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43rumors loading issues solved and comment system back…


Yesterdays Canon mirrorless leaks posted on CanonWatch and MirrorlessRumors made the full server crash several times. The leaking done by my friend Frank on CW was a full surprise (he didn’t expect to find the pictures) and many websites picked it up. Unfortunately I was on trip on the French mountains and I had only bad Internet connection in few spots. I really gave my best to solve the issues. Loading time should now be ok and I also just fixed the comment system (I didn’t notice it wasn’t working until a few moments ago).

Now, I hope the upcoming PEN and GH3 announcements will create at least the same viral effect of the Canon EOS-M but that time I will be prepared. I am thinking to move on a bigger server as I really don’t want you to miss any second of the next late August release.

Wish you a nice weekend and remind you to follow the Canon announcement on CanonWatch (adminstrated by Frank) and MirrorlessRumors (where I am having the fun). On 43rumors I am working to get details about the next cameras. Will have less time for mountain trips in the next weeks :(





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