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$99 for the Panasonic zoom lens (and new Gariz USA ebay shop).


Panasonic US deals:
It’s not a spectacular lens but for $99 it’s nice to have a walk around zoom like the Panasonic 14-42mm. You can get it now for that price at Amazon (Click here) or Adorama (Click here). And two more Panasonic lens are now priced cheaper than usual. The super nice 14mm f/2.5 pancake is now in Stock for $269 at Amazon (Click here). And the 14-42mm X pancake is in Stock for $345 again at Amazon (Click here). There is no big deal on the camera front. Just a new couple of dollars price drop on the GX1+x lens kit at Amazon (Click here).

Gariz US store:
The Korean company Gariz was the first to offer the E-M5 leather case (here on eBay). But as you know it’s always a hurdle to shop from other countries (because of the importation taxes and long delivery times). But finally Gariz opened a US located ebay store and you can buy the E-M5 genuine leather case (Click here) and the E-M5 textured leather case (Click here). Hope they will open a store in Europe too!

  • It was available for that prize a long time when you scooped Ebay for disassembled kits. I got mine (new) from a GF2 kit where the lens was sold separately. Same story for other Panasonic kit lenses.

    • Broken-up kit price isn’t the same thing as new-in-box. Hopefully they will discontinue this lens, and offer the ‘pancake” X-lens as standard.

      • oluv2002

        As long as the x14-42 has issues I wouldn’t like to have it as standard…

        • +1

        • From the benchmarks I’ve seen so far it doesn’t look like the new x lens is any better. It is smaller and more spiffy though.

      • What about the 14-45mm? I’d heard that was a great kit lens, but panny stopped releasing it as a kit cause it was too expensive?
        Who owns that lens [14-45]? There’s already the 14-42mm, 14-42X & the 14-45mm…maybe others?

        • No others, these are the three Panasonic “normal” zooms. The X is reportedly almost as good as the 14-45, unless it hits the widely reported horrible blurring issues.

          But if you need others, there are TWO 14-42 Olympus lenses two :)

          • anonymous

            there’s three:

            the original collapsible 14-42 (Mk.1 if you will, more wobbly but said to be optically better), the less wobbly mk.2 and then the fast focus version, released with the EP3/EPL3/EPM1 generation

            • BLT

              There are even two versions of the mark1 oly kit zoom. The second was optically identical but had a cheaper plastic mount. The lens is entirely black, without that silver ring near the mount.
              The mk1 kit zoom from Olympus is a pretty good lens in my opinion. Haven’t played with the others.

  • brudney

    That’s how much it should have cost from the very beginning…

  • nicwalmsley

    Yeah, how bad is the 14-42 X if it is 1/3 the price of the 12-35 X?

    • How bad is the 14-42 X? Or how GOOD is the 12-35 X?

      Two completely different lenses though they may be somewhat similiar focal lengths. 12-35 is brand new, not even shipping yet, 14-42 has already had price drops… apples & oranges.

    • I’ve used this lens once as it came with my GH2. It’s total garbage and does the GH2 a massive disservice to be attached to it. Image sharpness is significantly worst than, say, the 20mm 1.7 (might be an unfair comparisson, but I have both and the 14-42 is laughable).

  • David

    So right now the kit with the 14-42mm is $675.00 on Amazon. Body only is $549.99 which means there is a $126 premium to get it with the lens. Would it be safe to say that unless you are in love with the 14-42 (looks like many people aren’t), it’s better to buy the body and then even if you change your mind, you can add it on later for just $99? Am I missing anything? I want a walk around lens but my primary lens will definitely be the 20mm which I’d get anyways, kit or not.

  • twoomy

    It’s nice to have a walk-around zoom, but the 14-42 is a piece of sh*t. I’ll sell you mine for $5 if you want it. The older 14-45 is much better and the newer 14-42X is much more convenient for size.

    This 14-42 is in no man’s land: doesn’t have great optics (not very sharp at all) and it’s not super-small either. It’s a jack of no trades.

    • i would take it…
      do u ship to switzerland =)

    • k


  • dau

    The only use ive found for th 14-42 is i bought a polaroid macro an wide angle converter on ebay which fits it perfectly! Works a treat for a cheap option!

    • Jack

      OK, I will take your 14-42 for $5.

      • Cheaperthanyou

        I’ll give ya $6 hehe

    • dat foo

      The OG 14-45 kit lens is way betta than da new kit 14-42. I put my life on dat mutha luva! I ain’t know nuttin’ ’bout da new 14-42x tho, might be good for tha long runs!

  • Cedric L

    I wish to sell mine for 99$.

  • djmdgk

    The 14-45 is so much better that it sells for about 150-170 Euros (i.e. around 200 US$) – used!

    • Mike

      The 14-45mm has a much better reputation, but the 14-42mm is not much worse. And its lighter & brighter. For the price I would take the 1442 – and I did ;-)

  • Alan

    Almost any review from experienced sites proofs that the 14-45 is only slightly better than 14-42. Indeed the 14-42 has the better AF than the 14-45. Dont waste money on the 14-45 and get the 14-42 (and a 40-200mm).

    Look over to photozone and compare the data. The 14-42 is a very good lens…very sharp…silent AF….and cheap to buy.

  • thethirdcoast

    I own the much better built 14-45. I would much rather have the metal mount and manual OIS switch than worse optics and slightly faster AF.

  • Contributor

    I took both my gf2 plus 14-42 and 550d plus 70-200L out on a very bright day last weekend and the 14-42 performed admirably. Even compared to the L. And THAT lens is ridiculously sharp. Contrast was also good

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