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26 of the 80 most sold cameras in Japan from Olympus and Panasonic (32%)


26 cameras of the 80 most sold DSLR (during the last week) listed on BCNranking are Panasonic or Olympus cameras.

From the most sold 80 DSLR:
17 are Canon cameras
14 Olympus cameras
12 Panasonic cameras
12 Nikon cameras

Ranking+ camera:
10 Black Panasonic GF1+20mm
15 White Panasonic GF1+20mm
16 White Olympus E-PL1 +14-42mm
20 Red Panasonic G1 +14-45mm
22 White Olympus E-PL1 (double kit)
30 Silver Olympus E-PL1 +14-42mm
35 Black Olympus E-PL1 +14-42mm
35 Silver Olympus E-PL1 (double kit)
40 Black Panasonic G1 +14-45mm
41 Black Olympus E-PL1 (double kit)
44 Black Panasonic G1 (double kit)
47 Red Panasonic GF1+20mm
48 Silver Panasonic GF1+20mm
61 Olympus E-620 (double kit)
61 Black Panasonic GF1+14-45mm
64 Silver Olympus E-P2 +14-42mm
65 Olympus E-P1 (double kit)
66 Black Olympus E-P2 +14-42mm
66 Blue Panasonic G1 +14-45mm
70 Gold Panasonic G1 +14-45mm
71 Silver-Brown Olympus E-P2 +17mm
74 Olympus E-620 +14-42mm
74 Panasonic GH1 +14-140mm
77 Silver Olympus E-P1 +17mm
79 Red Panasonic G1 (double kit)

  • Bill Corbett

    And this is helpful, why?

  • achiinto

    Helpful?? What are you talking about?

    Anyway, interesting how O & P are gaining greater share in the market. What will other brands do? What will this affect the existing 4/3 system? Will this increase in market share allows more people to get interest in Olympus 43 and the quality of the 43 lens? Or will this lead to the end of 4/3?

  • don

    I believe that if for no other reason these weekly sales indicators are useful to spot trends and help manufactures to determine future production of various color models and number of lenses to keep up or down with demand. Something like reading the tea leaves. The monthly and annual figures of actual sales are much better true indicators as they simply give the ranking of a particular model irrespective of colors or lens combinations and the actual percentage of market ie sales numbers not just ranking which as noted last month is over 20% m4/3 of total DSLR sales in Japan.

    What is surprising is how far our brainwashed perceptions often are from the real truth. For example we see post after post claiming the G1 and DSLR shape long dead but here in Japan we see G1 ranked a strong 3rd in m4/3 sales with about half the volume of the E-PL1 and far ahead of either E-P2 or E-P1?. In the UK the G1 was the top selling m4/3! Surprisingly the GH1 is ranked very low inspite of being near the top of the list early in its introduction or lower priced when compared with the top selling Canon & Nikon DSLR with HD and similar focal length lens? The GH1 sales probably reflect less product available for sales as Pany have let stock clear out to make room for the G2 and future GH2.

    I doubt that the G10 will match the G1 sales at present low prices because of the lack of high definition EVF and rear swivel screen. The G2 of course is their answer with both and HD video and touch screen but at a higher price $300-400 less than the better equipped & specd GH1 with 14-140 lens Will be interesting to see how these new models will do and have on market share or what effect on the sales of the leaderboard DSLR models from Canikon?

    The real surprise is how bad times have fallen on 4/3rds inspite of their many excellent models with only the E620 doing well? That is aided by its use of the popular swivel screen in combination with good pricing of camera and kit lens options. Makes one wonder with the success of m4/3 what Oly is going to do with 4/3 in the future? Pany in contrast is fortunate to not have this predicament so is offering greater differentiation with both m4/3 compacts and mini dSLR competition.

  • Abi

    This is silly. They count the camera based on color. Of course who has the most color wins.

  • bilgy_no1

    @ don

    Not even the E-620 is doing well at spot 74.

    I think Olympus a DSLR only has a place in the high-end market where the combination of the excellent (and pricey) fast zooms has a logical use with nature, sports photographers and perhaps some high end amateur use. So a replacement duo for the E-3 and E-30 sounds about right. Perhaps with an E-6xx model as the bottom line for DSLR.

    However, since Olympus uses the same sensor for all models, there’s not much room for further differentiation.

    Top put this all in perspective: these are only part of the sales in Japan, so we have to guess at relative marketshares in other parts of the world.

  • funkmon

    Wtf is a double kit, and where do I get one?

  • bilgy_no1

    @ funkmon

    Double kit of the E-PL1 includes the body, M.14-42, 4/3 -> m4/3 adapter, and 40-150mm (regular 4/3 lens). It’s a great deal, but not yet available everywhere.

  • rUY

    I believe the reason why G1 is selling good for a very simple reason. price…. imagine this, the kit lens selling about US$300 or double kits lens only worth about US$600. then, the body is worth about 300 or less, there does not have language hassle on lens, which make it attractive as an alternative of EVF+full function body. but just for those able to read Japanese.

  • don

    Based on the previous poll I was a bit surprised that the GH1 did not do any better? Sure enough on checking 43rumors failed to note GH1 rankings of #33 and #70, in addition to the #74 listed or significantly understated so 14 models Pany and 14 models Oly. People expect what 43rumors are reporting is correct but again the latest on the Pany converter patent apparently was related to an earlier Oly patent instead?

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