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Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II vs Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4 Image Stabilization Video Test Comparison

Olympus E-m1 Firmware 3.0 test at FurnFeather.
short movie shot handheld on E-M5 Mark II (Youtube).
LensRacks now supports Micro 4/3s interchangeable lens systems (Kickstarter).
Shootout: m.Zuiko 14-150 I vs m.Zuiko 14-150 II (Pen And Tell).
Updated Olympus lens that promises to do it all (DxO).
Olympus E-M5II test at
Olympus AIR at Nikkei.

Jouko:After following some discussions here about new lenses and holes in offerings I made some serchings around. The result: List of lenses for mFT-cameras,
I included all lenses compatible with mFT mount (native) and older FT-mount, which offer more or less working AF-function, and automatic aperture operation. Also manual mFT-lenses are listed, and maybe some PL-mount lenses, whose manufactures say they are for mFT.
I can now say, that there are plenty of choises.
Even at least 8 pinhole lenses, 12 fisheyes (185- 120 degrees), zooms from 7mm to 800 mm, no-fisheyes from 8.5 mm to 850mm. Native mFT-AF-lenses from 7mm to 300mm, soon up to 420mm (300mm f4 x1.4).
Many F 0.8 – 0.95 – 1.2 lenses from different focal lenghts…
All listed lenses are either for sale right now, officially announced to be in production this year or discontinued. So no rumors (unless some manufacturer decides to hold production).
And then there are the lenses wich can be adapted to mFT-body… I included the focal reducers to the list, but non-optical adapters are not there – as you know about every single lens made ever can be used with a mFT-body.
The pages are still a bit “raw”, but working, as far as I could test them now.
Have fun and take a look!

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