Welcome to the new 43rumors.com website!


Good morning….and surprise! :)

What you see here is the basis of our new theme. Over the next days you will see many changes. For example a new logo will be made soon and new fonts for the title will be used. All suggestions are welcome!

Why a new theme?
43rumors has existed since 16 months ago. The theme we always used was a “casual choice” and not a consequence of a rational decision. There are many reasons why we felt we had to change the design:
1) Easy simple design. We wanted a new theme with less chaos and content. We have taken into account your criticisms and suggestions and tried to find the best working solution.
2) We wanted to make it easy for you to share rumros and news. Click on the “SHARE” button (on the top of the right sidebar) to send me links images and rumors/news. Name and email address are not required and IP-address will also not be stored. Easy or not?
3) A major improvement has also been also made on the camera database. It locates your IP-address and shows the stores near to you (for now this works only for 10 countries and we will be adding holemore countries soon). Soon we will add quick-links to reviews, specs, news and user reviews for eveyr single Panasonic and Olympus camera and lens!
4) The theme and the whole website is now based on buddypress. This means that if you are a member you can join groups, post in forums, share pictures and make friends. Buddypress is still under heavy development and we will add those features as soon as we feel they are mature. For now you can register yourself and create a profile. Once registered you can make friends, and create or join groups.
5) The old theme and plugins didn’t work very well. There were database errors and a lot of weird stuff. The new website is a completely new installation and runs very well!
6) The new website is easy readable with all modern browsers and also with Blackberries and Iphones.

We need some help:

1) If you are from US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Poland, you can help us to test the camera database. In theory the database should show you the links to amazon, ebay, pixmania and other stores, depending upon your location. If you are located in Germany click on “Amazon” and you will jump to the Amazon Deutschland product page. If you have some time please check if it works for all products! There are so many links that I may have made some mistakes :(
2) If you find bugs or if you would love to see some changes here and there contact me on 43rumors@gmail.com.

So now let me go back to work! I really want to fix everything as soon as possible while my girlfriend is out shopping!

Many Thanks again for all your support!



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