a little bit of everything…(and new 75mm lens firmware updated)


Purple Dance from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

Tonight Olympus released the new firmware update for the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. This update fixes one issue: “Unstable exposure of still images taken while recording video while using the lens with a Panasonic camera was resolved.“. More info at Olympus Japan.

And here is the next news roundup:
Greece off the world map? Pics with the E-PL1 at Greekdiaries.
Alternative Handgriffe für die OM-D E-M5 by Pen And Tell.
LX7 underwater housing press release at Photorumors.
Lensbaby Spark Review at ePhotozine.
Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 ASPH on Olympus OM-D E-M5 on Diglloyd.
E-M5 photo gallery at Outbackphoto.
New C-mount lens adapter from Metabones (Dc.watch).
Ringfoto-Messe: Neues von Panasonic, Metz und Brenner (Pen And Tell).
Autumn Colours OM-D Event With Steve Gosling (ePhotozine).
Panasonic G5 review at Digital-photography-school and Steve Digicams.
Olympus 75mm test at Lydogbilde.no
60mm macro image samples at http://footlessfish.com.
Bruno:A few weeks ago, you shared the astro-photography time lapse I made with my E-P3 for which I got many positive comments from many of your readers.  I’ve now finished processing the second part of that time lapse, where I mounted the camera on the structure of the 11m mirror of the South African Large Telescope during night time operation!  Yes, a mirrorless camera mounted on an 11m mirror!  It’s a very unique perspective and the whole thing looks like you are looking through the opened hatch of a spaceship! The video was made for outreach purposes to explain what happens in a typical night at SALT.  I’ve got about 14h of “on sky” footage with different scientific projects being done one after the other.  The resulting video starts with a minute of pictures explaining how the telescope is built and how it works, then goes to the night sky taken from a point of view of what SALT sees.  All the technical details are at the end of the video, I hope you will enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXEJRr1oBZw&hd=1
TVSmith:Tanjung Sepat, Dramatic Tone Art Filters, Kite Park, Bukit Gasing, Morib Gold Coast and many more images…Featuring the OM-D, PENs and the occasional Galaxy S3, all in one place at: http://www.tvsmith.my/

  • nicwalmsley

    I’ve not read anyone mention shortcomings of the 75mm till now (not that there are many). One observation is that it is a tad slower to AF, compared to other primes. I’m also looking forward to the hood arriving from eBay. Official ones are $100 here in Australia. Very nice lens.

    • Mymaco

      I bought a chinese aluminium hood for 12 euros delivered! It does what it has to do. EXCEPT that you can’t put the original cap on it. Same problem with PanaLeica25mm though.

      • bart

        And with the ‘official’ hood for the 75/1.8

        • Blinkered

          The PL 25mm f/1.4 comes with it’s own hood as do nearly all Panasonic lenses, and the lens cap fits fine when the hood is fitted.

  • I didn’t observe the 75mm being slower than other primes (12mm and 45mm). It is a great lens, I wish only it would be somewhat smaller (like 45mm), the hood will make it even more protruding (I never used a hood on my lenses, is it worth a try?)

    • Martin

      A hood is defintely worth a try: it often improves contrast, reduces parasitic images due to in-lens reflections (flare, etc.), and provides a certain protection to the front lens w/o sacrificing any optical performance – unlike filters left attached permanently.

  • Yun

    Unstable exposure on still images , yes this is true .
    I’m using GX1 on the 75mm lens very often .
    This intend a very good news .
    Hopefully focusing can further improve with the new firmware as well .

  • Roughly translation from the Norwegian Zuiko 75/1.8 review:

    “Pure perfection! One of the best optical performances we have ever seen in any lens to date, all packed in a sterling physical construction. But where is the lens hood? A hood should definitely be part of the delivery for a lens in this price range.”

    Yes, the ZD 75/1.8 keeps on to impress in reviews world wide.
    And they’re all asking for the hood as well…
    Oly – you hear?

    • Nawaf

      What a stingy company!

  • Anonymous

    Got the lens hood tonight, only to realize the standard-issue lens cap can’t be removed while the lens hood is on.

    Olympus, I spent $900 on this lens. Why do you make it so complicated to get a hood, cap and bag for this thing?

    • bart

      Ya, thats quite silly, they at least got that bit right with the 45/1.8 and its separately sold lenshood.

      Funny detail, the Pana/Leica 25/1.4 does include a lenshood, and cap, but has the same issue, can’t remove/install the cap when the lenshood is on the lens.

      Its even more silly because both have gotten this right more then a few times.

      • Blinkered

        How bizarre, you’re the 2nd person in this thread to claim that you can’t remove/replace the lens cap when the hood is on the PL25mm f/1.4 – this is not correct, it works fine as it does on all the other lenses (have not tried the 75mm with the official hood as I refuse to pay > $75 for something that should ship with the lens in the first place).

        Have some people got a mystery version of the PL25mm which has a different hood/lens cap to everyone else??

        • Anonymous

          The reason is the lens cap. Maybe they did use a different lens cap in the past, but the one they are currently using is not totally impossible to remove or replace with the hood on the lens if you have very slender fingers, but with a very high risk of it jumping off and damaging the front element. It only has release buttons at the side of the cap, and those are pretty much impossible to operate safely (or at all) with the hood on. Additionally, they will prevent removing or replacing the hood while the cap is on the lens.

          In the past Pana used to have caps that would have worked, maybe you have an older cap still?

          Btw, this is about the micro FourThirds version, not the FourThirds version.

  • The Pen and Tell article on alternative grips is the best photographic comparison of the Milich and RRS grips that I’ve seen. Couldn’t read the article, but the photos were excellent. Both grips have their advocates, and I’m not advocating one or the other. But if you’re not sure, take a look at the photos. Both Milich and RRS have excellent reputations, and I’m told that both have very fair return policies. It’s worth a look.

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