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A bif of fun with the latest Camerastore video :)


It’s Sunday morning and you may watch that video to wake up with a little smile :)

P.S.: There are plenty of new E-M5 acutions at [shoplink 22691 ebay]Olympusmarket[/shoplink]. Check them out: [shoplink 35328 ebay]auction 1[/shoplink], [shoplink 35329 ebay]auction 2[/shoplink], [shoplink 35330 ebay]auction 3[/shoplink], [shoplink 35331 ebay]auction 4[/shoplink], [shoplink 35332 ebay]auction 5[/shoplink], [shoplink 35333 ebay]auction 6[/shoplink], [shoplink 35335 ebay]auction 7[/shoplink], [shoplink 35336 ebay]auction 8[/shoplink], [shoplink 35337 ebay]auction 9[/shoplink], [shoplink 35339 ebay]auction 10[/shoplink].
And than we have some PEN too:
[shoplink 35327 ebay]Olympus E-PL3 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 35324 ebay]Olympus E-P2 with viewfinder[/shoplink] [shoplink 35325 ebay]Olympus E-PL2 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 35326 ebay]Olympus E-PM2 with kit lens[/shoplink]

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