75mm to ship from July 6th (there is no Black version!)


Olympus Japan announced that the new 75mm f/1.8 lens will start worldwide shipment on Julty 6th. Meantime Robin Wong announced that he will soon publish his lens review. Robin posted an image of what looks like a Black 75mm lens version but he said it’s a normal silver one and the black color is just an effect of some post processing. Click on the shop name to check the Olympus 75mm page and price: Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, J&R, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Japan and on eBay.

For EU readers:
Meantime my European colleagues may like to know that four new Nokton 17.5mm are back in Stock for1139 Euro at La Petite Boutique on eBay (Click here). And plenty of cheap refurbished E-PL1 cameras are now sold by Olympusmarket (Click here).

  • Since this popular: First!

    More importantly…I hope I’m in the “first” batch from Amazon! Love this lens already!

  • No, no, no, we must hold Olympus’ feet to the fire and INSIST on a black version! Please cancel all your pre-orders and boycott the chrome version, then post on all Olympus forums urging everyone not to buy it until full black finish equality is achieved.

    Personally I don’t care about finish, but if enough silly people boycott the chrome one, I should be able to get mine sooner, bwah-hah-hah…

    • el_diablo

      :) I for one am supporting your self serving boycott

    • Anonymous

      I think the chrome version is beautiful!

    • MikeS

      Probably unnecessary, since pre-orders are apparently low for this lens. Maybe that will change once people realize just how good it is.

      When will Olympus realize that no one wants a silver lens on a black body? No one wants to end up being like this guy: http://d1.stern.de/bilder/politik/2004/kw33/Bresson250_fitwidth_420.jpg

      • I call: Not Fair. That lens is collapsible, and it looks like it has a lot of black on the head of the lens!-)

        • MikeS

          That’s true. I guess my point was that, with so much distracting silver on the lens, obviously that guy knows nothing about street photography ;)

      • Hifinut

        Looks like Olympus like to double dips it profit on every product it products. Its a classic marketing strategy. It happens to their 12 and 45mm.

        • “Looks like Olympus like to double dips it profit…”

          Yea, like in not delivering a hood w/ the lens, but sell them separately as accessories at premium prices? And AFAIK w/ no pouch either? What’s next – no lens caps? Or cameras w/o straps and no battery?

          Dear Olympus, stop this nitpicking, and sell these top notch lenses properly equipped, like you have always done before! A hood is a necessity for this kind of glass, be they wide angle or bright tele w/ big glass surfaces. What if the reviewers should test what they actually get out of the box (like us)? Imagine their critics for lens flare!

          So it is in fact not to much to ask.
          And while we’re at it, I’m asking for a black version as well.
          God forbid, but I’m thinking of my 35-100 or 90-250 SHGs in a silver guise… Oh dear, even the white Canons become beauties in comparison to that. Oh Oly, please wake me up from this nightmare! :(

      • bli

        Well, we are all going to end up like this guy in the end :-).

        • Miroslav

          Speak for yorself ;) !

        • Miroslav

          Speak for yourself ;) !

      • tomas
  • 43shot

    Olympus marketing has their head up their you know what.

    • el_diablo


      Oly marketing in my country at least have drunk too much of the social media cool-aid.

      I cant believe that a company that sells so few camera’s in this region can justify paying someone to tool round on twitter and facebook all day.

  • wayne wong

    waiting for the black version


    Not “boycotting” the silver more than waiting for the black. I think its even more silly that Oly doesnt get it and that their lens finishes dont match the bodies (specifically, the OMD).

    Oh well…ill keep using legacy lenses as the love hate relationship continues…

  • ab

    mine is paid for… You heard me Olympus… I want mine first and I put my money there as well :)

  • too much lounging for black here, how about a grey/gunmetal or titanium version?

  • Bob B.

    I LOVE the chrome version!!!!!!!! truly a beautiful and original looking lens!?..so does this mean I will have mine on July 7th? LOL!

