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Fuji X100 Hands-on (Preorders at: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay)

10 Reasons Leica Will Release an M43rds Camera (pitofknowledge).
Olympus XZ-1 Test Images at Imaging Resource.
Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6 tested at Outback Photo.
Why I’m Big on Small – Part 1 of 3 (2guysphoto).
Impressions on the M.Zuiko 40-150 (and against the 45-200) at forum.
Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 2) at ThePhoBlographer.

Message from a 43rumors reader:
I wanted to let you know about something that you and possibly some m 4/3 readers might like to know about. I have a good friend, Sonya Louise Barham, who is embarking on a grand adventure. She has sold all of her belongings and is soon leaving on at least a 2 year trip around the world (with her trusty Olympus E-P1) and only the vaguest of itineraries. She has a blog where we can all follow along vicariously with her travels and also a kickstarter page where many people have helped to support the project. Two weekends from now I am having an event at my gallery here in Los Angeles where some of her prints will be on display and the proceeds from which will go to her kickstarter. We can all follow along at and maybe some of the m 4/3 readers can make friends with her and possibly meet up with her along her travels! I’ve always admired her eye for photography and she has a wonderful writing style which are all evident on her blog. She’s been recently focused on gathering donations for the project as she is coming to the end of her kickstarter goal but If you read back her usual writings are of much more entertaining. She has entitled the endeavor, “A Search for Heartbreaking Beauty” and I have no doubt she will find it and share it with us all. Anyhow, maybe you can pass this along!

  • > Fuji X100 Hands-on

    DPReview published beta samples gallery:

    They have basic ISO test (very good) and also brick wall shots at all f-numbers. Unfortunately wide open X100 has the usual APS-C quality: edges are soft, corners are …. Be very careful wide-open – shoot at f/4 or smaller if unsure.

    I personally am passing on the X100: I want something for available light photography and at the price I would have expected fool-proof wide open performance. (And btw Fuji tried to advertise it like that: custom sensor + specially tailored lens.)

    Let’s see what would Fuji do with the X series in future.

    • Yes, you are right about the wall pictures at f/2. It is very noticeable. The picture seems to be sharp only in the center of the frame. I would have expected more myself.

      In my case, the X100 carries more advantages that will make up for this.

      • X100 certainly remains useful little camera (i’m still /drooling/) but I hoped that it would have lens optimized for wide open shooting as that what interests me most.

        I still can’t understand why nobody can replicate optical quality of 43 on a APS-C sensor…

        • cL

          Well, 4/3 sensor is smaller, and the sensor aspect ratio is squarish, so no edge is wasted. If you see the brick wall photo you were talking about, the longer sides are softer, because it’s farther away from the center. Another thing to keep in mind is, how far the photographer was from the subject, which is the second factor of depth of field.

          And since it’s APS-C, depth of field is shallower, so what you guys think as “soft edge” may just be out-of-focus bokeh area (I need bigger images than what DPReview shows to see the detail). F2.8 on 4/3 gives around the same depth of field as F4 on a FF, so APS-C is somewhere in between. Depends on your shooting style, that may or may not be a bad thing. For example, it makes 4/3 a lot easier for macro and getting that Zuiko 50mm F2 a lot more sense if you’re into that genre of photography.

          • Good points. Thanks for bringing that up.

          • deniz

            the brick wall shot is paralel to the image plane. how could the soft corners be out of focus?

          • cL

            @ deniz

            Think of a macro shot. Farther from the center the light will have to travel longer into the barrel. Light bounces in various direction, but only the selected few will enter into the lens, and that shape is cone shaped. The shortest line is in the middle, completely perpendicular to the lens. The edge of the cone is the longest and usually not by 1 or 2mm. If you’re focusing in the dead center of the subject, you can figure out the differences between the one that’s traveling perpendicular to the lens and from the edge of the cone by trigonometry. It’s not going to be a small difference as you’re standing farther away from the subject.

            When you use a FF lens on a crop sensor, you’re eliminating lots of this, because you only use the light from the center region, so that’s the sweet spot and sharper than a crop sensor lens that barely covers the whole sensor. And if you used a wide angle, there are also distortion adjustment so lights don’t come in in linear manner inside the barrel. That’s why ultra wide angle lenses are very difficult to design (given you want to have a distortion free perspective and very little light fall-off at edge).

            Anything that’s not in the main focus area, is out-of-focus area. It’s not you didn’t focus it right. Think of bokeh. That’s out-of-focus area. I hope that clears everything I was trying to say.

  • Chris.H

    non-related to this post, but I’ve been thinking that maybe the FT1-5 should be changed to something that doesn’t really need to be constantly explained. Maybe something like FT-A for FT1, if it’s REALLY good then FT-A+, so like an FT5 would be FT-F, FT3 = FT-B.

    So like a grading system… although not sure if this grading system is only in America.

    • No.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Just make it more complicated so only you understand it?

      It’s fine as is.

  • pdc

    admin. Again, not related to this post but an observation about the site.
    Definitely one of the most active sites, but the readership seems to have changed from mostly those who are actually interested in the 4/3 sensor platforms to many who just enjoy dissing everything …. perhaps some sort of readership survey or poll would provide some insights …. also something to keep momentum going while we wait for interesting developments and solid rumors of developments (Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax all are going to show a little more of their hands in the next few months).

  • iluvhatemail

    I’m going to start up a kickstarter for a 2yr vacation too. What a great idea. Instead of saving the money, go beg for it.

    • @ilvhatemail I am saving money that I’ve earned working. In addition, artists have always sought the assistance of patrons, it just so happens in this day and age you can take your search to the streets (internet) and seek small bits of assistance here and there rather than waiting to find one huge benefactor. I’m sure as a fellow photographer you can understand an artist’s need for support from the community to move on large projects and help make them a reality.

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