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Olympus OMD E-M1 II fake gimbal shot using built-in image stabilisation

The New Medium Format (Explora).
Front and Center: Breaking the Rule of Thirds in Photography (Adorama Learning Center)
7-14 pro vs Lumix (Ugofoto).
E-M1II vs E-M5II size comparison at Photosku.

Nathan:45mm lens review: While comparing different m4/3 lens at 45mm found that “.. the ISO performance of the lens is lot more apparent than that of the camera. So, for the same camera with the lens same aperture, ISO1600 of one lens is much better than ISO500 of the other lens”.

Wolfgang:There are some issues with the new EM-1 mark ii:
Those, who have invested in one of the very expensive fast new 128 GByte Lexar SDXC-II 2000x SD-cards for their EM-1 mark II video (like me), may be disappointed: the card is NOT recognized in the SDXC-II-Slot!  I didn’t try any other SDXC-II-Card, but my old Transcend SDCX-I U3 type 10 card, which writes up to 480 MBit/sec, runs flawlessly with C4K-video on the EM-1 mark II. As the Olympus-Codec, which claims 237 MBit/sec, is a Variable Bitrate-Codec, I found most of the time the Bitrate of C4K-video being under 150 MBit/sec (down to 30 MBits/sec!). Only when the scene includes extreme amounts of movement, the bitrate should be near 237 MBit/sec. So far, the Transcend-Card didn’t cause any problem.
Anyway: Olympus should investigate the issue and come up with a firmware update as soon as possible!

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