7 mk II?

    • +1

    • avds


      • Ash


        Weathersealed version please

  • yun

    I pick 14mm F1.8 & 50mm F1.8 but I still prefer larger apertures .
    Long tele prime lenses are most welcome , a 100mm or 150mm F2.0 is what I was waiting . F2.8 is not fast enough for me !
    One more thing , Pana need to achieve lens’s image quality that on par / edge it’s four third predecessors like what M.ZuikoDigital did .

  • avds

    20/1.7 mkII. Could it be any easier?

  • We need more fast lenses between F1.2-1.4. What is all that boring 1.8 stuff??…

  • What is up with all of these overlap FL lenses… Give me a 100mm macro _200mm equiv) at f2.8 with a reasonable size and price and you will get my money :)

    Aside form that, yeah, fill out some telephoto options, although it looks like Panasonic will do that with the 150mm f2.8, Olympus will bring the 300mm f4 along with the PDAF body :)

    • Steve

      Olympus already has the 300mm f2.8 for PDAF. And that costs well over $5k.

  • lmihael

    Why 12/1.8 if Oly 12/2.0 exist?
    Why 50/1.8 if Oly 45/1.8 exist?
    Why 16 1.8 if Oly 17/1.8 exist?
    Why 26/1.8 if Panas 25/1.4 exist?

    I am waiting fast 42/1.2.

  • The two Panasonic/Leica lenses announced at Photokina are far more exciting than any of these, but I don’t see any indication that these are going to be higher-end Pana/Leica lenses, so maybe this is faster glass for a smaller budget. That would be welcome to some extent – I wouldn’t buy any as I already have this range well covered, and spent a good deal to do so, but several of these would create competition where only Oly lenses exist now, and that will hopefully temper the prices on both sides. Keep in mind that, just because Oly & Panny work together to some extent on supporting the same lens mount, they still also compete with each other. Someone at Panasonic has to have heard the ‘we like fast glass but not so expensive’ cries from their customers in regard to lenses like the Oly 12mm & 75mm, I just hope they respond effectively.

  • Esa Tuunanen

    I’m all for fast wide angle.

    12mm m.Zuiko doesn’t really count.
    No way I’ll pay such premium price for not even very fast lens whose performance is worser than 12-60mm zoom’s.

    • The 12mm F2 is a stop faster and WAY smaller and lighter. Its is slightly overpriced but seems comparable in performance to the 12-60 (Which is a special lens)

  • Great Dane

    I would love at 12mm pancake lens with faster than f2… And a redesigned 20mm f1.7 where the optical part was kept but the focusing was updated to current standards, so it stopped being the slowest AF lens in my bag and went back to being the fastest like it was when I bought it for my E-P1

  • WSG123

    Love that 60mm macro review. Charts, charts, charts then bam: Tits.

    • MikeH

      ROTFL pure awesome sauce review.

  • What’s going on the posts are from 2 weeks ago.
    Admin you must be real crook.
    That’s Oz for sick, unwell.

    • admin

      Hi JimD!
      Sorry, an error in the system. JimD, posting 2,000 posts per year, if one posts get wrongly posted don’t be that mad on me :)

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