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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Product Overview

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Wolfgang:Olympus EM-1 mark II: Some urgent wishes for a firmware update
After using this wunderful camera for different projects for a month or so, I have some urgent wishes for a quick firmware update:

1. Repair the UHS-II-slot (slot 1) at once!
There are lots of issues with UHS-II-cards in slot 1: Cards of some brands are not recognized, the camera freezes when transferring data to the card, etc. This is not acceptable with a professional camera and ruins the good reputation of this camera and Olympus.

2. Change some parts of the user interface for video:
This camera produces very high quality professional looking footage in C4K-mode (which was a surprise to me, always hearing from Olympus, that this is mainly a camera for stills!). The stabilisation does an excellent job and the C4K-footage looks just great, but…
– there should be the possibility to store video settings as a custum mode under a C-button. So you could prepare for some different video modes to use in the field.
– in M(anual) video mode there should be the possibility of automatic ISO!!! Then you could choose your special shutter speed AND aperture and the right metering could be done in the camera.
– in every video mode there should be the possibility to ALWAYS show the actual used shutter and aperture during video shooting on the display and the EVF as well. It is much annoying, when the display of vital data always blacks out after some seconds!
– the „flat“ picture mode should be customizable (like Panasonic does with their Cine-Modes in the GH4/5) You should be able to switch sharpness, contrast, denoising and saturation to a wanted level.

With these issues gone, the EM-1 mark II would be not only a great stills camera, but also a wonderful tool for videographers.

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