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pont neuf – panasonic lumix gf2 in paris

CP+ 2011, Fuji : La star du salon ? C’est X100 bien sûr! (Focus Numerique).

GH2 Encryption And Dumping Information (

Mirrorless Goes Mainstream (Arcrental). The Panasonic AF100: The Right Camera at the Right Time (Arcrental).

Videos 43rumors sent to me:
Perpetual Motion (Vimeo).
Son Cubano – GH2 meets the Roots of Salsa (3Dkraft).
John Laverty – British Superbikes – Building Confidence (Youtube).

Olympus XZ-1 preview at photoradar. Olympus XZ-1 Hands on at Flickr.

Hands-on: Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f4-5.6 and Sample Photos (ferdzdecena).

The website digital-photography explains how to apply Art Filters to RAW files. It is also possible to apply the Beauty Filter via Olympus Viewer 2 or Master to ANY .jpg file. And you can also have all of the newest art filters in the E-3 and other cameras.

μ43 — No good for sports? (jjsemplephotography)

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