Readers work roundup (alJazeera, hacked GH2, Pakistan…)


D600 vs OMD comparison at Soundimagesplus.
Four refurbished FT lenses at Oly market: 35-100mm, 50-200mm, 12-60mm, 150mm.

Elena (and her E-PL1) are telling us more about the Greek-Suisse scandal at Greekdiaries.

Gregory:I’m a regular follower of your blog, which I open each morning before drinking my coffee :), and I was wondering if you could mention mine, which presents my urban photography work in Istanbul – most exclusively taken with a GF1 or E-M5.

Sam:I just wanted to share some shots from an amazing website/blog I follow: On his last expedition to Pakistan, his 5D MkII died upon arrival. Luckily he brought an OM-D E-M5 as backup. He’s amazed by the quality. I’m into mountaineering myself, where everything has to be as lightweight and small as possible. My GF1 and pancake lenses have proven to be the perfect companion for this type of use.

Andrew:shot with a hacked GH2, intravenus apocalypse now patch, shot in 720/60p

Plochmann:No rumor, sorry.  I just finished a blog about using the GH2 for a videography camera.   I compare it to the FS100, its stiff competition, and I also mention things in light of the GH3s immediate release.  I haven’t read anything thorough on using the GH2 for event video work, so I thought it would be worth sharing.

Lazar:noticed that you sometimes show published work taken with Oly cameras. I’m a freelance photojournalist and one of my first stories shot with the OM-D E-M5 (except for the second photo that was taken with a Pentax K-5) is now on Al Jazeera:

Atom:Not a rumour, but good news for the often neglected Australian and Kiwi consumers.  Olympus Australia has just announced three promotions for AU and NZ, running from 1 November until end of January.
– 20% rebate of RRP on some of the lenses (I’ll be getting a rebate on the 60mm macro I bought on Thursday)
– bonus 15mm lens cap and leather strap with E-M5 (body or kit)
– bonus 8Gb FlasAIR card with E-PL5 or E-PM2 (tempted to get the E-PL5 as a back-up body now)
Details are at—Explore/Current-Promotions.aspx


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