  • Yun

    I still waiting for call to pick up this lovely lens .
    And I know I’m not far from that .
    Still I prefer more completed reviews for this lens before the pick up .

  • Starred

    How can it be, based on Amazon prices, that the M.Zuiko 75-300 cost $899 in the US and €699 in Europe, while this new 75/1.8 also costs $899 in the US, but apparently > €1000 in Europe

    • bli

      Eh? In my local shop, the 75-300 goes for €855.

      • Klaus

        Both Amazon Germany and Foto Koch sell it for 949€.

        Amazon just doesn’t have a shipping date for it, so they list another dealer first, who offer the lens with 2-3 weeks shipping date, but for a premium price of 1087€.


  • lone samurai

    Silver OMD looks stunning with silver primes and has enough black on it that it looks great with the black lenses.
    Enough discrimination against silver lenses!……

    • 43shot

      Yes, true. But the black OMD looks silly and even if I had a silver OMD I would not own one of these bright lenses. My guess is they lose at least 40% sales because of silver. Regardless of why one thinks that is stupid or not it is stupid marketing to not offer black as it is so easy to do.

  • Adriaantie

    M43 users lol. Camera/lens looks are more important than picture quality.

    • Anonymous

      What is up with that….???

    • Nikku

      Hate to say it, but for once I agree with the trololol!

    • T-L

      Picture quality is good, all we need now is properly colored body/lens combo.. my favorite is darker pinkenta body with pink stars all over it and shiny zebra-styled black-silver lens..

  • anteportas

    Sure,picture quality is most important.

    But Olympus offers two different types of camera styles. It can’t be too difficult though for Olympus to produce a black version of a mft-Lens.

    For me, my black E-M5 looks ugly with my silver 2,0/12 or 1,8/45! But i have no other option. I thought a successfull company should fulfill the wishes of their customers – and not promoting an attitude of: Buy silver or leave it. That is stupid!

    • BLI

      I also have the black E-M5 (they couldn’t deliver the silver I preordered) and the silver lenses (12/2, 45/1.8). The lenses look unconventional on the black body, but in my view they look classy.

      Olympus successful… They seem to have had success with the E-M5, but it is too early to say they are successful (the camera division) after all the turmoil. They should certainly listen to customers, but I am sure they should not be careful, too.

    • Geoff

      If it really looks that bad to you I’ll trade you my E-P2 with black 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 & 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6 (They even have hoods with them) for your E-M5 with ‘ugly’ silver lenses any time.

    • The Master

      What is stupid – and this isn’t meant to sound mean to people, with no self restraint, just stating a fact – is buying a lens in a color you don’t want. Olympus can’t stay in business if no one buys their products, so who is the boss? The customer is!

      Don’t let the guy, who you are paying to do a job, tell you how they are going to do it. Make them do it how you want it done, or tell them to get their ass down the road and you’ll get someone else to do it, or do without.

      I don’t think Olympus has enough working capital, to go even six months without any sales, so it won’t be a long wait, to get what you really want.

      I don’t think most people realize how powerful the Internet is, for bringing about change. You just have to realize it and use it and quit being a sheep.

    • + 1 !!!

  • JF

    i guys, i have a problem with my E-M5: it doesn’t reconize my pana 20 mm anymore despite it works very well with my GH1 ! When I put it on E-M5, the motor doesn’t switch on i have no aperture info, and black screen…any idea ?

    • Ross

      Most likely it isn’t locking home & making the connections. Make sure there are no loose screws etc that might prevent it from turning to the locking position or clean the contacts in case that is the cause. Either way, it seems like it isn’t making proper connection.

  • FT1 – probably fake rumor

    + 100 % !!!

    If Olympus does’t provide black high grade lenses – there is another option:

    Buy the Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm f2.8 black weather sealed professional lenses and boycott the sorry Olympus silver efforts. Olympus: Sell your silver versions at “Toys are us” and stay in your “dumb-ass-camp” (Sorry, but I found no politer expression for this silly behavior in the internet).

