POLL: Do we really need a compact GX model with built-in viewfinder?


The picture on top shows the back of the Panasonic L1 Four Thirds camera

Now let’s face the big question. Who of you believes a GX model with built-in viewfinder would have been a better product than the newly announced Panasonic GX1? As you know the chiefs of Pana said that a GX model with built-in viewfinder “may price it out of the range of the people we’re trying to reach. And not everybody wants a viewfinder, so at least this gives the consumer the option of having it or not. Personally I do not use them…“. (Source: Photographyblog).

Let’s make some calculations about the possible price of the GX model with built-in viewfinder:
1) The GX1 body costs $700 at Amazon. The external viewfinder has been priced at around $250. Total price: $950
2) The NEX-7 costs $1200 (but price will go up because of the flood)
3) The Fuji X100 (which comes with fixed lens) also costs $1200.
4) The current Panasonic L1 Four Thirds camera with built-in viewfinder sells for $1900 at Amazon and for $1000 used on eBay (Click here).

So let’s assume the price of the GX model with built-in viewfinder would be $1000-$1100. The question is:

Would you buy a GX camera with built-in viewfinder (and priced at $1100) or would you still prefer the GX1?

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And an even more complicated question is:

Whay's the reason why you need a built-in viewfinder?

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