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Panasonic GH5s Focuses Better Than GH5!

Today Gold Box deals at Amazon US, BHphoto, eBay,,,,,
Panasonic Leica 25mm 1.4 AF VS Panasonic Leica 1.7 15mm AF Test (BakteriaReddit discussion).
In the Field with the Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Harness (Explora).
Panasonic Lumix G7 : Top 3 Lenses you need to have in ( 2018 ) !!! (Prabhjot Singh)
GIMP 2.10 Release Notes

Share your best pictures on our new Instagram MicroFourThirdsGallery.

Plenty of news on the facebook E-M1II group and the GH5 group.

Codek:Some Videos of the Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 on my GH3. I was showing how, in almost any situation, the lens loses contrast (at least wide open at f/2.8). Also, beware of chromatic aberration wide open!!

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