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Olympus PEN E-P3 Low Light Amazing AF speed II

Panasonic GH2 with Olympus 12mm test at DvxUser (to see the vimeo video insert the password you see below it).

Olympus converter tests on the XZ-1 at

See the pink GF3 at DC.Fever.

Olympus PEN EP-3: Micro Four-Thirds Is Starting to Get Good. Real Good. (Gizmodo).

G3 and GF1 high ISO comparison (Dpreview forum).

Dress up grips and matching lens caps are available for the E-P3 in 6 different colours (Parkcameras).

  • marcram

    Cool video.

    Thought I would share another Pen Pro Mockup:

    • Andyoz

      Not bad. I would change the painted/brushed black finish around the lens mount and the top to a more matte black like on the E-P3 (or even the Panasonic L1). I think that would look much better than the E-P2 style black you have got there. A more matte black would give a nicer contrast to the leather grip finish.

      I like the grip and the front dial. Good job. Have you tried to design a back view with the EVF? That could be a bit harder.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yikes! It’s Frankencamera! RUN!
      I can imagine a peasant mob with torches and pitchforks following it…

      Even Holga wouldn’t design something THAT ugly! ;-)

      The “designer” better keep his day job.

  • Ryan

    That gizmodo review sucks!

    • Calling “that” a review is stretching it.

  • attila

    Yes it’s bloody amazing quick, but it’s accurate to??

    • babbit

      Yes. Supposedly it’s the most accurate m43 camera as well.

  • Bobak

    Great mock up. im itching for a pro pen so bad i hope they do something similar and run with it. Must have a built in EVF , thats been the consensous .

  • ras

    so…pretty much every shot was taken at about the same focus distance? great.

    • ssl

      I was thinking the same thing. wish he would switch it up at least a bit… close, far, close…

  • Beautemps

    Nothing amazing about AF Speed. Pen has just reached the level of Panasonic. A GF2 has the same speed.
    Video has very limited relevance. You should focus from a close object nearby to the far end in poor light conditions.

    • babbit

      I have a GF2 and it’s nowhere near this AF speed even when refocusing on the same object. Now if you had said G3 or GH2, then it’s a lot closer.

      • Beautemp

        The GF2 has nearly now visible delay. Even in low light conditions. It depends for 80% on the lens. My GF2 with 14mm has the same focus speed as shown in the video.

  • ange7

    this isn’t a test of “low light”…shop full of neon lights? Love to see a test in actual low light conditions… lux 3 with no bright light bulbs to focus on.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The camera is in shadows, so that makes it low light. ;-) I like the way the hand obscures the LCD half the time , too. So, the point of this video…?

  • Henrik

    I doubt people will ever give Olympus creds for something… Talk about being negative about things.

    • Oly’s own fault: for too long they have ignored sensor development. And screwed up the 43. Now they have to work double/triple time to win the lost cred back. They are sort of trying, but still not there IMO. But to me, as 43 user, abandonment of 43 is also a chance to try other vendor/other camera systems: God only knows how soon Oly would decide to drop the m43.

  • shep

    The Gizmodo review of the E-P3 is superficial at best. Here’s what I wrote back to them:
    Make no mistake about it–mirrorless cameras are here to stay, and will relegate DSLR’s to speciality and pro use in a few years.
    This casual review completely misses a major advance in this camera–a superfast AF, comparable to DSLR’s for the first time.
    It says “I wish the f2 were a bit smaller”. Reality check: this is the world’s smallest f2 12mm (compare with a Nikon sometime). It says the camera is “…not as small as Panasonic’s wonderfully slim pancake lens”. Reality check: you are comparing the E-P3 with a 14-42mm zoom with a pancake prime on the Panasonic! (That 14-42mm is the world’s smallest and lightest such lens, by the way). Instead, compare the E-P3 mounted with the corresponding Olympus pancake prime.
    Reality check: All Olympus micro 4/3 lenses are impressively compact. They are smaller than Panasonics and Sonys because 1) they have IS in the camera, not in the lens and 2) many use clever collapsible designs. A small body is no good if it comes with a bunch of large lenses.
    I recommend the accessory EVF, which is of extremely high resolution (1.4million pixels, as I recall). It’s important for serious photography. It gives a much superior view to the “tunnel vision” optical viewfinders found in cheaper DSLR’s–a major limitation of such cameras, and an important area where micro 4/3 is actually quite a bit superior. EVF’s are not grainy toys any more.
    “The scroll wheel and jog dial serve the exact same purpose”. Reality check: dig into the manual and you’ll find a wealth of customization for these and other controls. Don’t want to bother with that? Buy the E-PL3, a simpler version of the camera.
    Yes, one can and will always find that a smaller camera will not quite match a larger one in some respect or another. But in response to that I remind you that DSLR’s themselves are not the last word in quality by any means and are no match for a medium format. Way back when 35mm cameras were introduced they were derided as inferior to their large predecessors. The best 35mm cameras were never as good as a Hasselblad. It’s a matter of what can deliver the quality you need. And make no mistake about it, these micro 4/3 will get better and better.

    I own an E-P2, have taken it to remote places in the world, and delight in its light weight and high quality. The E-P3 will be a nice upgrade.

    • deniz

      check the nex 3c review on engadget too. gadget sites just dont know how to review cameras.

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