Panasonic has no plan to make cameras with built-in stabilization! No PRO camera(s) coming :(


The polish website Optyczne (Click here) interviewed Mister Michiharu Uematsu from Panasonic. The most interesting points are:

1) When asked why they made use of a 16 Megapixel sensor for the GH2 he answered: “Mainly it is our response to market needs. In the future we want to balance the sensor and optics capabilities.“. So will Panasonic not participate the Megapixel race anymore?

2) And here is the reaosn why you want never see a Panasonic camera with built-in stabilization: “So far, no plans to assemble in a body-stabilized matrices. When recording movies acting to stabilize the matrix generates unnecessary noise on the soundtrack, and increases power consumption, and for all of our equipment we want efficient energy consumption.

3) Panasonic is also aware that there is a need of more video zoom lenses (like the Panasonic 14-140mm) but they will NOT introduce a PRO camera :(

Correction: Gogole translation tool made a huge mistake. Panasonic will NOT(!) make a Pro camera (gogole translation tool didn’t add the “not” word).


Thanks Carnage

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