The reason why the new LVF2 adapter cannot work on your current GF camera.


The old beauty: The Panasonic Panasonic GF1

Our reader TAGO (Thanks!) found the reason why the current GF cameras Panasonic by reading an old article at (Sep. 2009).

Here it is: “The External terminal for EVF,it is necessary to run through high-frequency parallel data. In that case, EMI increases and cannot confirm a standard. Therefore, GF1 cannot output data of more than 200,000 pixel to the external terminal.

So it sounds like it is not a bade joke or marketing trick if the new LVF2 adapter will not work on your GF cameras. The new adapter has 1.44k dot and that’s an amount of data the “old” connections of the GF1/2/3 cannot handle!


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