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HILLS GREEN teaser trailer from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.

Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 for m4/3 (suwenchee.blogspot).

E-P1 Birthday Cake (

Olympus PEN E-PL2 Test Images (Imaging resource).

Short Olympus E-PL1 review at Photocomment.

How to Launch a Camera: The Fuji X100 (arcrental).

Olympus camera service menu for E-5 and PENs:

Hold ‘menu’ button and power on the camera,
Go to LCD brightness page,
Press ‘OK’ and ‘Info’ together,
a display of your model number will display,
Then press N,S,W,E (the four direction button), press shutter and N again,
The service menu will show.

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