Silver E-M5 kit finally in Stock. GX1 is the most sold digital camera at Amazon.


GX1 rules for a day:
The super GX1 deal is now over but at midnight (Berlin time) I toke this screenshot from the Amazon overall digital camera rankings (Click here to see the current rank). I don’t recall ever seeing a Micro Four Thirds camera on top of this ranking. Panasonic and Olympus should take notice of it. Those deals really help to extend the m43 user basis. We need more of those actions!

E-M5 in Stock:
Another good news is that the SIlver E-M5 kit will be on Stock this Sunday at Amazon US (Click here to read the note and preorder).

And here is the new US deal roundup:
Olympus 75mm lens will ship on July 20th according to BHphoto (Click here). The SIlver 45-175mm lens sells for $289 at BHphoto (Click here). And you save $200 when you buy the GX1 with two lenses at BHphoto (Click here). A deal you may didn’t notice due the GX1 buzz is the 14-42mm X pancake which is now available for $295 at Amazon (Click here). And for photographers in need of a high resolution screen on a laptop the Retina is in Stock at BHphoto too (Click here).


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