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43rumors: Toy Lens image samples!


I had the chance to play a little bit with the new 26mm f/1.4 ToyLens. All images I post here have been taken on my E-P1, jpeg maximum quality, without postprocessing (resizing only) and always at f/1.4 maximum aperture. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture. Feel free to share the images but commercial use is forbidden.

What do I think about the lens? First, the friends that are on pictures did like the funny effect. And when I told them how much the lens did cost they wanted to buy it too :)
I think the lens is good for all of you that love the imperfection in photography (and I am one of them). It takes unsharp pictures, with lot of vignetting and irregular bokeh…and that’s exactly what I liked from that lens!

You can get the Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4 for Micro Four Thirds on eBay (Click here).


You can get the Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4 for Micro Four Thirds on eBay (Click here).

  • TR

    Nice shots. I love the lens; it has hardly been off my G1 since it arrived. I would take a 50/1.4 in a flash if they made it at a similar price.

  • Ulli

    very moodful series!

  • rUY

    It is just a CCTV len with 25/1.4 worth US$30 bucks with an adapter and a few silicone rings. But it is fun to play anyway.

  • Paulos Jonas

    Lovely shots

    I recently bought the CCTV 25mm on eBay.

    So far mixed results, focussing it rather random, the entire barrel will sometimes turn – and it seems you can turn it forever!

    All in all though, when I compare the shots from it, with almost exact shots taken with my 20mm pancake there isn’t a huge amount of difference, I was hoping for me randomness in vignette, noise, light etc…

  • Very good shots! Gives sort of the same feeling as a Hipstamatic with the John S lens; lots of vignetting, but these pics have very limited depth of field which I like. A good photographer can make great pictures with just any equipment!

  • awesome lens!

  • GreyOwl


  • Greg

    Just bought it!

  • FD

    It’s a cctv lens made by fujian and available under several brands, only difference is some extra plastic on the end. You can buy the lens for about £10 on ebay and also a mm F1.7 by the same company.

    If you buy from the maker through ali baba you can get the lens for as little as $5 if you buy enough!

    It’s a fun lens but it’s cheap price isn’t so cheap when you realise what they go for on ebay minus the plastic rings.

    • Greg

      Oh yeah I know.. I think we all know that. But do we want to adapt it ourselves to m43 mount? Looks like we don’t ;)

      • NoName

        Of course we don’t. That’s why we just buy a cheap adapter from eBay.

      • FD

        Well I do yes, I’ll quite happily buy a screw on adapter for £5 that is as easy to fit as putting the lid back on a drink bottle!

  • FD

    This is a 25mm lens btw. They just called it 26mm to try and stop people discovering the original.

  • waiting9am

    Awesome, any word on whether they’re coming out with a 12mm toy lens? I would buy that in a heart beat!

    • admin

      Yes they will!

      • mochapaulo

        You really remind me about this old news of 12mm lens to be produced.
        I used to asked a manufacturer that is it possible to produce a 12mm lens with f1.2 aperture to cover 1.3″ area then he said 1″ might be possible but almost no way for larger coverage just using f/1.2 as the largest aperture. This should be too expensive to make if they really want one. The explanation is quite interesting that a larger aperture should be used to produce a larger image circle. That’s the first time I heard about this theory. I am not a pro, so I just can’t judge is it technically correct. Just keep it for reference.

  • Drew
  • rUY

    Internet is an in-expensive way to create noise…… Looks like the company of toys’ lens are very smart to use 43rumors as a platform for this purpose. I personally would rather interested to see more meaningful rumours rather than this type of promotions… … Sorry that I use the word promotions, as it is way too many of this in this web, that make me feel that it is way over… Besides, if this is new, then, it is fun, I see this toys lens or related product more than 4-6 times over here. would it still be an rumor anymore?

    • admin

      Hi Ruy!

      First I don’t get paid to write about it. I simply write more often about the lenses I own. I can’t write reviews or post image samples about lenses I do not own :(
      And please keep in mind that the E-PL2 and the 26mm Toylens are the only two new products that have been announced in January. That’s why we post news about them.
      Can you accept that explanation or what else should I do to proove that you are wrong?

      • rUY

        Greeting Admin,

        Not to offend. just talking about the lens not the camera. there are so many lens could be adapted with EVIL cameras, it is good to introduce. however, toy lens is way too many in the web but not others. it has been more than 4-5 times in past 6 months… when talking about the performance of lens with camera body, it reviews or posted more than others.
        I reported this lens and 35/1.7(in reality it is CCTV Fujian 25/1.4 for sure) on late 2009 in some forums with details address and contact with the manufacturer. I don’t mind if other people to relabelled it for making profit. which is my original intention. But it would be better to post also the identical lens available in the market with adapter option too. as it is also available at ebay. otherwise, it is not that surprised to lead readers believe if it is an ads.

        • admin

          I am not offended. Thanks for the nice reply. I live in the middle of the alps and I have no photostore where I can go to pickup lenses to test. That’s a bit of a problem. There was a store that asked me to move to New York City to be able to test everything they have in Stock. But honestly, I like it to live here :)
          P.S. I love NYC. I have been there a few times and also for months. But I can’t imagine a live without nature :)

  • cL

    Nice photos. :-)

  • Brain

    Wonderful shots. I love the vibe and mood!

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