Two more news (Four Thirds commitment and Komamura).


With all that “excitement” for the Zeiss and Schneider press releases we didn’t discuss two more “hidden” info that have been given to us.

1) The Zeiss-Olympus press release contains the following Olympus statement: “Olympus Imaging Corp. will continue to develop and enhance the product lineup for both standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers.“. So once again Olympus underlines that they will continue to develop both the Micro- and the Four Thirds system!

2) We didn’t talk a lot about it but also Komamura joined m43! Komamura is a “Japanese camera manufacturer / imaging company founded in 1933 as Komamura Brothers & Co. It develops multiple imaging-associated products including battery systems, color management systems and filters as well as professional-oriented cameras and lenses.” I confess that I didn’t know the company. But once you check their website (Click here) you quickly get the impression that they are a very professional company. I didn’t know they make the famous Horseman cameras! A wonder what kind of M43 products they will make! Can you think on any interesting “thing” they could do? That’s a very intriguing question!

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