Phase AF and dynamic range sensor patent. Epson explains the EVF from the E-M5.


Egami (Click here) found the next Olympus patent describing a sensor with integrated pixel dedicated for phase detection auto focusing and increased dynamic range performance. What I don’t know if a sensor with integrated phase auto focusing will really make it into a real Olympus camera. The current Olympus E-M5 is already super fast and I guess it will be improved further in other model. There may be no need anymore to work on such a technology.

Speaking of the E-M5, Epson just issued a new press release (Click here) explaining the electronic viewfinder technology used for the camera. The EVF has been optimized to help photographers to shoot fast moving images without the color breakup experienced using other formats (The phenomenon by which a transient image appears when photographers move the camera rapidly or shoot fast-moving subjects).

Sounds great! Now let’s see if Panasonic will do it even better on the GH3 :)

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