Panasonic GF1 Revisited (In Alaska)


The Panasonic GF1 camera was (and still is) one of the nicest mirrorless cameras ever made. And many photographers still use it for their professional work. Take a look at Photographyramblings (Click here) to read the full GF1 field review: “The camera is a wonderful street camera and a really good vacation camera.  It isn’t perfect, but it is very very good.  I was glad I left my DSLR’s at home in the end.  The biggest compliment I can give the GF1 is that it never got in my way and delivered excellent quality images when I wanted them.  If I could add anything to the wish list for this type of camera it would be to build in the viewfinder (or at least make it clip in securely), make it brighter, add weather sealing to the camera and some of the lenses and that’s about it.  I think with the newer GF2 and GF3 it seems like Panasonic is going more towards the consumer point and shoot market and that isn’t a good thing to me.  I’ll keep the GF1 thank-you.
On Photographyramblings you can see many image samples (some of them are very nice) from the trip to Alaska. At that point I want to remind you another amazing review written by Craig Mod (Click here). He used the GF1 for his work in Tibet and the photos are simply amazing.

Now let’s hope Panasonic will not let us wait to much before we get our hands on the real GF1 successor which is not the GF2 nor the GF3, but the soon coming GF7!

P.S.: Sadly it’s almost impossoble ot find the GF1 in Stock. It costs almost $1.500 on Amazon US (Click here to see the crazy price) and of course on eBay (Click here).


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