Pekka Potka discussion with Mr. Terada (PDAf possible, no OM-D monochrome).


Pekka Potka (Click here) had an one hour chat with Mr. Terada from Olympus. Here are just some of the info you can read on his website:

– Once again Olympus confirmed that there will be new bodies that will bring full Af support on FT lenses. And once again notice that they do not say “FT body”…but just “body”
– There is the possibility of a new lower OMD and a higher OMD than E-M5 model. Which one of these will be coming first was not answered.
– Technologies like PDAF (phase detecting auto focus) on sensor and focus peaking are available for them, although “no decision yet” about usage.
– And an OM-D Monochrome sensor would cost too much. Note. the Leica Monochrome is the only camera currently having this and costs $8000 at Amazon(!).

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