Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Guide (Still a few cameras in Stock at Kenmore).


If you own the GH3 and want to learn more about it watch the video on top that contains a Tips and Tricks Guide for your Custom Settings. And by the way, Giulio at SmallCameraBigPicture is very upset that Phase One is still ignoring the GH3 and E-M5 :)

And if you have a GH3 on pre order in US than Amazon likely notified you yesterday that the camera will ship by end of this month. There are still a few cameras left in Stock via eBay US at 39mm (Click here) and Kenmorecamera (Click here).

Reminder: The super E-M5 and Sigma MFT lens deals:
Black E-M5 body only for $809 at eBay US (Click here).
Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens for $899 at eBay US (Click here).
Both Sigma MFT lenses (the 30 and 19mm) for the price of one only at BHphoto (Click here).