Panasonic ready to attack the Canon and Nikon supremacy (Amateur Photographer)


Amateur Photographer posted some more info from the Interview with John Mitchell from Panasonic UK: ‘There’s strong growth globally. The market is growing by huge amounts, more than doubling year on year. In the UK we are expecting over 200,000 of our Compact System Cameras to be sold in the UK.

John also ensured that Panasonic will release some “exciting products“. In December 2010 Panasonic managed to have 11.3% share of the UK changeable lens camera market. And Canon and Nikon are loosing ground in favour of mirrorless cameras. John said the reason for the success is the “small size” of the cameras. And Panasonic doesn’t fear Canon/Nikon future mirrorless cameras because they can offer an already mature system (with 11 lenses).

43rumors note: Would be nice to know the market share in US. Should be very low considering that the Panasonic GH2 isn’t in Stock at Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto.

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