Panasonic says: “G5 uses a different sensor than the E-M5”


Panasonic managers Izumi Tomozawa and Atsushi Kato had been interviewed in Taiwan by ePrice (Translation here). This are some of the key info:

1) G5 uses a panasonic sensor, not the same one in E-M5.
2) G5 can be considered as a sort of “GH2.5” according to Panasonic.
3) The 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor in LX7 is not a panasonic sensor, but purchased from another manufacturer.
4) While developing the LX7, there was two options: F1.4 lens with bigger body, and F1.8 lens with the same body size like LX5. In the end they chose to challenge the former one.
5) F2.3 at tel end is, technically, more difficult to achieve then F1.4 at the wide end.

I am surprised to hear they didn’t make the LX7 sensor!


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