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SDX9000: “Had been itching to share some of my lessons learned for any current or future users of Panasonic GM1 / GM5 / GF7. So here are 25 min with tips & tricks.”

Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1 Review – Part 1 – First Impressions (Soundimagesplus).
Olympus SH-2 Sample Images (Photographyblog).
Phase One 8.2 adds support for the GF7 and E-M5II (pdf file here).
Olympus E-M5II vs Nikon D810 at DR5000 (google translation).

Ryan: Just wanted to share my 2014 Cinematography Reel: Most of the footage is from GH4, GH3, and the GoPro Hero 4 (with DJI Phantom).
I’ve been shooting micro four thirds since the introduction of the GH3, and it’s my system of choice for traveling gigs (professionally and personally). The gear available today, not only the micro four thirds lenses and camera’s, but also the widening range of lightweight cinematic gear, is really opening up the possibility to see new things. I’m excited by what we will see in the next few years.

Alain:I shot this funky live music performance with the GH3/4 and 12-35 Panny and 42.5 Nocticron this past weekend. Hope you like it!

Ian:I’ve got a few videos to share, the first is filmed on the new SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot, the first one is an interview filmed using the 2x Anamorphot on a vintage Revuenon 50mm f1.4 on a Roxsen focal reducer.
[Note: there are a few swear words used in this video]
Also I’ve done a music video in black and white using the 2x Anamorphot on a vintage Revuenon 50mm f1.4 on a Roxsen focal reducer and also for some shots the SLR Magic 35mm F1.4 Cine II.

Florent:Here’s a music video I shot With the Lumix lx100 (all wide shots) and GH4 (25mm voigtlander).

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