Thom Hogan praises Olympus PR


Thom Hogan (an independent Nikon stuff expert and reviewer) writes on his homepage:

“Let’s see, I’ve been using an Olympus for exactly a month now. Olympus yesterday announced a firmware update for the E-P1, and guess what, I got an email directly from their PR firm to that effect. In 15 years of covering Nikon, the only contact I’ve had from their PR firm (or in-house PR staff) is when I published the D70 specifications before announcement and they asked me to take them down because “they are wrong” (they weren’t). What makes me think that when Nikon introduces their compact APS camera they won’t even send me a press release? Oh, I know: despite asking more times than I can count, they’ve NEVER sent me a press release on anything…”

chapeau Olympus! Well done!