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How does a Speed Booster work?

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16 Tripods that Are Not Really Tripods (Explora).
Prepping Your Holiday Photo Gear (Adorama Learning Center)
E-M1II test at

Jan:After being ill for some time, I finally finished my review of the Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 25mm 1:1.2 PRO.
I thought you might be interested. The review is available at my blog ( and on Youtube (

Little Island:I have just made a video shoot on the GX85 camera last weekend and it was done completely handheld with no post stabilization. I also used a custom picture profile and was able to achieve an image that I truly believe is superior to my GH4.
Right now this camera cost under USD$600.00 and I personally believe that it embodies M43 in every way, small, cheap and amazing stills and video quality.
I have linked the video below, this was shot on Saturday and was edited and delivered to client on Sunday. It shows the dynamic range, 4k quality, stabilization and slowmo capabilities of the camera. It would be great if you posted on your site as one of the “a bit of everything” post. I need my M43 video shooters to see this, its crazy. If you can make this happen it would mean the world to me. I will return the favor by putting your website’s logo at the end of my next video. Thank you for you consideration.

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