  • Bob B.

    It is amusing how many people are of the mind that cameras are fashion accessories….LOL!

    • Boooo!

      m4/3 was *designed* to be a fashion accessory.

      • Geoff

        No it is not, it does not come in Pink, Red, Blue, Brown or just about anything other than Silver, Black or White as was, I do not include the L or M derivatives as I consider them as an introduction to the system.

      • Bob B.

        MFT is not “designed” to be a fashion accessory if Oly is NOT matching up the lenses to the bodies…like say the Nikon V’s etc. Sorry. (now I am thinking of the more advanced bodies here regarding MFT…the nice thing is …there are so many different choices..but people STILL have to complain!).
        And you street shooters…I do not want to hear the stealth nonsense…I am sure you will miss SO MANY photos because the lens is silver… what crap. Truly.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Sure they’ll miss shots, because they’ll be far too distracted by their own reflections in store windows to notice what’s going on around them. ;-)

          Really, lens color makes no difference, beyond personal preference.

          The only odd thing with the Oly lenses is the that they seem to use 3 or 4 different shades of silver. If you’re designing a system of lenses with colors other than black, at least make the effort to use the same color throughout the product line!

          • Bob B.

            I have to agree with the shading thing… I think that that has something to do with the manufacturing location and/or the materials used. I have the 45mm and the 12mm. The 45mm is obviously mostly plastic, other than than the lens mount and the lenses. To me it appears to be a chrome-coated plastic. The 12mm on the other hand is the “real deal” and is all metal and beautifully manufacuted and the price shows that…but it has a champaign color thing going on. Why? …I would think that they could have matched the color better…but that is EASY for me to say…. I know nothing about manufacturing. I am guessing that the 75mm is going to match the 12mm. Neither of which match the chrome color on my OM-D.
            The thing that really upsets me..is that when I am out street shooting in New York in Chelsea the fashionistas are going to notice that the patinas are different and I am never going to get a decent candid…just scowling and finger pointing! :-) Maybe black tape is the answer.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Yes, colors can be matched.

              I’ve worked on projects where you spend a LOT of time speccing materials, colors and finishes. You get samples to approve and if the don’t match, back they go until they get it right. It’s a pain, but details like that do make a difference. When designing $1000 cameras with $1000 lenses it should be a no-brainer.

              One way to avoid those wagging fingers and clucking tongues is to keep the camera in a bag, preferably festooned with appropriate logos, with a hole for the lens to pop-through. Just compose and focus with the TiltyScreen™ and none will be the wiser. ;-)

              When I go out with my stealthily electrical taped GH2 and Voigtländer lenses, I’m sometimes asked if it’s a film camera. heh heh heh … litttle do they realize…. :-)

    • E-1

      If people can’t make decent photos, at least they have a good looking camera + lens combo ;-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      I guess you’ve never walked around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Usually they’re 70s or 80s SLRs. I hope they know they need to buy film! ;-)

      • only if they want to take pictures with them

  • blastingmills

    does the color of the lens affect it’s ability to capture light???

  • Starred

    The Robin Wong review just arrived

    • Bob B.

      …and U did not include the link…because???

    • Bob B.

      OH MY GOD!!!!! Robin Wong went street shooting ….with a SILVER lens…and got great photos…
      Is that POSSIBLE?????????????????? You mean his subjects did not run away in HORROR when he showed his silver lens?????

      All sarcasm aside…this lens looks incredible!!!!!

  • SLO

    Silver matches my macbook pro.

  • OM-4ever

    Complaining about the color would seem to confirm one’s succeptibility to fetishisation, as opposed to ones understanding of the true significance of this lens….

    • Bob B.

      The lens looks like a MFT dynamo…especially on an OM-D!

  • awaler

    In dpreview there are some sample shots, many of them with high ISO.
    Impossible to judge sharpness and other criteria from an ISO 1600 take, let alone 8000.

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